Health solutions company MOBE announced that it is establishing its co-headquarters in downtown Reno. The company plans to create up to 300 highly skilled jobs with wages at 65 dollars an hour.
"MOBE is an innovative healthcare company that finds individuals that are missed in the healthcare system," Chief Commercial Officer Eric Hamborg says. "That are in and out of the healthcare system without getting any resolve."

Basically, they help people by guiding them through healthier lifestyle choices. The goal is to reach people who visit the hospital constantly, to help them stay out of the hospital, and in turn save money for themselves and their insurance company. "We engage with healthcare and insurance carriers across the country," Hamborg says. "We actually don't get paid unless we save money."

MOBE headquarters are in Minneapolis, but Hamborg says they chose Reno as their co-headquarters for many reasons.
"It's very business friendly," Hamborg says. "People have a different perspective on how we might tackle the biggest challenges in healthcare." Hamborg also says the region is beautiful and the weather in much better than Minneapolis, plus they've enjoyed the people here.

Governor Steve Sisolak attended the announcement, he spoke in support of MOBE's business model and their efforts to improve the health of Nevadans. He also likes the jobs MOBE is bringing, and the wages that come with them.

"It's exactly what we're looking for," Sisolak says. "Sixty-five dollars an hour with benefits, it's a huge job to bring in."
He says these aren't just jobs being filled, they're families earning plenty. And that's a positive thing considering wages don't go as far as they used to.  I think this is setting the bar and it's an exciting time."  Many of the positions will be in health care innovation, digital solutions, data science, and consumer engagement. The company expects to open its Reno office by quarter three in 2019.

"MOBE's expansion to Reno makes strategic sense," said Mark Evenstad, Founder and CEO of MOBE. "We appreciate the city's business-friendly environment and natural beauty; and Reno's strong growth potential, talent pool, well-regarded medical school and proximity to Silicon Valley make it extremely compelling."

MOBE works with health plans and large employers to identify people who are frequent users of health care, but without resolution of their underlying health issues.

This group of individuals often deals with chronic conditions that can be improved through lifestyle changes in combination with medical care. MOBE's services focus on the areas of diet, sleep, movement, emotional health and medication with the goal of improving overall health, and as a result, lowering health care costs.

"MOBE is a great example of innovation in the right place at the right time," Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve said. "Their plans for boosting healthcare access, renovation near downtown, and higher-paying jobs are commendable. I truly believe we can have it all here in Reno, and MOBE helps us get one step closer."

"We are excited that MOBE has selected Reno for their new co-headquarters and operations site," said Mike Kazmierski, President and CEO of EDAWN. "MOBE's business model is the first of its kind and a real game-changer that can have a huge impact on living a healthier lifestyle and a better quality of life. 

The growth of more technology related businesses in our region, like MOBE is another example that Northern Nevada is continuing on the right path to strengthen and diversify our economy."

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