Message From Executive Director, Greg Stuart 

The excitement from last week’s Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations’ (AMPO) Annual Conference in Cleveland, Ohio is still with me and my teammates. The Broward MPO had another strong showing at the AMPO conference highlighting our expertise on a national stage, sharing our innovative programs and projects ranging from data management, resiliency, complete streets to public involvement, and successful grant applications. We also participated in informative workshops, learning from experts on various transportation topics such as infrastructure investment, equity in transportation planning, and intelligent transportation systems. Most importantly, we were able to meet with our peers from across the country to share challenges and best practices to develop innovative solutions to the challenges. The conference was exhilarating, and now we get to apply what we have learned to make transportation in your community better. The Broward MPO’s staff is regarded as leaders across many fields of transportation planning, yet the team still seeks new techniques and information to make our work have even more impact.  


Broward MPO Shares Expertise on a

National Stage at AMPO Conference

The Broward MPO team had the honor of presenting at the AMPO 2023 Conference about a wide range of topics from data management to complete streets, from resiliency to public involvement, and from successful grant applications to sustainability. The response we received from the conference participants was overwhelming. Our Senior Transportation Planner Levi Stewart-Figueroa presented at the Pre-Conference Workshop on deploying technology for a climate resilient future. At the conference, our Complete Streets and Other Localized Initiatives (CSLIP) Manager Kerrie MacNeil and Mobility Program Manager Ricardo Gutierrez talked about the agency’s efforts to develop Complete Street projects that ensure safe, accessible, and convenient routes for all modes of transportation. 


We highlighted our progress in data management and visualization, enabling us to make informed decisions based on the real-time needs of the community. Our Director of Transportation and Human Resources, Bryan Caletka, and Todd Brauer, principal at Whitehouse Group presented on how to use online databases to streamline project applications. One of the most crucial areas of focus for us was public involvement, where our Deputy Executive Director Carol Henderson, and Tasha Cunningham, managing partner at The Brand Advocates, shared the steps we have taken to build strong relationships with diverse community, stakeholders, and advocacy groups. We explained how our team has successfully incorporated public feedback and suggestions in project development to ensure projects reflect the needs and values of the community we serve. 


Another topic we presented was successful grant applications, where Broward MPO Executive Director Greg Stuart shared tips for developing grant applications to implement vital projects that support sustainability, resiliency, and equitable transportation systems. Our team had a fantastic experience participating in the AMPO 2023 Conference. It was an incredible opportunity to highlight our efforts in building a safe, efficient, and equitable transportation network for the entire South Florida region. We look forward to next year’s AMPO conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.   

Broward MPO Executive Director Wins Third Term on AMPO National Board of Directors 

We are thrilled to announce that Broward MPO Executive Director Greg Stuart was re-elected to the national AMPO Board of Directors. Together with Reese Brewer, Frontier MPO (Fort Smith, Arkansas) and Matt Johns of Rapides Area Planning Commission, (Alexandria, Louisiana), Greg successfully defended his board seat from challengers from all over the United States. Congratulations, Greg! 

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