Message From Executive Director, Greg Stuart 

As the days get shorter, and the temperatures start cooling, it can only mean one thing: Halloween is around the corner. As a career planner, Halloween is the night where our investments in sidewalks and connectivity really pay off. It is the one day a year we bribe kids, parents and guardians, to walk their neighborhoods with the offer of free candy. When I was a kid, my friends and I would plan our costumes and map the best routes for candy in the neighborhood. It was always so much fun to trick or treat. Then, my biggest concern was what piece of candy to eat first! Now, when I think of Halloween, I think about how it is the most dangerous night of the year for kids as pedestrians. Our infrastructure investments always have a focus on safety. Despite my childhood fondness for the night, I need to be an adult and remind everyone to be safe. The combination of dark costumes, drivers not looking for children, and an overall interruption in the norm creates a dangerous situation. As a community we must protect our children. While driving, be on the lookout for children crossing the streets. Parents and guardians can add a glowstick or light up bracelet to their little trick-or-treater’s costume to make sure they are visible in the dark. Everyone needs to be aware of what is happening around them. Today, the Broward MPO makes plans to create safe multimodal pathways and map where we can make the safest improvements in our communities. We all need to work towards making every day, including Halloween, safe for kids and pedestrians. By coming together as a community, we can ensure October 31st is a night of fun memories for everyone. 


Broward MPO Celebrates Halloween

With the City of Tamarac

The Broward MPO celebrated another spooktacular Let’s Go Walking event at the City of Tamarac’s Halloween Hoopla on October 20th! This spooktacular event was not just about fun and games, but also about promoting pedestrian safety. MPO staff did an amazing job educating eventgoers about pedestrian safety tips. The staff reminded people to always use the crosswalks when crossing the streets, obey traffic signals and signs, and walk against the flow of traffic. They also advised that wearing reflective or light-colored clothing could help drivers spot them easier at night. Additionally, the MPO staff recommended carrying a flashlight or attaching reflective gear like LED wristbands, which the MPO distributed for free to trick-or-treaters. It was a delightful sight to see trick-or-treaters, young and old alike, proudly wearing their LED wristbands, shining bright. The wristbands not only made them more visible, but it also added an extra fun and festive touch to their costumes. It was heartwarming to see the community coming together to promote pedestrian safety. Kudos to the City of Tamarac for organizing this spooktacular event! 

Broward MPO Presents Wilton Manors Transportation Master Plan to Residents

The MPO City Services team presented a brief overview of the City of Wilton Manors Transportation Master Plan (TMP) to the Wilton Manors Westside Association. During this meeting, Senior Transportation Planner and Project Manager Karen Friedman highlighted the project's milestones completed to date. The vision of the TMP is to develop multimodal facilities that create a cohesive community and address the community’s diverse needs by identifying transportation improvements for a select set of roadways. Currently MPO City Services is assisting the City in identifying potential solutions to the roadways. MPO City Services will present the potential solutions at the November 14 City Commission meeting. Based on feedback from residents and other stakeholders, the potential solutions will be refined into formal recommendations.

Hollywood Mobility Hub Project Coming to Life Along Hollywood Boulevard

The Hollywood Mobility Hub on State Road 7/441, just north of Hollywood Boulevard, is beginning to take shape! New pedestrian access to State Route 7 from Taylor and Pierce Streets is almost complete. Both drainage culverts have been covered, concrete has been poured and cured, the areas have been fully sodded, and the irrigation system has been installed. Safety bollards and railings will be installed next. In addition, crosswalk pavers in an attractive herringbone pattern have been installed at the intersections of both Polk and Fillmore Streets and State Route 7.  Pedestrian lighting, bike racks, a new Broward County Transit bus shelter, and benches will also be installed and when completed will make using transit in Hollywood easier, safer, and more convenient. The Hollywood Mobility Hub is on track to be completed by the end of the year. The Broward MPO and City of Hollywood are planning an exciting ribbon cutting event to celebrate this new community amenity. Stay tuned for more details! 

Broward MPO Staff Member Selected for

National Leadership Training

Our Boards Coordinator/TD Program Administrator, Rebecca Schultz, was recently selected to attend the Women in Transportation (WTS) International Signature Mid-Career Leadership Training in Washington D.C. This training not only connected her with others in the field from around the country, but also strengthened her skillset to take on larger roles within the organization. She looks forward to utilizing her skills to dissect intricate challenges and improve upon process strategies to ensure further streamlined success within the MPO.

FDOT Mobility Week in Almost Here

Attention all Broward County residents! It's that time of year again – FDOT Mobility Week is back and we're excited to promote active and sustainable travel choices in our community. From October 27 to November 4, we're encouraging everyone to take a break from their usual mode of transportation and explore new ways to get around town. Whether you prefer walking, biking, riding transit, or carpooling, these options not only benefit the environment, but also have a positive impact on our community's health and traffic congestion. This year, local agencies will be hosting a variety of events for you to attend and learn more about active transportation options. 


But here's the catch – we want to challenge you to try a new mode of transportation during Mobility Week. Maybe it's biking to work instead of driving or taking the bus instead of driving solo. It's a small step, but it could make a substantial impact in reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality in Broward County. So spread the word and get involved with FDOT Mobility Week! Let's all do our part in making our community a more sustainable and active place to live. 


Broward MPO Holds Public Meeting to Present Ideas for Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety

The Broward MPO held a public meeting at the Miramar Police Headquarters Community Room on October 10. The focus of the meeting was to present ideas for safe and comfortable bicycle and pedestrian facilities on Pembroke Road (from SW 145 Avenue to Flamingo Road) and Miramar Parkway (from SW 172 Avenue to Dykes Road). The meeting was designed to provide an opportunity for the public to give feedback and express their thoughts on the concepts presented. It was an excellent chance for the community to participate in the planning and implementation of important transportation projects in Broward County. 


At the meeting, the MPO presented a range of proposals that would make it safer and easier for residents to walk or bike in the designated areas. Some of the ideas presented included new bike lanes, improved crosswalks, and better lighting. Additionally, the MPO shared their plans to connect the existing bicycle and pedestrian network in the area to make it easier for people to get around on foot or bike. The feedback from the public meeting will be used to further refine the proposed plans. The Broward MPO team will continue to work hard to ensure these plans address the needs of the community and provide safe and convenient transportation options. Overall, the public meeting was a success, and we appreciate everyone who came out to share their thoughts and opinions. We encourage everyone to stay engaged and participate in future events as we continue to work towards creating a safer, healthier, and more connected community. 

Broward MPO Executive Director Attends

AMPO Meeting in Pittsburgh

Broward MPO Executive Director Greg Stuart, the newly elected board of directors of the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (AMPO) and staff traveled to Pittsburgh last week for a meeting that saw planners and representatives from various metropolitan organizations coming together to discuss crucial topics that affect urban transportation and planning. We look forward to seeing what actions they take, the collaborations that will occur, and the positive impacts that result from this meeting!

Tri-Rail Offers $5 Fares

on Weekends and Holidays 

Looking for an affordable and stress-free way to explore South Florida on weekends and holidays? Look no further than Tri-Rail, the region's premier commuter train system that offers a $5 flat fare all day on weekends and holidays. For those who may not be familiar, Tri-Rail serves communities from West Palm Beach to Miami, making it easy to get around and explore some of the region's top destinations without breaking the bank. With convenient stations, including those near major airports and popular attractions, hopping on and off the train throughout the day is easy.  So why not choose Tri-Rail for your next weekend or holiday outing? With $5 flat fares, convenient stations, and a commitment to safety and comfort, it's the perfect way to make the most of your time in this beautiful region. So, grab your sunscreen, pack your bags, and hop aboard – adventure awaits! Click here to learn more! 

Museum of Discovery and Science Hosts

Sensory Friendly Sunday Events 

MODS’ Sensory Sunday programming provides a welcoming environment for guests to experience the museum! MODS adjusts its venue by turning off rides, establishing a quiet area in the Early Childhood Sprouting STEM Learning Lab, and by displaying instructive visuals. The AutoNation® IMAX® Theater lights will be turned up and the sound will be lowered. All films will be presented in 2D. No trailers will be shown. Audience members are welcome to get up and move freely. Families can also bring snacks from home, blankets, and other small items to be comfortable. Click here to learn more! 

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