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Big News: FDA Advisory Committee Votes to Recommend Approval of Breakthrough Allergy Treatment
While Aimmune Therapeutics' AR101 is not yet approved, the recommendation of the advisory committee is key milestone in the FDA’s review process.
Upcoming Events
Global Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES) Day
Day of Awareness
Monday, October 14, 2019
This year as you can celebrate Global FPIES Day, a time for our global community of families, practitioners, researchers and patient advocates to come together in the name of taking big steps for FPIES awareness, we focus on living with FPIES. Join FPIES in sharing print resources, educational videos and inspirational family stories to promote FPIES awareness in your local communities!
The FASE Program at Lurie Children's Hospital
Upcoming Hangouts about Halloween on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 and Monday, October 21, 2019
Food Allergy Support and Education (FASE) hosts monthly Essentials of Food Allergy Workshops, topic-based workshops, and Kids’ Food Allergy Hangouts for patients and friends of Lurie Children's, giving children with food allergy opportunities to be with peers who share their experiences. Give your kids a chance to meet others going through the same experience.
NASPGHAN Breakthrough Summit
Chicago, IL
Tuesday, October 16 - Friday, October 19, 2019
The mission of the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition(NASPGHAN) is to advance understanding of normal development, physiology and pathophysiology of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver in children, improve quality of care by fostering the dissemination of this knowledge through scientific meetings, professional and public eduction, and policy development, and serve as an effective voice for members and the profession.
Make Halloween A- MAZE-ING for a Child with Eos!
Want to give a special shout out to a child in your life this Halloween? Think about donating to APFED and they will send a card to them in the mail! Donate between now and October 25th and let APFED send them a special greeting for the holiday!
Contains: Courage FARE Summit
Washington, DC
Friday, November 1 - Sunday, November 3, 2019
FARE is brin ging together 1,000 members of the food allergy community-- including t eens, adults, allies, thought leaders, brands and entrepreneurs-- for an inspiring and transformative weeken d. Registr ation is open so get your tickets now!
Food Allergy Friendly City Guide
For Washington, DC
If you are traveling to Washington DC soon with or without food allergies, you are in luck! Spokin just released an article about the best places to go for allergy friendly food in Washington DC! Whether you want a meal or a treat, it is the perfect list if you are headed to DC!
FARE Connecticut Fall Luncheon
Greenwich, CT
Wednesday, November 6, 2019
More than an opportunity for the local food allergy community to come together, the Connecticut Fall Luncheon plays a vital role in enabling FARE to invest in promising therapies, develop life-changing initiatives and advocate on behalf of the
32 million children and adults with food allergies.  
2019 USAsthma Summit
Houston, TX
Friday, November 8, 2019
Allergy & Asthma Network and the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology(ACAAI) are pleased to invite you to the 2019 USAsthma Summit. The summit takes place on Friday, November 8, 2019 at the Marriott Marquis Houston Hotel. Registration opens August 8, 2019. Limited travel scholarships are available
5th CURED Patient Education Research Conference
Cincinnati, OH
Thursday, November 7 -
Sunday, November 10, 2019
Save the Date for the 5th CURED (Campaign Urging Research for Eosinophilic Disease) Patient Education Research Conference! Look out for more info soon!
ACAAI 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting
Houston, TX
Thursday, November 8- Monday, November 11, 2019
Get ready to blast off toward New Frontiers: Advocating for Patients, Practices and Research from November 7- 11, 2019. There is a stellar program for this year, starting with Thursday's International Food Allergy Symposium. All weekend we'll be featuring a great lineup of speakers and sessions to help launch people into the future of the specialty.
Food Allergy Fund Summit
Washington, D.C.
Thursday, November 14, 2019
Please join the Food Allergy Fund for the D.C. Food Allergy Fund Summit featuring leading doctors and scientists, celebrity chefs, members of Congress, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and advocates for a day of learning, raising awareness, and funding research.
University of Chicago: New Frontiers In Therapies For Celiac Disease
University of Chicago: Ida Noyes Hall
Chicago, IL
Saturday, November 23, 2019
The University of Chicago is presenting new avenues for Celiac Disease therapy. More information and a live link is coming up in a few weeks. For now, mark your calendars!
FARE: Honor Your Doctor New York
Mandarin Oriental New York
Monday, December 2, 2019
FARE is thrilled to honor two leading experts in the field of pediatric allergy and immunology, Dr. Scott Sicherer of New York’s Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and Dr. Jonathan Spergel of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  Come help us celebrate  the contributions these remarkable physicians have made to our community as we raise much-needed funds to support FARE’s innovations in research, education, advocacy and awareness.
Apps, Food Allergy Friendly Companies, Videos
Keeping It Teal This Halloween
Teal Pumpkin has gone mainstream. With all 50 states and more than a dozen countries participating. Find everything you need including pumpkins, decorations, and candy alternatives. Add your home to the teal pumpkin map and see who is participating in your neighborhood.
What is the Teal Pumpkin Project?
FARE is raising awareness of food allergies through the addition of non-food trinkets and toys to your treats in order to make Halloween safer and more inclusive for all trick or treaters.
Spokin: 25 Food Allergy Laws
The ultimate labor of love. These individuals and families exhibited courage, strength and determination, in many cases driven by unimaginable loss, to help create 25 laws for the food allergy community. Most have passed and several are in process. We are deeply grateful as these momentous laws raise awareness, educate, and protect us all.
The Safe and Fair Food Company's
Key Lime Pie Granola
Complete with all-natural green sprinkles, this clean label, gluten-free and yes, even vegan granola is the perfect summertime snack at the office, in the kitchen or at the beach. Add it to your cereal bowl, sprinkle it on your yogurt parfait, or just be like us and keep a bag of it in your summer tote at all times (yes it’s that good) .
Eating Around the Same Table: 88 Acres' Seed-Based Bars, Butters, and 'Nola
These seed-based snacks are for people of all ages, from all cultures, with or without food allergies.
Try these 100% plant based protein drinks. With high vegan omega 3, superfoods blend, and fiber, OWYN gives you only what you need, and nothing that you don't.
Intentional Foods
Intentional Foods is a restaurant in Mesa, Arizona entirely free of the top 8 allergens. Not only is the food amazing, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, just like the owners! Intentional Foods was created as a means to fill a gap in the food allergy community by proving a restaurant for caring and concerned parents.
Blake's Seed Based New BlueBerry Lemon and S'more Snack Bars!
Great Option for a quick snack on the go! To go learn more, click the link below!
"This is what I know..." by Susan Tatelli
Northwestern University: Peer-to-Peer Videos
Dr. Ruchi Gupta and her team have developed peer-to-peer food allergy educational videos that can be shown in classrooms! There are three videos tailored to different grade levels with corresponding FAQ sheets, teacher guides, and discussion questions for use in classrooms. The videos will allow peers to better understand and support their food allergic classmates.
CPR and Anaphylaxis: Your preparation to respond
Anaphylactic shock is a serious and potentially fatal condition that could be triggered by anything in the surrounding environment. A CPR training course can help you identify the signs of anaphylaxis and provide you with the necessary skills to combat a severe allergic reaction to save a life. 

Bring education and awareness to your community, and empower your friends and family how to respond during a life-threatening emergency.  
Contact  info@nationalwellnesssolutions.com  to schedule a CPR class brought to you with an American Heart Association Instructor today!
More Articles, Books, Newsletters and Research
Tamara Hubbard Counseling
Check out  5 Reminders for Parents of Kids with Food Allergy-Related Anxiety , written by Tamara Hubbard, MA, LCPC on the Food Allergy Counselor website blog. Tamara Hubbard, MA, LCPC, a clinical counselor in private practice in northern IL, often works with those managing food allergies, especially parents/caregivers. With an emphasis on empowerment and resilience, she focuses on helping people understand their own thoughts, feelings and behaviors related to living with food allergies.
Latitude Food Allergy Care
Redwood City, California
Latitude is a clinic 100% focused on food allergy care and committed to changing the lives of families living with food allergies by creating access to exceptional care from diagnosis to life saving treatments to long-term support.

Allergic Living: New York Passes Law Requiring Daycare Food Allergy Protocols
Allergic Living's Food Allergy Anxiety Digital Magazine
This comprehensive online magazine offers an unparalleled exploration into a concerning phenomenon that is affecting so many who live with food allergies.
Requiring Airlines to Institute a Bill of Rights for Food Allergic Children/Adult Passengers
Lianne Mandelbaum has created this petition to minimze the risks of airline travel and empower people with food allergies to fly safer.
How to Fly Safely If Your Child Has Food Allergies
Allergy Amulet Blog:The Food Suitcase: A European Adventure With Food Allergies
Apfed: American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders
The new school year can be a challenging time for students with eosinophil-associated diseases. Did you know that APFED offers a wealth of free resources and tools to support patients, families, and school staff?
CNN: Illinois just became the first state to require insurance companies to cover EpiPen injectors for kids
FARE: Food Allergy Research and Education
FARE's Impact Report
FARE works hard to ensure that every dollar they raise advances the mission; improving life and health for 15 million Americans with food allergies and providing hope for the promise of new treatments.
FARE Boards
FARE is governed by a nine-member operating board known as the Board of Directors. FARE recently introduced two non-voting boards, the Board of Governors and the Board of National Ambassadors, to better position FARE to rapidly respond to the evolving landscape of food allergy and support the organization's growth.

For more board information, contact Michael Trager at mtrager@foodallergy.org.
Where Was Your Last Food Allergy Reaction?
The FARE Patient Registry connects people living with food allergies to researchers searching for answers. By sharing your story through the Registry's secure platform- you can help researchers find hidden patterns and make new discoveries.
FARE Collaborator Program: Join FARE in making a difference!
FARE spreads awareness about food allergies-- a public health issue that affects schools, businesses, and communities. Learn the benefits of becoming a FARE Collaborator and help make a difference in the lives of over 30 million Americans.
Free Training from FARE:
Get Involved With FARE
Details in the link on how to become more involved with FARE!
College Corner
This addition was created by Hannah Safron and John Kosner.
Hannah Safron
  • Freshman (18 years old)
  • University and Major: University of Illinois at Chicago, Public Health

What's the biggest challenge of food allergies in college?
  • Navigating the dining hall has forced me to initiate conversation with the head chef almost every day. The staff have improved in labelling allergens present in meals, but double checking with the chef is still necessary.
What are some of the benefits of having food allergies in college?
  • My experiences with allergies have taught me the importance of being proactive and prepared. I've gotten into the habit of carrying safe snacks with me at all times. I have a pretty big appetite, and if my friends want to eat out somewhere without safe options for me, I have my own snack AND I save money!

You can connect with me on Spokin @ hsafron.
John Kosner
  • Sophomore (19 years old)
  • University and Major: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Molecular and Cellular Biology

What's the biggest challenge of food allergies in college?
  • Finding great places to go out to eat when with friends. My best advice is to take thirty minutes to look up some restaurants around your campus and check their allergens. If not listed, make a call to that restaurant! You are their customer, so they will want to prepare the food for you. If you do not feel comfortable eating there, do not do it! An allergic reaction is not worth it. Also make sure to have your friends know how to use an Epipen. It was a great bonding experience for my friends and I!
What are some of the benefits of having food allergies in college?
  • Take pride in having allergies! So many students always ask the same three questions when introducing themselves so bring up your allergies to leave an impression. People want to know what makes you unique so why not be proud of your allergies. I have never had a dull conversation with someone when I bring up what I am allergic to and everyone seems to have more questions for me. Use it to your advantage. I still wear my Medic Alert necklace and it has been called fashionable!
You can connect with me on Spokin @ johnkoz92
Spokin's Top Rated Colleges
 College is a transformative time in every young adult’s life, and luckily there are many schools who take food allergies as seriously as their students' futures. Spokin users have shared over 150 reviews for colleges nationwide. See the 20 Top Rated allergy-friendly schools to make college application season just a little bit easier.
Chicagoland Hospitals
The University of Chicago
New research, led by Dr. Cathy Nagler and Dr. Roberto Berni Canani, shows that healthy infants have intestinal bacteria that prevent the development of food allergies.
Dr. Ciaccio has been selected to participate in a Phase 1 clinical drug trial for adolescents (ages 12-17) with peanut allergy that examines the safety, tolerability, and immune response to a sub-dermal (under the skin) peanut vaccine. Additionally, Dr. Ciaccio has been asked to participate in a Phase 3 clinical drug trial for young children (ages 1-3 years) with peanut allergy to assess the safety and efficacy of an epicutaneous immunotherapy (i.e. skin patch). 
Outside of clinical drug trials, Dr. Ciaccio is also conducting some of her own research which includes The University of Chicago’s Asthma & Allergy Biorepository. The biorepository is a bio-specimen bank looking to collect blood, saliva, and stool samples from individuals with- and without asthma and/or food allergies in the hope of helping researchers understand these conditions more clearly in the future. Additionally, Dr. Ciaccio would encourage all interested individuals to participate in the University of Chicago’s Allergy/Immunology Research Registry. This is a secure, online database utilized by Dr. Ciaccio and her colleagues at the University of Chicago to notify individuals of research studies they may be interested in and qualify to participate in.
If anyone is interested in more information, they can reach out to Dr. Ciaccio’s research coordinator, Chris Omahen.
E  mail: comahen@peds.bsd.uchicago.edu Phone: 773-702-8137
Immunotherapy Studies at Lurie Children's Hospital
The Food Allergy Research Team at Lurie is the leading clinical trials team in the Chicagoland area participating in multiple immunotherapy studies for wheat, peanut, milk, multiple foods and other approaches. The purpose of the immunotherapy studyis to learn whether or not it can lessen the body’s sensitivity or response to an allergen, resulting in less severe or no allergic reactions. They are currently participating in DBV Technologies Epicutaneous (on the skin – via a patch) Immunotherapy studies. They are also participating in Aimmune Therapeutics Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) studies. Studies for Aimmune require ingestion of an allergen (peanut) in small doses that gradually increase over time. The Food Allergy Research Team is excited about the promising results presented for both OIT and Patch studies that are anticipated to be submitted to the FDA for approval later this year. The research team welcomes peoples’ interest in learning about future studies at Lurie Children’s.
Introducing: Affinity Practice
Dr. Rhian Morcott is a board-certified psychiatrist in Adult Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent
Psychiatry with over twenty years of experience, who recently opened a private practice, Affinity
Practice, in Lake Bluff, IL. She provides personalized care with comprehensive treatment approaches including talk therapy, medications, integrative and lifestyle interventions. We are excited to share her information as a resource to our MOCHA community. For further inquires, please reach out with the contact information below.
In Recent News: CFAAR Retreat
SOAAR officially expanded to the Center for Food Allergy and Asthma Research (CFAAR) at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago! At the retreat, CFAAR received a lot of input, suggestions and changes that need to take place to better food allergy and asthma communities.
FACEBOOK USERS: For those of you on Facebook, check out SOAAR's page by searching
The Food Allergy Experience.
The Food Allergy Experience
Written by Dr. Ruchi Gupta and Denise Bunning, The Food Allergy Experience provides a reliable source of information and advice in simple, easy-to-read terms. For those contending with food allergies, the book offers guidance and invaluable perspective. For friends, relatives, health care providers, teachers, and caregivers, the book will instill a better understanding of how food allergies impact life at home, at school, and in the community, helping them to more effectively assist children with food allergies. 
A Special Thanks to These Organizations for Supporting the 2019 FACES Conference!
The Class That Can: Food Allergies
This creative children’s book is a perfect way for schools to introduce and discuss food allergies to their students. It is a great book not only for kids and parents with food allergies but others without food allergies. It allows for kids to learn about allergies and what they can do instead of what they cannot!
Allergic Traveler
Allergy Amulet
Allergy & Asthma Network (AAN)
Allergy Health
Allison Rose Foundation
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA)
DBV Technologies
Enchanting Family
Enjoy Life
Food Allergy Pros
Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team(FAACT)
Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE)
Food Equality Initiative, Inc.(FEI)
Hungry Harry's
Life Reach
That's It
The Safe + Fair Food Company
Riya Jain
Special thanks to Riya, who is 13 years old and an eighth grader for creating a phenomenal cartoon video which was showcased at the FACES Conference.
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