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A Message to Our MOCHA Friends:
Our hopes and prayers are that your family and friends are all safe during this COVID-19 emergency. As all of us are still following federal and state guidelines, we did want to try and put together some more food allergy reading for you all. As always, we are here for you. We have recently added a facebook page to help stay connected. Follow us @MOCHAallergies.

Stay safe!
Denise and Anne

For the Health: A Conversation on Race and Food Allergy
This is a free webinar hosted by Emily Brown, CEO of the Food Equality Initiative and featuring Black leaders in the food allergy space. This is taking place Friday, June 19, 10:00 am CT.
Community Action: A Virtual Symposium
Join the Center for Food Allergy and Asthma Research (CFAAR) and the Center for Community Health (CCH) in their upcoming open forum webinar to discuss racial injustice and to hear from Chicago-wide community organizations supporting change. The goal of this virtual open forum is to connect Black community members with organizers and community leaders in hopes of finding ways to take action in the community, discuss grief and trauma surrounding racism, and discover self-care techniques in a time of unrest. This takes place Friday, June 19, 2020 from 11am-12pm CT on Zoom.
FARE: Food Allergy Research and Education
FARE's Comprehensive COVID-19 Resources
During a disaster, more families managing food allergies may face food insecurity and struggle to find nutritious, allergy-friendly foods. FARE includes information on food banks, epinephrine assistance programs and discounts to support YOU.
A Living Teal Summer
FARE is excited to feature regular summer programming over the next few months to add some sparkle to long days and warm nights. Special content will happen around key moments like Father's Day and Independence Day as well as ongoing tips, tricks, recipes and activity ideas! Join the conversation using the hashtag #LivingTeal and follow FARE on social media!
June Research and Innovation Webinar Spotlights Microbiome
Dr. Wayne Shreffler, FARE's Medical Advisor for Research, will present the third installment of FARE's recently launched education series of webinars dedicated to food allergy research and treatment innovation. On Wednesday, June 24, at 12:00 p.m. the presentation will talk about the microbiome - the microbes that live in our gut and on our skin - and how this personal ecosystem impacts food allergy. Registration is always free!
Baby's First: Reduce the Risk of Food Allergies
FARE announced the launch of a new resource geared at raising awareness of the benefits of introducing a variety of a new resource geared at raising awareness of the benefits of introducing a variety of new foods to babies and educating people on how they might be able to help reduce the risk of developing food allergies.
FARE: Patient Registry
FARE wants to invite you to participate in an exciting study researchers from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine are conducting to explore the thoughts, emotions and coping strategies individuals and families have and use as they manage food allergies. The goal of this research is to both identify the coping strategies those living with food allergy currently face. If you are living with a food allergy, or are a caregiver of someone who has a food allergy, FARE would greatly appreciate your participation! (Please note, you must be 18 years or older to participate in this survey.)
Back to School Survey
FARE is interested in hearing from school staff in regards to re-opening schools later this year. If you work in a school setting, please take a few moments to fill out the quick three-question survey linked below.
Recognizing and Responding to Anaphylaxis
Free online training course.
Epinephrine Options
Learn about epinephrine options currently available on the market.
Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan
FARE's Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan has been updated to include SYMJEPI.
Oral Immunotherapy: What You Should Know, and What's New
The first FDA-approved peanut OIT is now available, and there will continue to be a growing demand for oral immunotherapy. What does the research tell us about OIT? How do you determine whether OIT is right for you? In this second webinar of our 2020 series on research and innovation, you'll hear the latest on cutting-edge studies on new food allergy treatments.
About FARE
FARE spreads awareness about food allergies-- a public health issue that affects schools, businesses, and communities. They work hard to ensure that every dollar they raise advances the mission: improving life and health for 32 million Americans with food allergies and providing hope for the promise of new treatments.

FARE's latest report is a wealth of resources and has information on what is happening in the food allergy world with COVID-19, ways to individually play a role in your child's school with the CDC's guidelines for upcoming events and the FDA's new guidance!
FARE Boards
FARE is governed by a nine-member operating board known as the Board of Directors. FARE recently introduced two non-voting boards, the Board of Governors and the Board of National Ambassadors, to better position FARE to rapidly respond to the evolving landscape of food allergy and support the organization's growth.

For more board information, contact Michael Trager at mtrager@foodallergy.org.
Research, Newsletters and Blogs
Allergic Living Free COVID-19 & Allergies Special Edition
This must-read resource directly addresses pandemic issues vital to the allergy community. You'll find: advice for finding allergy-friendly foods, allergy-safe cleaning tips, superb Top 9-free recipes and articles on finding "our new normal." Plus, leading experts weigh in on pandemic food allergy and asthma concerns.
FDA's New Label Policy Sparks Outpouring of Allergy Concerns
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration threw a curveball that has seriously shaken the allergy community: it temporarily relaxed food labeling guidelines.
COVID-19 and Food in the Class: What Allergy Families Need to Know
For most parents, the top-of-mind issue is keeping their kids safe from coronavirus exposure. Challenging school situations will include how to keep a room of 6- or 7-year-olds "physically distanced." But food allergy families have an additional layer of concern.
Can You Be Allergic to Wine?
Did you know that some people are allergic to wine? These individuals are allergic or sensitive to the sulfites in the wine. In this blog, allergy amulet is going to shine a light on this invisible threat.
Cross-Contamination: What Does it Mean?
With the term not well known to many people who are not in the food allergy community, this article highlights what cross-contamination means.
Celiac Disease vs. Gluten Intolerance: What's the Difference?
The goal of this post is to break down the differences between a gluten intolerance and true celiac disease since there is a lot of confusion around the two!
AsthmaCon: COVID-19 Resources
At AsthmaCon, download the COVID-19 resources, including infographics in English and Spanish on how to tell the difference between COVID-19 symptoms, allergies and flu.
Biological Medications: A Whole New World
Biological medications are changing asthma and allergy care by providing patients with more personalized treatment options. Join us for our next webinar as board-certified allergist John Oppenheimer, MD, discusses use of biologics for asthma and chronic sinusitis with nasal polyps. This will occur on Thursday, June 18th, 6 pm CT.
AAAAI Research Findings
Since The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) Annual Scientific Meeting was cancelled due to COVID-19, they are sharing research findings that were to be presented at the annual meeting. Read about these studies at the link below!
COVID-19 Potential Impact on Eosinophil-Associated Diseases
While there is not enough information as of yet, the American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders (APFED) is closely monitoring developments regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the potential impact on the higher-risk patients in the eosinophil-associated disease community.
APFED Summer 2020 EOSolutions Newsletter is Now Available
EOS Connection 2020
EOS Connection 2020 is APFED's all virtual patient education conference on eosinophil-associated diseases, will be held July 9-11, 2020, from 10:30 AM to 2:45 PM CT each day.
What to Do If You Can't Afford Your Asthma Medicines
Keeping your asthma under control is a key part of staying healthy. Avoiding triggers to prevent symptoms is important. Read the article linked below to learn more!
Camp Blue Spruce: Allergy Pals and Allies
Looking for ways for your kids to stay virtually connected this summer? Allergy Pals & Allergy Allies, USA is an online mentorship program for kids and teens aged 7 to 17 who have food allergies and Celiac disease. Join them for their Summer Mini-Meets on Sundays this July at 3:00 pm CT. Hosted on Zoom, these weekly one-hour support sessions are led by peer mentors who help participants navigate the ins and outs of living with food allergies and other dietary restrictions.
Here are some exciting findings regarding the role of proteases and protease inhibitors in a food allergic disease of the esophagitis, eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE), and how this knowledge and an FDA-approved drug may lead to new treatment. The video below explains this in more detail!
Dr. Rothenberg leads within and outside of Cincinnati Children’s. He has greatly furthered the field of allergy and immunology, as evidenced by his extensive publications (over 400) and receipt of an NIH MERIT Award in recognition and support of his research. Rothenberg is the principal investigator of the Consortium of Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disease Researchers (CEGIR) and is the director of Cincinnati Children’s  Division of Allergy and Immunology  and the Cincinnati Center for Eosinophilic Disorders (CCED).
CURED is a not for profit foundation dedicated to those suffering from Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Diseases(EGID), including eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE), eosinophilic gastritis(EG), eosinophilic colitis (EC) and other eosinophilic disorders. The goal of CURED is to increase awareness about this complex group of diseases.
FAACT: Start Planning for the 2020-2021 School Year
Every child has the right to safely and equally participate in school activities alongside non-allergic children. One of the best ways to make this happen is to advocate for your child's rights well before the start of the next school year. FAACT's Civil Rights Advocacy Center staff are available to answer your questions FREE of charge and assist you in seeking accommodations for your child at school. Because laws vary by jurisdiction and agency policies vary by state and locality, local professionals are often the best experts on these varying laws and policies. FAACT can help you find local civil rights professionals, as well. For questions or more information, please contact FAACT's VP of Civil Rights Advocacy, Amelia.Smith @FoodAllergyAwareness.org.
FAACT Has a New June Newsletter
FAAM: Food Allergy Alliance of the Mid-South
The Food Allergy Alliance of the Mid-South is the heartwork of founder and fellow food allergy parent Kelley Barnett. FAAM provides food allergy support, education, advocacy & fellowship in Memphis, TN and neighboring states. FAAM volunteers offer support from the point of diagnosis to connect members with helpful resources and fellowship within the local food allergy community. FAAM provides educational presentations to schools, places of worship and work environments; as well as food-free events for members throughout the year. While this non-profit organization serves the Mid-South region, they enjoy working with other food allergy advocates across the nation and shring helpful resources for everyone on their website and scoial media.
Food Allergy Fund
Recently the Food Allergy Fund hosted their first ever summit! Highlights include hearing from leading doctors and researchers from around the world, an informative discussion on the psycho-social impact of food allergies especially in these challenging times and much more!
Food Allergy Fund Summit Highlights:
Dr. Nagler Research Presentation
Dr. Cathryn R. Nagler makes a research presentation on "Regulation of Allergic Responses to Food by Intestinal Bacteria."
Dr. Rothenberg Research Presentation
Dr. Marc E. Rothenberh makes a research presentation on "How Covid is Stimulating New Ideas that Benefit Food Allergies with Particular Focus on Eosinophilic Esophagitis."
FAF Is Entirely Volunteer Based
If you would like to get involved and help out please email info@foodallergyfund.org . Please consider donating to support research that is now more critical than ever. The next Food Allergy Fund Summit will be in the fall! Follow them on social media @foodallergyfund.
Food Allergy Moms
Food Allergy Moms (FAM) is a Chicago support group that is all about improving the lives of food allergy families through social connection. During the pandemic, FAM has gone from meeting in the city for dinner and drinks to meeting online over Zoom! Whether virtual or in-person, meetups are always centered around two discussion topics: one about food allergies and one about our lives in general, so everyone can truly get to know each other as multi-dimensional people.

This summer, FAM will meet on Saturdays at 10:00 am.
Saturday, July 25th @ 10:00 am CT - Zoom
Saturday, August 29th @ 10:00 am CT - Zoom

If you are looking to find more friends who really get it, go to their website and message Melissa to get involved.
Focus Everyone: These are the most important weeks of the pandemic
Jim Baker is a doctor at University of Michigan with expertise in vaccines, immunology, lung disease, and pandemic response (you can check his LinkedIn site  or twitter site  @JRB_UMFA  for the specifics). His goal for this blog is to briefly comment on the daily developments of COVID-19 and answer questions you leave at the site.
Pandemic Pondering: A Daily Blog
The new daily blog by Dr. Jim Baker highlights why fluctuations in reported numbers may not indicate a true increase in coronavirus infections, hospitalizations or deaths.
Hillary Tolle Carter: Food Allergy Mama and Advocate
This website showcases Hillary's work over the last several years, including media clips and event photos. It also includes an informative blog with informational and hopeful tips and stories from our food allergy life.

One of her recent blog posts is "My Favorite Quarantine Resources for Kids" which highlights the difference activities for kids to do during the current pandemic! Read more below!
Journal of Food Allergy
This is an online journal which has the purpose of all things food allergy news.
Sarah Ackerman: Girl Behind the Hive
Sarah Ackerman's new blog post talks about the new "Temporary Policy Regarding Certain Food Labeling." This highlights the frustration many people feel about this new policy and how it can be life or death for many people with food allergies!
Kids With Food Allergies Newsletter
Kids With Food Allergies provide information about for allergies for kids and their parents. This newsletter includes news about allergy and asthma awareness, new research, great recipes and food allergy recalls.
Latitude Food Allergy Care
Redwood City, California
This clinic focus on everything food allergy — from diagnosis to treatment to long-term care. We’re here to provide our patients with real solutions to improve their quality of life.
Monthly Food Allergy Parent Group
Latitude Co-Founders and food allergy parents, Julie Bitler and Debbie Taback will be co-moderating this informal group of parents interested in sharing skills and tools to navigate food allergies. This will hosted by Blossom Birth and Family on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 11:30-1:30 pm CT and Wednesday, August 5, 2020 11:30-1:00 pm CT!
MedicAlert Foundation Announces Partnership
Medic Alert Foundation is partnering with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and Kids with Food Allergies. Together, they will raise awareness of asthma and anaphylaxis and provide tools and resources for better living!
Natalie Giorgi Sunshine Foundation
At the Natalie Giorgi Sunshine Foundation, they are inspired by the work that Emily Brown and Food Equality Initiative(FEI) are doing to provide assistance to those struggling with food insecurity as well as food allergies. Food Equality Initiative is a nonprofit organization that relies on generous partners to meet their mission of improving health and ending hunger in individuals who must eliminate common foods from their diet to maintain health.
This informative chart is helpful to differentiate symptoms of COVID-19 versus the common cold, the flu, and seasonal allergies.
Food Allergy Friendly Companies, Apps, Books and Videos
Riya Jain
Riya Jain is an author of two books, created many different images for MOCHA, made a cartoon for the 2019 FACES Conference and is only 13 years old! Riya's two books are "The Class That Can: Food Allergies" and "The Class That Can: Coronavirus." Both these creative children's books are used in a perfect way for schools to describe health issues to their students. Both these books allow the reader to feel empowered when facing a difficulty like food allergies or coronavirus. MOCHA interns Hannah Safron, John Kosner and Tori Appelt interviewed Riya to learn more about her!
An Interview With Riya!
Hi Riya, what grade will you be going into this fall? If you feel comfortable, what school will you be going to this fall?
I am going into 9th grade this fall and have been at Alcott College Prep, a CPS school for 11 years. I am beyond excited for high school and can't wait to meet new people and experience new opportunities!
What are your food allergies?
I am allergic to peanuts and tree nuts.
When did you discover your interest in graphic design? How did you create the comic picture of Denise and Anne?
I have been interested in editing and graphic design for a little while now and find it fun to watch my designs come to life! I created the comic picture of Denise and Anne with an editing software that I have been working with for a long time. I used real pictures of them as models to create as realistic cartons as possible!
How did you connect with JJ to write The Class That Can ? What was that experience like and what was the most rewarding part?
I met JJ about 2 years ago and we bonded over the idea of making a children's book on food allergy. That led to us deciding to write an entire series of books to educate children on various health topics in a fun way to understand! Our most recent book, "The Class That Can: Coronavirus" was very rewarding and I really hope that it ensures kids around the world and answers any of their questions. This experience has been so amazing and it feels so good to help make a change in my community. The most rewarding part is when I get to read my books to children (on zoom or in the classroom) and seeing their faces light up with joy and inspiration.
What are your goals and future projects you're working on?
My goal is to create an entire series of books on every health topic. I just want this to be an easy resource that any kid can access for free. We are coming out with a 3 part series of "Stay Healthy" books on sleep, screentime, exercise, nutrition, sneezing and coughing.
Congratulations to Susan Tatelli!
Susan Tatelli is a seventeen year old who just graduated from Highland Park High School in IL and will be a Freshman at The College of William & Mary in the Fall. At age 11 she enrolled in PRROTECT (Peanut Reactivity Reduced by Oral Tolerance in an Anti-IgE Clinical Trial). Out of 36 subjects, 8 subjects initially received the placebo, Susan was one of them which meant she became quite the expert in recognizing anaphylaxis and self-administering epinephrine. For her Girl Scout Silver Award project, Susan made a video including. footage of her self-administering epinephrine during an anaphylactic reaction called "How to Stay Alive." Susan then created a second video called "This is What I Know," which stresses the fact that no one plans to have an anaphylactic reaction and how to be ready for it. Susan released a bilingual Epi Readiness Training Kit pilot project! With so many other accomplishments, everyone is so amazed with all Susan has done and will continue to do so a huge congratulations is in order! To receive an Epi Readiness Training Kit or to inquire about how Susan can possibly babysit in the Chicagoland area contact Susan at: susan@tatelli.com .
"This is what I know..."
"How to Stay Alive"
"Eliminando el miedo a la epinefrina y combatiendo la anafilaxia"
Unlocking the Secrets of EoE
Unlocking the Secrets of Eosinophilic Esophagitis is a new children's book authored by student and faculty fellows at PA Distance Learning charter school. It follows John who lives with EoE, Kaitlyn and Andrew, who meet with classmates and experts like Dr. Marc Rothenberg to have a brave adventure on the secrets of EoE. All proceeds go toward Cincinnati Children's Hospital and the continuing efforts of Dr. Rothenberg to seek a cure for EoE.
88 Acres: The Dad Bar Bundle
Father's Day is this Sunday. Still looking for a gift? The Dad Bar Bundle is sweet, wholesome and classic(just like dad.) Stock his pantry with healthy breakfasts and snacks for the next few weeks
If you want vegan, nut-free, egg-free and dairy free treats, Divvies is the you want to go to!
Hungry Harry's
A company forever free of the top 14 allergens! Hungry Harry's creates baking mixes that are made in a dedicated facility without cross contact and free from the top 14 allergens!
Kaneland: Allergy & Asthma Center
Dr. Sakina Bajowala and her team are committed to providing the highest quality allergy, asthma & immunology care for your entire family. Read some of Dr. Bajowala’s most recent blog posts on "Achoo!- Adventures of an Allergist Mommy"!
Mighty Jax Book
Mighty Jax is the book and doll set which is the first superhero doll and book set geared towards kids with food allergies! Might Jax has a mission, to teach kids how to become inspired, empowered and educated about food allergies. For free shipping, use the promo code "MOCHA"!
Mission MightyMe
New guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the NIH recommend early introduction of baby-friendly peanut foods to help prevent peanut allergies from developing. These proactive peanut puffs are a deliciously simple way to include peanuts in your little one's diet.
No Nut Traveler: Fatal Mistakes Can't Be Undone
Read the Huffpost article by Lianne Mandelbaum, the founder of No Nut Traveler.
Nutphree's Bakery
Great place to shop for nut free bakery! It is 100% Peanut & Tree Nut Free!
During the COVID-19 crisis OWYN has taken action and donated:
Top 8 allergen free protein drink OWYN donated over 100,000 bottles to Healthcare Heroes and First Responders and Food Banks who specialize in serving those with food allergies. If you are in need and suffer from Food Allergies the following food banks are available to you below.
Food Equality Initiative
300 East 39th Street Kansas City, MO 64111
Phone: (816)-800-0884
Email: erin@foodequalityinitiative.org or contact@foodequalityinitiative.org
Garden of Health Food Bank
361 High Street
Souderton, PA 18964
Phone: (267)-664-4397
Email: info@gardenofhealthinc.org
S.A.F.E. Food Pantry
9770 Patuxent Woods Drive, Suite 316
Columbia, MD 21046
Phone: (443)-741-1060
Email: fooddrive@safefoodpantry.org
The Rachel Way
36 Terrace Rd
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
Email: Heather@TheRachelWay.org
Phone: (484)-804-5293
The SAFE + FAIR Food Company May In Review
SAFE + FAIR is celebrating all 60k+ followers on instagram! Innovation has been achieved by a key lime pie cake mix. What's next for SAFE + FAIR is that a new flavor is coming soon for the summertime.
The Safe and Fair Food Company's Drizzled Popcorn Bundle
There's something for everyone! Get 'em all: blueberry cobbler drizzled popcorn, birthday cake drizzled popcorn, dark chocolaty drizzled popcorn and key lime pie drizzled popcorn.
Coupons and discounts with more added on a day-by-day basis to help you find allergy-friendly products while sheltering-in-place can be found on the link to the right!
EAT asks people what one word they would use to describe food allergies. Their answers are astounding.Eat fund promising studies from top research studies to accelerate food allergy treatments and cures.
Snack Safely: SNL's Colin Jost Supports End Allergies Together
Colin Jost asked for people to support EAT, which has the mission to accelerate treatments and cures for the food allergy epidemic.
Owen Osborne
Owen Osborne inspired the entire food allergy community as a competitor on Food Network's Chopped Junior. This thirteen-year-old award winning chef, model and actor has met Michelle Obama, appeared on The Rachel Ray Show and stars in the upcoming film The Place We Hide. Owen wants to show other food allergic kids that allergies can teach important skills!
Black-Owned Allergy-Friendly Companies
Supporting black-owned businesses is one way to show your support for the community. Spokin has created a list of black-owned businesses that support the food allergy community!
Black Allergy-Friendly Food Bloggers
Whether the bread you're baking is dairy-free, gluten-free or nut-free, food has the power to connect us all. Support, share and follow these talented Black allergy-friendly food bloggers!
Stanford: Virtual Summer Scamper
Join Stanford on Sunday, June 21st( or any day in June that works for you!) to run, walk, roll, skip and Scamper to fundraise for Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford and the child and maternal health programs at Stanford University School of Medicine. On June 21, they will host various online activities for you to participate in and share your Scamper pride!
When you fundraise or donate through Summer Scamper, you bring care, comfort and cures to children and families like Stanford's brave Patient Heroes!
Dr. Kari Nadeau
When Every Bite Matters Book
A book written by teen Oliver Deldicque about his life with allergies. His goal is to make this book available in doctors' offices for patients with food allergies. It is a great book to read if you have allergies or you have a friend or family member with a food allergy. The goal is to help with managing food allergies!
Whole & Free Foods
Whole & Free Foods is making it easier for everyone to eat with the people they love - regardless of dietary restrictions or preferences. Their new line of Every Body Eat snack thins are delicious and reported to be quite addicting! Every Body Eat products are full of the flavors you want, and free of the stuff you don't (including the top 14 food allergens + corn). Based in Evanston, IL, Every Body Eat products are made in their own facility that is free from the top 14 +corn.
Zippy: Children's Book
Dr. Sakina Shikari Bajowala and Suzy Bauer wrote this cute book: "Zippy: A Story About Oral Immunotherapy(OIT) for food allergies, check it out!
Chicagoland Information
New Center for Food Allergy and Asthma Research Established
Scientists from Northwestern and Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago have been at the forefront of research, care and advocacy to improve these childhood and adult allergic diseases for years. Now, Northwestern has established the new Center for Food Allergy and Asthma Research, which will provide both investigators and patients more support while uncovering new discoveries from applied and basic science research.
Join CFAAR's Community Advisory Board!
In collaboration with Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital and Northwestern University, CFAAR is excited to announce the launch of the new Community Advisory Board at the Center for Food Allergy and Asthma Research (CFAAR). CFAAR is currently seeking food allergy, asthma and other food related diseases parents/families or community members interested in joining the mission.
CFAAR: A Time For Change
The Center for Food Allergy and Asthma Research (CFAAR), commit to leveraging their institutional privilege to support the Black community and the many organizations actively working toward anti-racist institutional change.

CFAAR is committed to: Center Initiatives, Research Initiatives, Community Initiatives and Educational Initiatives. Below is a link to resources for a time of racism and unrest.
Northwestern: New Pill Could Prevent Anaphylaxis in People with Food, Drug Allergies
For someone with a food or drug allergy, the risk of life-threatening anaphylactic shock lurks around every corner. A new Northwestern Medicine study shows there might be a pill that can be taken proactively to prevent mild to life-threatening anaphylaxis, no matter the cause.
Northwestern University: Peer-to-Peer Videos
Dr. Ruchi Gupta and her team have developed peer-to-peer food allergy educational videos that can be shown in classrooms! There are three videos tailored to different grade levels with corresponding FAQ sheets, teacher guides, and discussion questions for use in classrooms. The videos will allow peers to better understand and support their food allergic classmates.
Center for Food Allergy and Asthma Research
Previously SOAAR, the Center for Food Allergy and Asthma Research (CFAAR) is at the frontlines of groundbreaking research and provides education resources to the allergy community. The latest of their monthly newsletters focuses on COVID-19, new members and new research news!
The Food Allergy Experience
Written by Dr. Ruchi Gupta and Denise Bunning, The Food Allergy Experience provides a reliable source of information and advice in simple, easy-to-read terms. For those contending with food allergies, the book offers guidance and invaluable perspective. For friends, relatives, health care providers, teachers, and caregivers, the book will instill a better understanding of how food allergies impact life at home, at school, and in the community, helping them to more effectively assist children with food allergies. 
Eczema Tips by Dr. Anna Fishbern
Dr. Anna Fishbein provides tips on how to care for a child's nighttime itchiness from eczema
Lurie Children's Division of Allergy & Immunology Facebook Page
New Lurie Children's Division of Allergy & Immunology Resources
Follow their new Instagram page @lurie.allergyandimmunology and browse their new webpage linked below.
Founders' Board Webinar Series
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago is pleased to introduce the newest way to stay connected with the Founder's Board Webinar Series. This features Lurie Children's leaders, physicians and researchers speaking about the latest issues affecting children and families. These educational offerings will include a Q&A session with featured speakers with occur on June 25, July 16 and August 5, providing the opportunity for you to connect directly with these voices of pediatric expertise in the region.
Caring for Chicago's Kids in an Ever-Changing World
June 25, 2020 from 12-1 pm CT.
Matthew Davis,
MD, MAPP Interim Chair, Department of Pediatrics InterimPresident & Chief Research Officer, Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute Senior Vice President & Chief, Community Health Transformation A Todd Davis, MD Professor & Division Head, General Academic Pediatrics
Diane Holmes, MD
Medical Director, Lurie Children’s Primary Care – Town & Country Pediatrics Clinical Instructor of Pediatrics
Telemedicine Today & Tomorrow: How COVID-19 Has Accelerated Our Pace
July 16, 2020 from 12-1 pm CT.
Katie Bohling, MBA
Senior Director, Telehealth Programs
Dana Schinasi, MD
Medical Director, Telehealth Programs
Attending Physician and Assistant Professor, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Derek Wheeler, MD, MMM, MBA
Chief Medical Officer Crown Family Professor in Pediatrics
Mental Health & Youth: Addressing Trauma and Building Resiliency During a Global Pandemic
Colleen Cicchetti, MEd, PhD
Executive Director, Center for Childhood Resilience Pediatric Psychologist, Pritzker Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
John Walkup, MD
Chair, Pritzker Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Margaret C. Osterman Board Designated Professor in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
COVID-19 Information
Visit this link for more information on how to donate PPE, homemade masks and medical supplies or more information on COVID-19 by University of Chicago doctors.
Food Allergy
UChicago Comer Children's Hospital recently hosted and recorded a Facebook Live event with Chrissy Ciaccio and Timothy Sentongo on Food and Seasonal Allergies.
GI Issues in Kids
University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital gastrointestinal (GI) specialist Ritu Verma, MD, shares information about common GI issues, as a contributor to the podcast series "Things You're Too Embarrassed to Ask a Doctor. Dr. Verma also shares a video with information about GI symptoms and COVID-19 in kids. Topics covered: constipation, dietary suggestions, hydration and physical activity.
UChicago Telemedicine
UChicago Medicine is now offering telemedicine visits for both new patients and follow-up patients. Telemedicine offers the convenience of consulting with a food allergy specialist from the comfort of your own home. Interested in hearing about current research or oral immunotherapy? Telemedicine may be the perfect way for you and your family to find out more, call (733)-702-1000 for the general number.
Clinical Trials
Unfortunately, all clinical trial recruitment and bench research is temporarily on hold considering the current crisis, but will be restarting as soon as possible. Anyone interested can still enroll in the online Asthma and Allergy research registry at the following link.
UChicago Update
UChicago is hoping to interview parents with at least one older child having food allergy, that also have another younger child less than 2-3 years old or plan to have another child in the future. UChicago would love to hear their perspectives as they might be the first end users of a potential food allergy vaccine. Email sjcao@uchicago.edu if interested!
Affinity Practice
Dr. Rhian Morcott is a board-certified psychiatrist in Adult Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent
Psychiatry with over twenty years of experience, who recently opened a private practice, Affinity
Practice, in Lake Bluff, IL. She provides personalized care with comprehensive treatment approaches including talk therapy, medications, integrative and lifestyle interventions. We are excited to share her information as a resource to our MOCHA community. For further inquires, please reach out with the contact information below. Dr. Rhian Morcott is also a food allergy mom!
Tamara Hubbard, MA, LCPC, a clinical counselor in private practice in northern IL, often works with those managing food allergies, especially parents/caregivers. With an emphasis on empowerment and resilience, she focuses on helping people understand their own thoughts, feelings and behaviors related to living with food allergies. Interactive worksheets-- such as the Food Allergy Thinking Traps Worksheet-- are useful tools for adults, parents, older kids/teens, and even medical professionals and mental healthcare providers to share with their patients.

New Information from Tamara Hubbard
What's New With the Food Allergy Counselor Directory & Website? Tamara Hubbard has new information on The Exploring Food Allergy Families Podcast, updates to her website, new links and new resources!
College Corner

College Corner was created by Hannah Safron, John Kosner and Tori Appelt
Hannah Safron
  • Sophomore (19 years old)
  • University and Major: University of Illinois at Chicago, Public Health

You can connect with me on Spokin @ hsafron or email at h.safron4@gmail.com
John Kosner
  • Junior (20 years old)
  • University and Major: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Molecular and Cellular Biology
You can connect with me on Spokin @johnkoz92 or email at jkosner2@illinois.edu
Tori Appelt
  • New Graduate (22 years old)
  • University and Major: University of Arizona, Public Health
You can connect with me on Spokin @ toriwong or email at victoriaappelt@gmail.com
What Everyone Is Up To
For the Summer:
Along with John, I am excited to participate in an upcoming research internship opportunity with CFAAR. Until then, I am working as a virtual orientation leader, in which I’m helping incoming students register for classes. I also am so grateful for my continued involvement with MOCHA!

For the Fall:
I can’t wait to begin classes again and move back to the city, although there is still uncertainty whether or not classes will be in person or online! I’m looking forward to running two organizations, Public Health Alliance and Doctors Without Borders Student Chapter. 

What is Helping Us:
I’ve been reading books such as “Just Mercy“ and “So You Want to Talk about Race” which have given me a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to take into my daily life. I love biking to the nearest forest preserve to read as well!

For the Summer:
As for how it has been for everyone, many of my original plans for summer have been changed up. I am very grateful that I have a research internship with CFAAR. Along with that, I volunteer for a crisis hotline, volunteer in my community and help out at a local business.

F or the Fall:
In the fall I hope activities can come back to a somewhat normal. With school and clubs, I will be continuing to work at Beckwith Residential Support Services for those with disabilities, volunteer with U of I's Disability Recreation & Educational Services's Physical Therapist and help out at the Sustainable Student Farm.

What is Helping Us:
With everything that has been happening, reading, working out, watching movies and staying connected with friends has helped me a ton. I feel that truly finding a balance between being very involved in whatever is going on and taking time for yourself to get away from all the stimulation is key for staying motivated with anything, but especially now.
For the Summer:
As I enjoy my last summer in Tucson, Arizona, I am soaking up the Arizona sunshine and indulging in my favorite locations. I am working alongside the Pima County Poison Control Center in the COVID-19 sector. Coming alongside this community has been rewarding and challenging in many ways! 

For the Fall:
Since I recently graduated from the University of Arizona, I am looking forward to moving to Lubbock, Texas to work with the city’s Public Health Department. I hope to ride a horse for the first time, too! 

What is Helping Us:
Being involved in the many public health sectors of Tucson has allowed me keen insight on the current events. I have been able to identify credible research and information regarding the current pandemic and racial inequalities in our system. A great partnership I made is with the indigenous community of Tohono O’odham, just south of Tucson!  
Save the Date
FARE Living Teal Global Summit 2020
The 2020 Summit is now going virtual!
Check out the highlights from the 2019 Contains: Courage Summit!
Friday, October 2, 2020 - Sunday, October 4, 2020
Join us Oct. 2-4, 2020, for the FARE Contains: Courage® Summit as we bring together teens and adults living with food allergy along with family members, health professionals, and others, for a weekend of community and support. Registration is coming soon!
Conversations with a Food Allergy Counselor: Part II
On Zoom
Thursday, June 18 at 3pm CT
At the University of Michigan food allergy clinic, licensed clinical social worker Kim Menzel will offer more insight, skills building tips and stress management techniques related to the social and emotional aspects of living with food allergy. All are welcome, please register on zoom!
Mary H. Weiser Food Allergy Center: An Evening of Advocacy
Bloomfield Hills, MI
Thursday, September 24, 2020
The Mary H. Weiser Food Allergy Center Spring Luncheon has raised funds and awareness for this important cause. This year, the luncheon has evolved into a fall event with an exciting new format.
FAACT's Leadership Summit 2020
Oak Brook, IL
Wednesday, September 23 - Thursday, September 24, 2020
This is a complimentary, two-day event dedicated to building collaborative communities that share a passion for raising awareness and preparedness of people with life-threatening allergies for FAACT-recognized support group leaders, parent advocates, and school nurses. Updates will continue to occur as time goes on with COVID-19.
Amidst the COVID-19 emergency, our inboxes and newsfeeds are flooded with updates on the progression of this pandemic. With the coronavirus constantly on our mind while we are social distancing, it is common to have feelings of isolation, fear, or hopelessness. We've created MOCHA Cares to be a refreshing section of positivity. We hope that at least one of these resources can inspire you to find peace, be inspired, or try something new!
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With everything going on currently, reading " Letter from a Birmingham Jail " by Dr. Martin Luther King, which speaks clearly about many of the issues happening right now, will be a very important and motivating read.
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