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Happy 2022 from MOCHA!

Please enjoy our re-vamped MOCHA ENews in hopes of creating a more “user-friendly” and organized way for you to get all of your food allergy news!

We always try to be as inclusive as possible, while sharing up to date information.

We value your thoughts and suggestions as we are here to help you and your families.

As always, stay safe! 

Denise, Anne, + MOCHA Interns 

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Learn more about food allergy prevalence here!


2022 Camp Blue Spruce's Winter Allergy Pals (Virtual)

  • Sundays, Jan 23-March 13
  • Online peer mentorship program that supports kids and teens (3rd-7th grade) with food allergies and other dietary restrictions as they navigate their daily lives.
  • Register Here

2022 AAAAI Annual Meeting (IN PERSON OR VIRTUAL)

  • Phoenix, Arizona - Friday, Feb 25-28, 2022
  • Learn about recent discoveries in research and access training stations
  • Register here

6th Food Allergy Fund Virtual Summit

  • Virtual - December 17, 2021
  • The Virtual Summit featured leading doctors and scientists, policymakers, and entrepreneurs for a day of learning, raising awareness, and funding research.
  • Watch it here


Food Allergy Fiction vs. Fact

In this short video from Science InsiderAllergists Debunk 11 Food Allergy Myths — two top allergists dismantle common misconceptions about food allergies. You will meet Dr. Wei Wei Li, a board-certified adult and pediatric allergy and immunology specialist who has practiced in New Jersey for the past 10 years. You’ll also meet Dr. Payel Gupta, another board-certified adult and pediatric allergy and immunology specialist who is the co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at Cleared, a national telehealth allergy platform.

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Sesame Labeling Update from Allergic Living

Food manufacturers have until January 2023 to comply with a new law requiring them to list “sesame” on packaged food ingredient labels. Researchers say the findings illustrate the importance of food manufacturers moving quickly to comply with the FASTER Act. Read the full article here.

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See the most saved restaurants, bakeries, ice cream shops, foods, recipes, and Spokin guides of 2021! From allergy friendly donut shops to travel itineraries, find it all on Spokin. Find more on their website.

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Camp Blue Spruce Celebrates Ten Years!

Have you wanted your child to have an overnight camp experience but you just didn’t feel it would be safe? Registration is open for Camp Blue Spruce’s overnight camp! For the past ten years, Camp Blue Spruce has been providing an authentic and fun overnight camp experience for children with food allergies. Register here!

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"Axe the Food Tax"

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly Announces the “Axe the Food Tax” plan to eliminate state sales tax on food. Eliminating

this regressive tax will reduce food insecurity and improve health outcomes for children, all while providing families further financial flexibility to save for a home, education, and emergencies. Read the full article here.


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Brought to you by FARE

Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa and join us for some episodes of "MOCHA Talk", a new series from FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education)!

In this series, you'll hear from incredible food allergy guests (including Denise Bunning, co-founder of MOCHA!) as they discuss monthly allergy topics.

November Episode

December Episode


Nutrition Unlocked: Food Allergies

Episode here:

Our host Anna Mohl will speak with Dr. Ruchi Gupta, Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, clinical attending physician at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and the founding director of the Center for Food Allergy & Asthma Research and Dr. Brian Vickery, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Emory University and the founding Director of the Food Allergy Center at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta about how to detect and treat food allergies in adults and children, and the future of this field.

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Third Thursday Webinar Series: Conversations with a Food Allergy Counselor

The Mary H. Weiser Food Allergy Center "third Thursday" webinar series offers holistic support to patients with food allergy, and their families. 

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Ask the Dietitians: Common Questions About Introducing Top Allergens to Your Baby

Not sure when your baby will be ready to eat or how to introduce foods in a safe way? Introducing new foods to your baby is exciting but can also be stressful and scary because some foods are known to cause allergic reactions. Join us for this informative webinar as Sherry Coleman Collins and Malina Malkani answer your most frequently asked questions about introducing allergenic foods to infants.

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The Itch: Allergies, Asthma & Immunology

Ep. 45 The importance of sleep and allergies: 

What is the importance of sleep? Why is it something we want to talk about on a podcast about asthma, allergies, and eczema?

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Baby's First Podcast

Ep. 6 Food Without Fear: 

In her new book Dr. Gupta illuminates what she has coined the food reaction spectrum—a revolutionary way to look at food-related conditions—and offers a new approach to managing adverse responses.

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FAACT's Roundtable

Presented in a welcoming format with interviews and open discussions, FAACT’s Roundtable podcast episodes cover all aspects of living with food allergies. You don't want to miss out, so subscribe, sit back, relax, and welcome FAACT into your homes!

The most recent episode

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Talking Food Allergy

Host Jen Jobrack and guests candidly discuss food allergy issues, with insights to make lives more inclusive and fulfilling. In the most recent episode two food safety experts explain why there are so many food allergy recalls, wha to be aware of, and why there’s hope for better regulation.

The most recent episode

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Piece of Cake Mug Cakes with Sarah and Brooke

'Piece of Cake' hosts Sarah and Brooke share a super simple recipe that transforms into a delicious handheld dessert! Be sure to grab your favorite mug and follow along!

Watch here!


FARE Clinical Trial Finder

Launched in July 2018, FARE’s online tool simplifies your search for clinical trials to treat food allergy and some related conditions.

A service of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), this website is a registry and database of publicly and privately supported clinical studies.

Center Watch

CenterWatch is a well-established source of clinical trials information for patients and medical professionals.


Hungry Harry's

Just in time for 2022, a new way to use your Pancake and Waffle Mix! In the same time it takes to make the standard pancake, create soft and sweet, Gluten free crepes to impress your guests.

Recipe here!


Try out OWYN's great-tasting vegan and allergy-free protein shakes. Enjoy 10% off with the code WELCOME10.

Buy Shakes Here
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Try out their amazing new holiday flavor granolas -- chocolate candy-cane and gingerbread cookie. All products are plant based and free of the top nine allergens.

Buy Granola Here

Yum Earth

From gummy candy to chocolate to lollipops – we are free from the top 8 allergens, artificial dyes, and GMOs. Just friendly sweets and yummy treats.

Buy Snacks here!

In Case You Missed It

A few top organization’s latest E-Newsletters

Allergic Living 

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Allergy Force

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Food Equality Initiative

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MOCHA Intern Cafe


Our Mocha interns share their personal tips on living with food allergies.

Created by John, Pranav, Susan, Julia, and Ryan

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1) A Tip for Teens

Teenagers often spend more time with friends and less with parents, so it is really important to make sure those friends know how to recognize and treat an allergic reaction.

Sit your friends down, go through the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, and have everyone practice injecting an expired epinephrine auto-injector into an orange.


2) Allergylicious

Learn how to make your own indulgent allergy friendly treats with food blogger and recipe creater Nicole from Allergylicious. From decadent cupcakes to the fudgey brownie cookies pictured here, these mouthwatering recipes are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Find the full website here!

3) Barilla Gluten Free Pastas

Easily the best-tasting pasta I have ever had. Barilla makes gluten-free Penne, Spaghetti, Elbows, Fettuccine, Rotini, and oven-ready Lasagne. All of them are really easy to make too!

Please ensure that you are buying the gluten-free versions, since Barilla does make pastas with gluten in them!

Click here to learn more!


4) Food Allergy Friendly Valentines Ideas

Valentine treats and Valentine crafts that are food allergy friendly. Mostly top 8 free treats and non-candy ideas for crafts and cards.

Watch the FARE Valentine's Day video here!

5) What to Do When Going to a Restaurant?

Look up the place you considering first, see what is on their menu, and then make sure you know how to communicate your accommodations for dining there. If you feel comfortable, call and let them know when you are coming in and what your specific allergies are. Don't feel embarrassed, do what you need to feel secure when dining out!

6) FARE College Search

Are you a high school student looking for a college that can safely manage your specific food allergy needs? Check out FARE's comprehensive program created to improve the safety and quality of life for college students with food allergies.

FARE College Search

7) Explore Cross Contact with Glitter

Let's do an experiment to understand what cross contact is! Gather some glitter and a couple of household items like a notebook or pencil. Put your hand in the glitter (the glitter will represent an “allergen”). Next, touch these household items. The glitter spreads from your hand to the items. This is a great example of cross contact. It shows that after touching one thing it is very easy to spread it to other items/foods. Even though you may be offering someone something to eat that seems safe, cross contact is still possible. For example, you may have touched a peanut butter sandwich or an egg earlier, and these food particles could still be on your hands. Remember to wash your hands to prevent cross-contamination!

To learn more about the difference between cross contact and cross contamination check out this article by allergy amulet!

8) At the Grocery Store

Watch this YouTube video made by Susan, one of our MOCHA Interns, about how to understand different food allergy warnings and labels.

Watch the video here!

9) Looking for new safe foods or places to eat out?

Download the Spokin app! Spokin’s mission is to make managing food allergies and Celiac easier by connecting the community to safe foods, restaurants, bakeries, travel, recipes and each other.

Find the app here!

10) Amazon Smile

AmazonSmile Charity Lists is a meaningful and easy way for you to support charities in need. Simply find the charities you'd like to support, add items from their lists to your cart, and check out – it's that easy.

Add your favorite food allergy organization such as FARE or Red Sneakers for Oakley on Amazon Smile to support them!

Add a charity here!

Non-Allergic Food For Thought

The world is not free of Milk, Egg, Tree Nut, Shellfish,

Peanut, Fish, Soy, Wheat, Seeds.

It is our job as parents to give our children the



Experience and


To get out there and live their lives to the fullest - safely.


Resource Corner

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