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September 2016
Gathering needed support
Have your state legislators toured your day program?  Have they heard from the families who rely on it?  Have they met your son or daughter, brother or sister who receives services?  The next issue will discuss the MNFAC parents group and how families can help.

See one example of what can happen when families work with a provider and legislators to voice their concerns.  KXRA in Alexandria provided an extensive report.
  Member programs, support, crews featured on MOHR's YouTube channel
A family finds the best workplace for Jim at MRCI ... Technology company utilizes Brian for packaging work with support from Choice, Inc. ... and a protective clothing company uses a crew from PRI that functions well as a team and is productive.  Watch the latest videos featuring MOHR members and their important work on MOHR's YouTube channel

'Know the Numbers'
DWRS will cut services
Have you seen the screen shot or estimate showing how DWRS will impact your program participant or family member and the services provided? Minnesota's new Disability Waiver Rate System (DWRS) continues to be problematic, and is a potential disaster for people attending Day Training and Habilitation (DT&H) programs.  Data shows that  funding for DT&H services will decline by over $20 million when the DWRS is fully implemented.  Moreover,  83 percent of the people MOHR members serve in DT&H will suffer a reduction in reimbursement rates and services.  It is important for the people receiving services, their families and guardians, and service providers to know their future DWRS rates. Ask the assigned county case manager for the "screen shot" and "Know the Numbers."  Equipped with this knowledge which shows the planned and significant funding reductions in DT&H services, programs and families can join together in support of people with disabilities, and tell legislators and other policymakers that this is not acceptable!  
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Governor Mark Dayton declared September 11 to 17 as "Direct Support Professionals Week" across the great state of Minnesota.  Let's follow the governor's lead and acknowledge the important work done by DSPs in serving people with disabilities.    More
From Courer-Post: New Jersey mother and social worker commentary: theory and political correctness trump common sense.  More
KXRA's "Voice of Alexandria" provided an extensive report of a successful meeting at Alexandria Opportunities Center led by MOHR President Mike Burke.

From the President
Whether it's a survey on staff wages, jobs for individuals with disabilities, or accurate estimates about how the proposed changes will impact your programs, MOHR appreciates the input from its members and member families.  We are in this together and need to speak as one voice.  Keep up the good work!          -Mike Burke
Maintaining choices, impacting lives