Continuing service to our clients remains a priority, as will be minimizing exposure and transmission for all who come to MOM (volunteers, clients, donors, etc.).  We will communicate what we are doing so that together we can help minimize risk while providing essential services to people in our community.

We will continue to send pertinent updates to you, however we encourage you to stay up to date through our website .  Because things change sometimes by the minute, information will be updated here first and then sent to volunteers and the community.  We appreciate your patience as we try and respond as quickly as possible to any new information provided.

Clothing Center- In an effort to decrease the number of contacts happening between people,  the Clothing Center is suspending all clothing donations.  

Food Pantry - Our top ten list includes items that clients might like to have on hand in the case of a quarantine.  Our smaller volunteer force will make it harder for us to process food donations.  While they are still welcome, financial donations will help us keep shelves full In addition, over  the next months, our operations may need to significantly shift and we may have unplanned expenses to try and continue to assist our community.  Many of the people we serve are already at a greater risk, including l ow-income families, people with existing health conditions, healthcare workforce, and older adults.   Donations are always welcome and helpful.

Housing Stability - Our Case Managers are taking appointments and will continue to do so onsite. Arrangements are being made so that the Case Managers will be able to continue to assist clients with Housing Stability assistance even if our offices need to close.

The following protocols are in place at the MOM:
  • Asking all staff, volunteers and visitors to MOM to be diligent in washing their hands upon entry.
  • Having hand-sanitizing stations and disinfecting cleaning spray available. Volunteers are assisting in wiping down all surfaces throughout the day and have access to gloves, if wished.
  • Providing disinfecting wipes for clients to use to wipe down carts prior to use.
  • Changing simple procedures to decrease how often we hand things to each other.
  • Getting an increased amount of soap and other essentials out to our clients through the Food Pantry. 
  • Asking volunteers to stay home if they are ill, and reminding clients of alternate options to receive services if they are ill.

We know many people are doing a lot of extra shopping right now to fill their own personal pantries - you can help MOM if you shop at Metcalfe's...

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The most recent newsletter mentions an April coupon - but they have extended the event to include March.  A new coupon for the month of April will be posted in a few weeks.

Thanks to Metcalfe's for supporting MOM!

Your gifts sustain the work we do together!
In this our 40th anniversary year, we are celebrating being a part of a caring community where neighbors look out for their neighbors, knowing that a hand extended in friendship and service makes all the difference. Thank you for believing in and supporting our mission and our work.  Consider helping us  sustain all of our programming, including our new and expanded outreach stability efforts, before our fiscal year ends on March 31, 2020. 

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