Happy Monday!

Stop, Drop & Pray this Prayer!

Gracious and most wonderful Master I come to you just thanking you for another glorious day. Lord I thank You for your protection, for your grace and Your new mercy that is upon me and those connected to me this day.
I thank You for Your finish work of the cross that qualifies me to be redeemed by You. I thank You for Your blood that reminds me of Your unconditional love, the blood that was shedded for my sins, for Your blood that cleanse me, heals me and fills me with Your power. For Your blood that’s never looses its power. For Your blood covered over my door post & stain on my body; Lord I lift my hands and say thank You.

Father God I pray for those that are unaware of Your love that this day will be filled with the overflow of Your love and the lost will be found, the unsaved will become saved and the broken will be restored. .

Lord where from some reason or another there may be doubt and fear in the minds of your people I pray that Your voice reaches them and calms their spirit and may they know that You did not give a spirit of fear but power love and a sound mind.

Lord where there is a finacinal decrease I pray that Your favor increases it like a avalanche.
Where there is confusion, heartache, depression, shame, loneliness, hurt, betrayal, feelings of not being enough be replaced with your love, peace of mind, favor, forgiveness, comfort, healing, wholeness, renewed spirit, and the overflow of many blessings.

Lord I just thank you in adavance that the season of breakthrough is happening right now for all of your people. I thank you for a season deliverance and healing for those I have already called their names and placed them before You.

Lord I thank You for hearing & receiving this prayer. I love and trust Your will to be done according as I continuously lift Your Name on high; in Jesus Name i pray Amen.

Now, my friend ...may the Lord keep His Hands upon you and bless you indeed.

Have a AB Day!
Love you
~Pastor Annette��-