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Well well well, how very nice to see you sunshine. Don't be such a stranger now.


Tomorrow's dinner was actually inspired by a container.
A rather unusual source for inspiration I do agree, but the great thing about inspiration is that it doesn't matter how it got there, as long as it got there.

When I was a kid, but actually probably older than a kid as I can still remember this, I loved TV dinners. Everything in one dish, with little compartments,
how perfectly exciting. In the oven it went and shortly thereafter you could eat different things contained in little divots of aluminium all harmonizing together.

At some point the love of them turned from actual
need for sustenance, to nostalgia.
I would ask for them as birthday presents when I was older as reminiscing about them was a more powerful allure than the actual taste.
Matt was kind enough to bestow these wonderful gifts upon me; and as it turned out he too was under the spell of these wildly imaginative creations.
Such that in his shopping for ToGo containers (a daily constant these days),
he stumbled upon a compartmentalized dish.
The excitement was not something that could be
shared in a text or a phone call, this had to be a face to face
'look what I found!' discussion.

So without further adieu, I give you Matt's super excited container creation.
He was thinking of you when he bought them.
We hope you enjoy them, for the taste and the nostalgia:)

And funny enough, today is his birthday, and lucky for him
I did not make this TV dinner.

Keep doing your part to keep each other safe.
And thank you, thank you for keeping us here.

Pick up times
4:30pm - 6:30pm

Be smart, be really really smart, out there!
Friends don't let friends not wash their hands, or mingle in crowds,
or go to any parks on a sunny day, or have feasts with many people, or splash around in puddles on a rainy day, or forget that we need to protect each other, or hug a dinosaur on a sunny afternoon, or play the pass the orange game


Here we TO-GO ...

Each day, except Sunday, we will offer a special pre cooked mea l to go.
You can also check our News and Events page on our website for info.

Also Facebook, twitter and instagram.. buttons located at the bottom of this post.

As it is only Matt and I here, we will only be able to take pre-paid/pre ordered take out as we will be making items based on how much we can produce and amounts ordered.

So unfortunately, the production will never be as high as the demand as it is just not possible right now given the necessary restrictions.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to come
and pick up without pre ordering.
Sometimes we have leftovers and you are always welcome to check.
And we can not take phone orders either.
If you do not receive a confirmation email
of your order then it did not go through

Here are MONDAY'S TO-GO offerings:

All ingredients and How to Reheat are listed on Chezpron site as well as labeled on the dish when you receive it.

* TV DINNER! All in one handy dish with 3 separate compartments for added fun. Brined Beef Brisket with Molasses Baked Beans & Bacon Jam; Red Wine Braised Onion with Blue Cheese; Apple Cranberry Crisp with Almond Streusel
$31.32 includes tax
All items are pre-cooked.
served in a 8 x 6 by 2 inch compartmentalized container.
Serving size 1 person, unless you like to share your compartments
* Clam Chowder with White Beans
all items are fully cooked
$15.12 includes tax
1 quart container

* Potato Salad with Grainy Mustard
1 pint container
$9.72 includes tax

* Kale Caesar! with Watermelon Radish (no anchovies)
raw salad
$16.20 includes tax
served in a 8 x 6 by 2 inch container, 1-2 people depending on your appetite

* Split Pea & Ham Soup
all items are fully cooked
$15.12 includes tax
1 Quart container.

* Smoked Chorizo Sausage
all items are fully cooked
4 links per package

Wine is also available for purchase! White, Rose, Red, Orange & Sake!

PLEASE NOTE ~ all ingredients and how to prepare are listed on the items on the Chezpron site.

To give you access to order online, we decided to use our Chezpron online account for TO-GO orders. 
Unfortunately we can not take phone call orders. Apologies too as food does not photograph well in those tin containers:)

Orders have to be placed in advance so that we will know how many to prepare, and just be aware that there is a limit to our supply as it is just
Matt and I now. 


I know it reads harshly, but we can make this work if we ll work together:
side note~ thank you all for being so so respectful of how this pick up works!

Also, if you don't want to get out of your car, no problem, if you can remember to bring a piece of paper with your name on it and hold it up in your passenger side window we will bring out your food. Or just wave to us, or signal.. somehow:) and we will come out.

*Please PICK UP YOUR ORDER anytime between 4:30pm - 6:30pm on
*Come to The Wurst Window. Food will be handed to you out the Wurst Window. 

*Simply come up, let me know who you are, and we will hand you your bag of goodies. If you bring your own tote bag, we will hand you the items for you to put in your bag.

*If there is anyone else at the window when you pull up we ask that you PLEASE stay in your car until they have left, and then proceed to the window. NO LINES can be formed. We will adhere to this very strictly and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation immensely.

*No one can come in the restaurant, most sorry.

*Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate any dietary restrictions at this time. 

You are all wonderfully beautiful people.

Keep being clean, much love,
Kristin and Matt

Gift Certificates are available too!
Thank you for supporting us!