January 19, 2018  
Hi all,

I hope that you had a chance to engage in the bullseye activity posted last week. It's crucial for you to understand that a concentration of co-workers in the outer rings of the bullseye isn't a sign of failure. Most of your co-workers won't ever become dedicated union volunteers, day in and day out. 

Even in winning campaigns, the planning, the strategizing, and a fair share of the grunt work are typically carried out by a handful of members: the core group. The activists and supporters join in as needed, and a lot of the people who are usually disengaged play a part when the stakes get highest. 

Don't set the bar too high. You can't send a message that to be involved in the union, people have to be like you. They'll shy away. Making a meaningful contribution shouldn't require devoting all their days and nights. Instead, help everyone to find their own levels of involvement. And as you take on different fights, don't be surprised when people move between roles -- sometimes acting as leaders, other times hanging back. (
And, if you are one of the disengaged or a supporter, be open to the idea that sometimes you can step in to be more involved, especially when there's an issue you care about!)

But you probably do need more people to join you in the core group, and more supporters to step up as activists. Union veterans will tell you that a good goal is one activist or steward (or building rep) for every 10 workers, including at least one on every shift and in every department or work area.

Your organizing task is: how are you going to move more people toward the center of the bullseye? Help them take one step at a time, moving from being disengaged to supportive, or from support to activism, or from activism to taking on core responsibilities. Never make your core group an exclusive club.

For previous lessons in organizing from Secrets of a Successful Organizer, check out previous issues of " The Connection."

Kathy Rohde
Regional Director

What's Your Best Story? 
Congratulations to National Board Certified Teachers!
At least 70 WEAC members have earned national certification in 2017, and at least 22 more renewed their certification through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.  
Congratulations to all and especially our Region 3 members!

Lauren Bremer
Gibraltar EA
Melissa Anderson
New London EA
Dannielle Arneson
Howards-Grove EA
Gary Kalk
Howards-Grove EA
Stacy Wetzel
Sheboygan EA

Does YOUR District offer incentives to National Board Certified Teachers?
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Find Out More About How YOU Can Join the Ranks of National Board Certified Teachers!
It's a great way to distinguish yourself as an educator AND receive extra salary!

Region 3 will host GBEA member and Nationally Board Certified teacher Sandra Michels as she presents an overview of the NBCT process. Region 3 will provide member NBCT candidates with:
  • Individual coaching
  • Access to NEA Jump Start curriculum (at Summer Leadership Academy July 30-August 2)
  • Assignment of personal mentor
  • Regular candidate support sessions
  • Access to the expertise of NBCT union members
To learn more about it, come to the Information Session
Tuesday, February 6, 2018
5:30 - 7:00 pm
Available in person at the WEAC Region 3 office in Green Bay, or virtually through ZOOM.

Click here for the flyer. Help spread the word!

Traveling Soon-Your Most Useful Travel Accessory?
Tom Kreif, WEAC-Fox Valley Retired Member & Traveler
AAA  asked the following question of its members:  "What's your most useful travel accessory?"  The top five accessories in my mind definitely would be useful to the traveler.

Is Retirement on Your Horizon? 
Register to Attend Retirement 101
Mark your calendars for a presentation designed to help you plan for the future. Members who are thinking of retiring in the next 5 years should plan to attend - - presented by WEA Member Benefits. 
Also included is an optional Long-Term Care benefits presentation.
Tuesday, January 23
5:30 - 7:30 pm
WR3 office AND via Zoom
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Live Webinars Scheduled for January/February
ETF is offering a series of 30-minute, live, interactive webinars designed to increase your understanding of Wisconsin Retirement System benefits. Individuals can also ask questions at the end of these sessions. Visit their webinar page to learn more about any of the following sessions. 
  • 5 Basic Steps to Your Retirement
  • WRS Benefits: For New & Mid-Career Employees
  • WRS Annuity Adjustments & Effective Rates
  • Additional Contributions
  • WRS Effective Rates & Annuity Adjustments
  • Beneficiary Designations-What Happens to My Account When I Die?
  • Overview of the WRS

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Political Action
This is an 11.0101(10)(b)(1) communication with WEAC members

WEAC Region 3 member Paul Roup, DePere Education Association, testifies Tuesday, January 16, in De Pere at the first of several DPI hearings on proposed licensing changes.

Latest Updates on Proposed Teacher Licensing System Changes

The Department of Public Instruction is floating a proposal to overhaul to the state's teacher licensure law, PI-34. The proposed overhaul represents two areas - licensing and teacher rights. While the licensure provisions represent a mixed bag aimed at easing the teacher shortage, provisions in the overhaul aimed at limiting teacher rights create sweeping changes to disciplinary action based on arbitrary and questionable judgments. Read more about WEAC's analysis of the proposed rules here. Read more about the proposed rules on the DPI website here.

Click here to submit your comments directly to the DPI before the posted deadline. 

Meet Two Candidates for Governor

The Brown County Democratic Party will host Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Tony Evers and Kathleen Vinehout at their monthly meeting.

January 25 at 7 PM
Brown County Democratic Office
118 S. Chestnut Ave., Green Bay
Professional Development Opportunities
Need Some Cash to Help You Get to Leadership Workshops?
The Dennis Muehl Grant can help!
This grant was created from memorial contributions following Dennis Muehl's death in October 1995. Dennis Muehl was the first Director of Bayland Teachers United, our area's first Uniserv. This grant is open to all WEAC Region 3 members and staff. $300 in grants are awarded annually.
If you are a dues paying member of WEAC Region 3, and you want to attend a grant-qualifying activity that relates to building the Union, Political Action, Public Relations, Membership Training, or the like, then please consider applying for the Dennis Muehl Grant.
These upcoming meetings are qualifying events:
WEAC Professional Issues Conference March 2-4, 2018 in Madison
WEAC Region 3 Union Skills Workshop (June 2018)
NEA RA, June 30-July 5 in Minneapolis, MN
WEAC Summer Leadership Academy, July 30-August 1, 2018 in Eau Claire

Click here for an application form and more details about the Grant.
2018 Professional Issues Conference
Registration is now open for the 2018 WEAC Professional Issues Conference, which is March 2-4 at the Concourse Hotel in  Madison. The conference will focus on the most important lever in improving our schools: building the knowledge and skills of educators. WEAC is committed to professional learning that is continuous, job-embedded, practical, and connected to student achievement. WEAC offers to our members the connections, tools, learning opportunities, and resources they need to promote meaningful and purposeful professional learning and embed it in the school day.
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  • WEA Member Benefits Financial Planner, Thursday, February 15 (and the third Thursday of every month) @ WEAC Region 3. To make an appointment contact: Brenda Echeverria 800-279-4030, ext. 3300.
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