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JULY - 2019


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I offer you these tidbits of wisdom as prayer prompts to remind you (and your constituents) of the sacredness of marriage vows and the value of every child. The commitment to love a spouse forever, and the generous gift of life parents offer a child are indeed spiritual under-takings and cannot be done alone. May the God of Love be with you and your work.

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Below are your Marriage Moments and Parenting Pointers for July 2019.

BONUS: The July 19 Parenting Pointer Summer Job Jar idea may be a little late for this summer. Feel free to introduce it earlier in the summer as an enrichment activity for your parents.

840. July 1: Independence Day is coming. How much independence is good in a marriage? Certainly husband and wife should be able to stand on their own two feet and not rely on their spouse for identity and self-worth; BUT interdependence is better. What do you depend on your spouse to do around your home?
841. July 8: "The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few." (Luke 10:2) Traditionally this passage has been applied to religious vocations, but laboring as a peacemaker is also a worthy vocation. As a married couple, you've probably learned ways to make peace with each other. Look for a way to use that skill across our contentious political divide today.
842. July 15: It's July. It's probably hot (unless you live in the far southern hemisphere). How do you and your beloved cool off - an iced drink? a swim? find a place with air-conditioning? Think of a way to help someone who doesn't have AC cool off on a hot day?
843. July 22: Being hospitable vs. being "present." Some people are like Martha (doing the cooking) others are like Mary (listening attentively to a guest) (Luke 10:38-42) Both are necessary. In your marriage, which of you are drawn to which role? Try switching one time to broaden your skill set.
844. July 29: Treat each other - Wives: Give him an afternoon of uninterrupted time to watch sports. Husbands: Place a rose under the car's windshield wiper. Sure these are gender stereotypes, but let it prompt you to think of your own personal creative treat.

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840. July 5: What do you want to be when you grow up? Jesus said, "The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few." (Luke 10:2) Although this passage is usually applied to religious vocations, laboring as a peacemaker is also a worthy vocation. Talk to your children about how they can be peacemakers with their peers.
841. July 12: "Love God...and your neighbor as yourself." (Luke 10:27) Easy to say but hard to do. Make it practical for your child. Talk about an age appropriate favor that your child can do for someone on your block (give a flower, make cookies, mow the lawn...)
842. July 19: Is it a chore to get your kids to help around the house. Try out this summer Job Jar idea.
It's not too late to start since it doesn't have to end with the end of summer.
843. July 26: Teach us to pray. Many families do the traditional grace before meals and a bedtime prayer with their children and that is good. But why not try teaching them the Our Father in a simplified sign language. Click here 
( watch how to do it.    
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