Your Newsletter team, created in response to your desire for improved communication, wanted to take this chance to review Central’s Vision Pathway.
As we enter into the Mission Values portion of our Vision Pathway, remember that they answer the question:

Why are we doing what we are doing?

Our first one is Authentic Reverence.
You can find this combination of words each week at the beginning of our order of worship. They are there for the purpose of reminding us why we are where we are and to get ready.
The word Authentic (adj) is defined as:
  • Not false or copied; genuine; real
  • One’s true God-given nature
The word Reverence (n) is defined as:
  • Deep respect for someone or something

The Vision Pathway Team’s definition of Authentic Reverence is:
Experiencing how God Claims us,
Pursues us,
Comforts us,
& Celebrates us.
The word Experience(ing), when it pertains to worship, can be defined as:
  • Contact with,
  • Observation of,
  • Involved in,
  • Acquaintance with,
  • Exposure to,
  • Observation of,
  • Insight into… God

The supporting scriptural reference is:
  • “Your worship must engage your spirit in the pursuit of truth. That’s the kind of people God is out looking for: those who are simply and honestly themselves before God in their worship.”
John 4:25 The Message

How do we do that?
If we truly learn to worship God in this way we come to the realization that it is not about anything we do.
It is about Being:
  • Present
  • Existing
  • Living 
  • Breathing
  • Simply and honestly ourselves before God in our worship.

Take a deep breath, let past and future go – BE present with God.
Remember the authentic person God created all of us to BE:
In His image,
Forgiven and
Then, in reverence, enter into worship of our wonderful God.
Outside The Walls
Rev. Scott Sharp
"Authentic Reverence the disposition of the heart and mind where we're fully ourselves and fully honest and engaged with God in worship. "

Inside The Walls
Governance Team
It is hard to believe we are half way through 2017, our graduates have graduated, the air conditioning, or lack thereof, has allowed us to experience Albuquerque summer inside Central, and believe it or not our budget in the black. Your Governance Team continues to address known needs here at Central and as always, we continue to seek input from each of you concerning programming that you feel would enhance CUMC and our members. I am sure you each believe programming is the responsibility of our Pastors and the Governance Team. Please let me remind you that program suggestions truly need to come from you and then the Compass Points Team can develop the idea and with the support of the administrative teams put together a plan for implementation.  So please, if you have any ideas for programming, please fill up Ted Balph’s email box or Pastor Kelly’s at Don’t be bashful; we would love to hear about your ideas.

What’s Going On?
  • Trustees are working hard to get our HVAC up and running. The ADA bathroom is nearing completion. Our cost saving relighting is just around the corner.
  • Our donations are keeping pace with our operations requirements.

The Communications Team, the Governance Team, AND the Youth will host a Potluck Hot Dog/Burger meal 12 noon, July 23h. We will provide the dogs and burgers! Come enjoy multi-generational fellowship!


ALFIES Sunday School class has developed a statement of who they are and wish to explore how that might apply to developing a statement of who we are as a church.

As always all are invited to the Governance Team meeting which will be held July 27 at 5:30 PM in the Life Center.


COMPASS POINTS_________Ted Balph

FINANCE________________ Ken McVey

GOVERNANCE ___________ George Faulhaber

LAY LEADER______________Jim Sumner

NOMINATIONS ___________  Scott Sharp
TREASURER ______________Ellen Shrak
TRUSTEES _______________  Maurice Ikle

In order to more fully outline the responsibilities of the various advisory members, the Newsletter will include an ongoing in-depth look at each of the committees.

Chairperson:  Jean Hawk

Members: Del Calhoun, Barbara Allender, Betty Jo Nye, Larry Wills, Denise Dockendorff, Raymond Irving, Margaret Lenk, Angus Jordan, Jim Sumner (Lay Leader, non-voting), Clergy (non-voting)

The SPRC functions as the Human Resource Department of the Church. As such, it is responsible for and has authority to handle all employee matters. All decisions are made by majority vote of the entire committee. The decisions are made in closed session, not in secret, but with complete confidentiality; personnel matters leading up to decisions made by the Committee are covered under the privacy mandate.

The SPRC (according to the Book of Discipline) "shall reflect biblically and theologically on the role and work of the pastor(s) and staff as they carry out their leadership responsibilities..........shall assist the pastor(s) and staff in assessing their gifts, maintaining health holistically and work-life balance and setting priorities for leadership and service." Specific duties include:
  • encourage, strengthen, nurture, support and respect pastors and staff and their families;
  • promote unity in the church;
  • confer with and counsel the pastors and staff on the matters pertaining to the effectiveness of ministry, relationships with the congregation, and to interpret the nature and function of the ministry;
  • to provide evaluation at least annually for the use of the pastors and staff;
  • to meet at least quarterly and at the request of the committee chairperson, bishop, district superintendent, pastor and any other person accountable to the committee
  • to confer with the pastor(s) and/or other appointed members of the staff if it should become evident that the best interests of the charge and pastor(s) be served by a change of pastor(s);
  • to hire, contract, evaluate, promote, retire and dismiss nonappointed personnel.
The full responsibilities of the SPRC are detailed in the Book of Discipline.  The Committee is open to input from all members of the congregation and staff through conversation with the Chairperson, a member of the Committee or the Clergy.

Currently the SPRC is focused on hiring a Choir Director. The committee members are working on a revised job description and forming a search committee. Their goal is to have this position filled upon the completion of Jonathan Davidson's intern appointment.
New at Central
New Website Coming!

Central will be publishing its new website mid July. The new website will have a yearly calendar that will incorporate a events hosted by the church, ministry gatherings and much more. If you miss a Sunday you can now stay up to date with our digital Sermon Series that you can view from anywhere. Send a prayer request, give an electronic offering or email a Stephen Minister.
Our Church Family
One of our favorite members - Byfield Gordon - is going to be 97 on July 15; a milestone that deserves to be celebrated - and celebrated some more!!! Byfield and his equally amazing wife, Dorothy, can usually be found in the front pew of the Sanctuary at the 11:00 service. Don't miss an opportunity to visit with them - Byfield has stories from his time in WWII piloting a B24 over Europe and Italy that will help you understand more fully just what the designation "the greatest generation' is all about. Central is blessed to count them among its members.
The Schifani family celebrate Faith's installation as Grand Worthy Advisor of the NM Jurisdiction of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls.
THE UNSINKABLE KATHRYN JONES…On June 21, a Celebration of Life was held at Central for Kathryn Jones with about 90 friends and family—both blood relatives and “adopted” ones. Folks came from in and out of state. Kathryn’s 96 years have been filled with service to others. Much of her life as a social worker was spent in the Gallup area, in Crownpoint and in Window Rock, Arizona. Those who have had the privilege of knowing Kathryn experience her as inquisitive with an insatiable appetite for learning, as an unrelenting advocate for social justice, as dearly loved by those who know her and as one who gives her love freely to all. 

“Grow old along with me the best is yet to be” is a line from a poem by Robert Browning. Many of us over a certain age have great difficulty with that idea.  But Kathryn’s lifelong attitude of joyful living continues as she is in her 96th year.  She is Central’s energizer bunny!
On June 17 in a gorgeous Chicago outdoor setting, Anna Fuller, the youngest daughter of Barbara and Randy Fuller, married Dr. Mark Belkin. The setting was not only gorgeous, but also miraculous. The steady day-long rain stopped for the exact amount of time for the ceremony and began again immediately after it ended - miraculous and gorgeous indeed! Here you see Anna and Mark 'dancing' the Hora, or chair dance. In this Jewish wedding tradition, a few strong and brave guests hoist the bride and groom high above the crowd on chairs to the infectious sounds of "Hava Nagila". Friends and family danced around the couple in an ecstatic circle with both trying not to look (or fall) down.
Norma's niece and sister look on as ever cheerful, undefeatable Norma Bradley takes a turn at Physical Therapy after surgery to repair a badly broken leg. Norma attributes the accident to her own carelessness - she sprayed room freshener in her apartment and slipped on the resultant wet floor. The prognosis for Norma is full recovery and return to her apartment. Barbara, her Physical Therapist daughter, is with Norma in Houston providing emotional and professional support.
Informational Article
The 142nd Session of the NEW MEXICO ANNUAL CONFERENCE was held in Las Cruces, May 31 - June 2. The theme of the Conference was NEW PLACES FOR NEW PEOPLE. Central was ably represented by delegates Denise and Nadia Dockendorff and Jim Sumner. Here are a few of the highlights:
  • the proposed budget for 2018 is $2,164,956; a 7% reduction from the 2016 budget;
  • Central was one of 15 churches in the Albuquerque District to contribute 100% of the tithe, conference churches contributed 86.3% of the tithe;
  • actual dollars contributed for Shared Ministries continues on a 7-year decline;
  • Second Mile giving totaled $1,390,98, CUMC's Second Mile giving resulted in 103.7% of tithe;
  • New Church Development reported several new churches, combined congregations and 'out of the box' church beginnings;
  • proposed constitutional amendments included: (these amendments were adopted at the 2016 General Conference and presented to the Annual Conference for a vote)
    o  affirmation that the church will stand against any actions, organizations or individuals that discriminate or dehumanize women and girls;
    affirmation of the church's commitment to gender equity throughout the worldwide connection;
    o  General Conference delegates will be elected by members of the annual conference and not appointed by the bishop;
  • A Service of Word and Table for the Ordination of Elders, June 2, 2017
    o  Bishop:  Come upon Janet Norden. Come upon her, Holy Spirit. Fill her with every good and perfect gift for the office and work of an elder.
    o  People:  Come upon her and fill her, Holy Spirit.
    o  Bishop:  Take now authority as elder in Christ's Holy Church to proclaim the word of God, administer the sacraments and order the life of the church. Janet Norden, be an elder among us
    o  People: Thanks be to God. Alleluia!

This is just a partial listing of events, decisions and services at Annual Conference. The full 2017 Journal will be available by August 1 on the NMAC website: 
Community of Hope 
Several years ago a member of our congregation and I were talking, and he said that he missed “real politicians.” When I asked him to clarify, he said that real politicians are people who can work with people of all kinds, for a common goal. I really like that definition of a real politician and, like him, I wish we had more in our government, and I wish I were a little more like that.

I mention this because right now the Community of Hope ministry is in limbo. As we have come to a time of transition in that ministry, with Pastor Janet leaving, the leadership of Community of Hope and I have hit some bumps. I haven’t contributed my best to this time of change, and have certainly played a big part in coming to this impasse. There are also issues on the other side of the coin. However, I am confident that COH has a future, and our job is to work on that. In the meantime, there are a number of issues to sort out, and that’s going to take some work. Today, Community of Hope is meeting at University Heights, UMC, but that is not going to be COH’s permanent home.

What is good about this situation is that the leadership of COH is very committed to this ministry, and they do an outstanding job; from meal prep, to music, to hospitality. They are also looking for ways to establish COH as a stand-alone congregation, which would be very exciting. There are a lot of options right now, and a lot of uncertainty. However, even in the midst of change there are still opportunities to be involved in Community of Hope, if you so desire.

It is my hope that, as we move through July, we will be able to give more detail and clarity about the next step for Community of Hope. In the meantime, please pray for patience, guidance, and wisdom for everyone involved in COH.

With Hope,
Who Is?
Who is Scott Sharp? "Well, duh," you say. "He's Senior Pastor at CUMC, he's just earned the title Reverend Doctor, he plays the guitar, he has 3 daughters, he's married to Tracy Sharp who directs Saranam, he's an Ironman, he loves to play the guitar and sing, he's been at Central for 8 years, he likes to dress up, he preaches on Sunday......."  And you would be absolutely correct because he is and does all of those things ........ but, so very much more!

Scott grew up in a small town in Missouri with his bricklaying father, kindergarten teacher mother and 2 brothers - one of these 'Leave it to Beaver' towns where life was pretty predictable and not too terribly complicated. When he graduated from high school he did the predictable thing and followed his brother to college at NW Missouri State.  His father and older brother, knowing that he wasn't exactly a grand student, bet that he wouldn't last long. True - 1 1/2 years later Scott was back home working for his father as a bricklayer apprentice. It was not too surprising that his father assigned the hardest, dirtiest jobs available to his son. 

Scott may not have been a 'grand student', but he was no dummy! After exhausting, dirty months spent learning to be a bricklayer, he decided that bricks were far heavier than books and enrolled at Oklahoma State University. Scott speaks of this time as a period of "restart and redefinition" of who he was, including a spiritual awakening and the beginning of a "new life" on a never-ending journey as an adult Christian. 

This journey began to take shape with a summer job as a Methodist Youth Minister Intern. Scott says that his first Sunday at this Methodist church - first ever Sunday at any Methodist church - "...blew him away - the beauty of the sanctuary; the smart preaching of the Senior Pastor making the message real; my introduction to liturgy - I knew that I had walked into home". He stayed 'home' and it was here that the Senior Pastor called Scott in and asked, "What are you doing? When are you going to go into the ministry?". When Scott replied that he'd never seriously considered it, the minister responded, "Go and ask others what they think.".  The answers to this question, including - "Of course. How obvious does it need to be?" -  gave Scott the sense of affirmation he needed to begin his serious pursuit of ministry.

A time at Duke Seminary, cut short by a bad case of 'Green Tree Claustrophobia' (familiar to folks from the wide-open spaces of the West) which drove him back to Oklahoma where he finished seminary studies. His 'never ending journey as an adult Christian' took on a new flavor as an Ordained Elder of the Methodist Church - a fully entrenched member of the Oklahoma Conference. Until..........until an ad appeared in the Methodist Reporter advertising for a director for a new homeless ministry project at CUMC Albuquerque, New Mexico. Scott read the ad and thought, "That's the job for Tracy". Tracy read the ad and thought, "That's the job for me." Sounds simple enough until you consider the tradition of itinerant Methodist appointments - the spouse goes where the minister is assigned, not the other way around.    

The not simple result of this ad is one we are all familiar with – Tracy as Director of Saranam and Scott as a new member of the New Mexico Conference. After two Albuquerque appointments, Scott was appointed to Central as Senior Pastor in 2008. Which takes us back to the "duh" at the beginning of this article.  

What has Scott taken away from the previous years on this Christian journey - including his 8 years at CUMC - that partially shape his ministry at Central?
  • his Pastor/boss in Oklahoma telling him to ask others' opinions about his fit for ministry
    o  Scott values what other people say.
    o  He trusts others to tell him what they see;
  • serving as a campus minister - 
    o  a strong desire to tap into the incredible energy, talent and potential of young adults;
  • Senior Pastor of a church struggling to hang onto its identity in the midst of a rapidly changing community - 
    o Church is the place where worship happens first and community building is an outgrowth of that worship - not the other way around;
  • successfully completing an Ironman triathlon - 
    o  it is vitally important to work on the things in life that are really important,
    o  no one is going to do the work for an individual - it has to be done by oneself,
    o  there is always risk involved in life and one must always try things which have no assurance of success,
    o  "with God, anything is possible";
  • playing guitar, singing, composing in his personal recording studio - 
    o  Scott does what he loves with more regard for the process than the result,
    o  He performs, not because he considers himself a world-class talent, but because he wants to demonstrate the positive - the courage and joy of living out one's passions; 
  • leading Central for 8 years, starting his 9th year of appointment to CUMC -
    o  people love the church and are sometimes afraid for its vulnerability,
    o  it's a fine line between change and stagnation or redundancy,
    o  a long appointment means people become very real, not just acquaintances,
    o  connecting honestly with people in a deep way necessitates deep, personal connection with God. very much more! Scott says that the Church gives him his, "...deepest sense of belonging and trust.  That's why I stay.  It is, at the same time, the most rewarding, most painful and hurtful experience possible. Central to Life matters.  We must reach the people in our world - our neighborhood - with the truth that God is Central to Life." Thank you, Scott, for your service to this church, its people, its spiritual growth, its missions and its future.  We pray for you and for us - that we might work together to live in our distracting world with strong, visible, life changing faith in and service to God.
Did You Know?

Central's Trustees have been busy. A few of these improvements are obvious, a few not quite so much:
  • new HVAC for the YMCA and the Helping Hands/Narthex area
  • 6/12-6/14 retrofitting of chiller system for the church - cool air coming
  • recycling bin in cooperation with City of Albuquerque
  • Rebuild NM/Quick Saver program upgrade for lighting system for savings of up to $13,000/year
  • new 5-year lease with annual increases with Park-it-Place
  • 1 year lease extension with YMCA.
When you see one of the members of this committee, please be sure and thank them for taking such good care of us!

Lowell Elementary School Uniforms Even though it’s mid-summer, preparation for school is already on some people’s minds. As has become a tradition for Central, we will again celebrate our relationship with Lowell Elementary School in July and raise funds to help provide uniforms for children at the school whose families need help with that expense. 

Vouchers this year are worth $50 for clothing and $25 for shoes. As usual, donations of any amount are welcome. We send this money on to the Assistance League whose Operation School Bell provides the vouchers throughout APS. Our funds are restricted to the Lowell families. 

We hope you will consider donating this summer - last year we raised more than 
$10,000 for the families at Lowell and this provided almost 1/2 of their vouchers. 

Thanks for everything our congregation has done for the children and families of Lowell Elementary School.
Watch For More Details...

  • Governance Team and Youth Potluck - Hot Dog/Burger meal 12 noon, Sunday July 23h. 
  • Fenn Lecture Series starting in September
  • Church Town Hall Meeting in September
Children/Youth Ministries

Youth Group Happenings!

  • The Youth and the Governance Team will jointly host a Potluck Hot Dog/Burger meal 12 noon, July 23h. We will provide the dogs and burgers!  Come enjoy multi-generational fellowship!
  • Putt-Putt fun!  9 amazing kids enjoyed a HOT evening celebrating the first day of summer at Putt-Putt.  If you have a youth or know a youth, let Kathy Gough know…she will get them hooked in.  Call or text her at 401-4541 or email to
Congratulations to  Faith Schifani! Faith was installed Friday, June 23rd, as the Grand Worthy Advisor, International Order of Rainbow for Girls.  (aka the state president for the rainbow girls)  Rainbow is a Masonic organization for girls between the ages of 11 and 20.  

Faith will travel to every assembly in New Mexico and lead programing for the next year. She has been active in Rainbow since she was 11 and has achieved many honors throughout her time with the organization.  

As well as being the Grand Worthy Advisor for the following year, Faith is a sophomore at New Mexico State where she is studying broadcasting and is active in her sorority, Chi Omega.  

As her church family, we were excited  to support Faith at her installation. Faith, we love you!

Children’s Happenings!  

  • Church Elementary Camp – Children from CUMC joined over 100 children for the conference-wide summer camp!  Fun activities, fellowship, and worship!  For next summer, Pastors Scott and Kelly have been asked to lead, preach, and facilitate/create the curriculum!
  • Vacation Bible School – On June 17, VBS Hero Central took place!  New faces participated in crafts, story time, games, and music!  While being super heroes!
On-going Children’s & Youth Sunday School and other activities – for more information, call Kelly or Kathy at church office at 243-7834 or email:  or youth@centraltolife.orgCall or text Kathy for more information about youth at 505-401-4541.

Church 4 Kids – Church 4 Kids is on a break until August 13th.   Backpack Blessing is on August 13 – kids bring your backpacks for this time of blessing! Church 4 Kids is a time during the 11:00 worship service designated for kids to hear the Gospel lesson in a different way.  Kids of all ages are invited to join Pastor Kelly in the courtyard during the 11:00 service sermon time to listen, learn, and experience the Sunday Scripture lesson in an interactive way.

Children’s Sunday School
10:00 – 10:45AM, 4 years old - 5th grade. Learning through games, crafts, music, and storytelling.

SOUL KIDS Children’s Choir
Sundays 9:45 – 10:00AM downstairs Children’s Sunday School Classroom.

Youth’s Sunday School and Youth Group
We invite all students in 6-12 grade to join us as we gather together to connect with one another and grow in our faith through a wide variety of events and activities throughout the year.
9:45-10:45AM   Mid High & Senior High
Youth group meets on Friday night.
Adult Ministries
On-going Sunday School Classes  
for more information, call church office at 243-7834

Leaders of Sunday school classes, please regularly provide any class or studies updates to include in this listing which will appear on a regular basis. Thanks! Pat Briggs – contact information is at the end of the newsletter.

If you are new to CUMC or have been coming a long time but don’t belong to a Sunday School class please know that you are invited and will be heartily welcomed to join any of these ongoing classes. This one intentional act will not only increase your feeling of belonging and community at CUMC but also enhance your Christian walk.
Arts, Literature, Faith (ALFIES)
Sunday at 9:45 in the Conference Room
Contact: Anne Downing;
All adults are welcome to join us for the ALFies (Art, Literature, Faith) Sunday School Class. Upcoming Programs at 9:45 in the Conference Room:
July 2 -- No Class
July 9 and 16 -- Called to Question by Joan Chittister presented by Bert Scott
July 23 -- Book of Joy by Dalai Lama/Desmond Tutu/D. C. Adams presented by Larry Wills
July 30 -- Haitian Ministry presented by Dr. Sue Brown
August 6 -- African Mission presented by Mimi & Larry Smith
Sunday at 9:45 in Room 309
Contact: Bruce Underwood
Sunday at 9:45 in Room 312
Contact: Dodie Hawkins
Class is dedicated to spreading the love of Christ through study, service and support. Our class study is generally devoted to specific books of the Bible or Biblical ideas and concepts.  Social events help solidify us as a Church family that offers love and support in good times and bad.
Sunday at 9:45 in Room 311
Contact: Bill Ortman
The five Sundays in July will be used to complete the six sessions study begun the last Sunday in June: The Call: The Life and Message of the Apostle Paul.
Cokesbury's description of the study says: Follow the journeys of Paul, beginning with his dramatic conversion, as he spread the Gospel through modern-day Greece and Turkey. Travel to the early church sites and explore Paul’s conversations with the Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Thessalonians. In this six-week study, you are invited to experience faith through Christ’s greatest teacher and missionary. More than a travelogue, the study explores Paul's experience of being called and invites the reader to ponder their own personal call from Christ.
One reviewer stated: "The Call" was used as a Lenten Bible Study in a group of 12-18 adults. Adam Hamilton explained Saul/Paul in a way that removed much of my skepticism over his use of words that have historically been used as justification for anti-Jewish and anti-women's thoughts, especially in Christian churches. Paul was a product of his times. We have to understand Paul's message through the context of those times; not the context of our own times. I retain doubt over some of Paul's language, but feel better about certain aspects of it. With Paul, we need to be careful not to "throw out the baby with the bath water!"
Pastor Led
Sunday at 9:45 in the Life Center
Contact: Pastor Scott
Study of the Parables
Class of Promise
Sunday at 9:45 in  Room 304
Contact: Jim Hering
The original Class of Promise grew in size when the members of the class graciously absorbed the former Priorities Sunday School class into their fold. It was - and continues to be - a group of vibrant, interested Christian learners who benefit both from the topic being studied and the interaction of the class members. The class is taught by the members who cooperatively decide on the topics to be discussed. The class has just begun a study of 1 and 2 Thessalonians. All are welcome to join us on Sunday mornings - we'll always find a chair for you around the table!
Sunday at 9:45 in Room 307
Contact: Angus Jordan or JoAnn Emerson
Providence meets in room 307 and has various programs throughout the year. We use study books to assist us with our Bible Study lessons. We also have DVD Bible Studies. All of our members take an active part in our lessons. Our attendance varies in age from 60’s to 90+. Everyone is welcome to join our class! Our class monetarily supports:  CUMC TV ministry, Lowell School Food Pantry, Project Share, Title 1 Homeless Youth Project, Lowell School Uniforms, CUMC Youth, and the Methodist Children’s Home.
On-going Bible Studies

Studying the Bible together in small groups is a valuable tool in an individual’s spiritual growth.
For example, participants in one of CUMC’s ongoing Bible studies were recently challenged to spend a day in ‘utter thanksgiving’. To do this the leader suggested that for every complaint that popped into our minds we could replace with 10 thanksgivings. Participants found that this intentional act really helped to reset their minds and spirit. In these days of uncertainty, fear and anger this suggestion is a wonderful way to help all of us live Christ-centered lives.

Friday Fellowship
Friday from 9:30am-11:30am in Room 311
Delving deeply into the Book of James, using the excellent study by Beth Moore, is occupying this group of women who meet every Friday.  It is a welcoming group of women with different backgrounds and "there is always room for anyone whom God calls to join".
Contact: Joan Gustafson

WOW Women of the Word
Wednesday at 9:30am in Room 311
ON RECESS UNTIL SEPTEMBER This group of welcoming, enthusiastic women meet weekly for Bible study and good fellowship.  They have just finished a study based on the book A Grace-full Life - God's All-reaching Soul-saving, Character-shaping, Never-ending Love. They are in the process of selecting a new study and welcome you to join them!
Contact:  Vera,  242-4061

Monday Night Bible Study
Monday at 6:30pm-8:00pm in Room 311
WE WILL RECONVENE IN SEPTEMBER with a continuing study of prayer in relationship with God.
A group of dedicated, curious 'Bible-searchers' meets weekly for an in-depth study of various books of the Bible. Currently, the group is searching the Bible for truths about a believer's relationship with God. The focus of that relationship is now centered on prayer.
Contact: George or Donna Faulhaber
Service Ministries
“SERVE calls us to action. A reading of the Gospels clearly shows that Jesus put his faith into action.  At Central we believe that each person is called to serve others. There are multiple ministries at Central that allow for this to happen and range from homeless ministries to homebound communion to cleaning the sanctuary.” From the CUMC Vision Pathway.


The Thrift Shop began operations in 1980 with a small group of church members who saw an opportunity to help the Church with facility needs that were not funded. The number of volunteers has increased since our beginning and now we have about 25 members. The Thrift Shop operates with a Board of Directors elected by Thrift Shop members once a year. The current board includes:
  • President Trigg Lawson
  • Vice President Carolyn Palmer
  • Secretary Julianne McAchran
  • Treasurer Ruth Cook

Donations from Church members and the community are the mainstay that enable the Thrift Shop to function. Donations are received downstairs and stored for weekly sorting, pricing and then onto display in the Thrift Shop, Room 103. Over the past 37 years proceeds have enabled the Thrift Shop to return over 86% of the income to Church projects with the remaining 14% used for establishment of a future endowment. Thrift Shop funding in the last years has averaged $10,000-$14,000 annually providing funds for many needed items such as:
  • new HVAC units for the YMCA child care area
  • new microphones for the Sanctuary
  • new, larger trash dumpster
  • partial funding for the ADA bathroom
  • carpeting on the main floor, Sunday School rooms and office
  • digital sign on University Blvd
  • many more projects over the years

Volunteers serve in two ways: sales staff and weekly workers who sort, price and stock the Shop. Some donations received do not meet Thrift Shop standards and are passed onto other non-profit organizations, so nothing is lost in the donation process.

The Thrift Shop is open to Church members and the general public and operates on the following schedule:

Sunday and Thursday: 12 (noon) - 1:00pm

Friday: 9:00am - 12 (noon)
Several times a year the Thrift Shop holds a special sale n the Gathering Area of the Church.
On-going Service Ministries  
for more information, call church office at 243-7834 or contact below

Helping Hands    
For more information: call 353-1197
  • Helping Hands is a ministry whose mission is to assist people who walk in, seeking help, to meet their immediate short term needs.
Lowell Food Bank / Lowell Elementary
For more information: call church office at 243-7834
  • Mobile Food Pantry held monthly, volunteers set up at the school and distribute food to families provided by Road Runner Foods
  • School Uniform Drive – Partnering with the Assistance League of Albuquerque’s Operation School Bell to provide school uniforms for students at Lowell Elementary.
  • Mighty Milers running program
For more information: call 299-6154 or visit
  • Saranam empowers families to end their homelessness and poverty through housing, education, and supportive communities.
Stephens Ministry            
Contact: (confidential)
or Pastor Kelly Brooks at
  • Stephens Ministry is the one-to-one lay caring ministry that takes place in congregations that use the Stephen Series system. Stephen Ministry congregations equip and empower lay caregivers – called Stephen Ministers – to provide high-quality, confidential, Chris-centered care to people who are hurting.
Thrift Shop
For more information: call church office at 243-7834
  • The Thrift Shop proceeds from items sold are used to support the Church and its ministries.  Hours are:  Sunday Noon – 1:00pm, Thursday Noon – 1:00pm, and Friday 9:00am - Noon
What Can You Do?
(World needs can be over-whelming but local needs are more do-able!)

No requested donations this month. If you want to notify the congregation of needed items, please contact the Communications Team to put the notification in the monthly newsletter.
Communications Team Information
Deadline for August edition is Wednesday July 19, 2017.
Any questions, please ask the Communications Team

Visit the Welcome Desk in the gathering area for: answers to your questions from a member of the governance team, printed copies of the newsletter (also, in the Narthex), and other written information. Classes and ministries consider placing informational flyers for a study or event at the desk. Connect cards are available at the desk and in the pews to update your contact information for the church and so we can email the newsletter to you.

Phone #: (505) 268-1009 [Briggs Family]

Co-Chairs: Chris Briggs  &  Pat Briggs

Current Team Members:
Donna Faulhaber, Barbara Fuller, Jesus Valdez,
Rev. Scott Sharp, Rev. Kelly Brooks