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Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying this lovely weather!!! These were the views around us on Friday. Doesn't the snow always looks so pretty and it can be such fun if you dress up warm and go out in it. My dogs certainly love playing in it. But it can have its problems, and regrettably we had to cancel the Ceilidh that had been planned for the 10th March because of the weather.
It was a huge disappointment but turned out to be the right decision, so instead we just decided to enjoy the snow last Friday and took loads of photos, some of which I would like to share with you.

This one opposite is on our frozen pond in the garden, but we didn't chance skating on it!!!!

This tree looked absolutely magical. It was covered all over with icicles and looked like a decorated Christmas Tree. It was really beautiful and I felt it deserved a bigger image. And just look at the blue of that sky behind it.

Amanda Clayton with Ottoman Stitchness
29/30 April (Sat/Sun)
Amanda is a familiar tutor to Moor Hall and also a great friend of mine. I have her returning to deliver courses here because everyone that attends can be guaranteed of a thoughtful and highly considered course.

This one that she is bringing to Moor Hall is a new course and is based around her collection of Ottoman textiles.

Normally Amanda will work white on white but in this workshop she will be introducing the students to explore stitch using colour.  Cross stitch, gold thread work, pulled work, outlining and ‘filling in’ all have their role to play.

Amanda will share her obsession about these qualities of ‘oldness’ and the importance of informing ourselves through history and tradition, combined with our contemporary responses.
Please join us on Saturday and Sunday 29th and 30th April on this exciting course with Amanda.
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Physical mark-making and visual texture
9/10/11 June
This will be Alex's second time to teach at Moor Hall and I look forward to welcoming her back. Responding to the Shropshire landscape, this course will encourage you to use physical and experimental drawing processes to find freedom, joy and playfulness in the creation of new work.
You will be encouraged to work quickly, intuitively and responsively and consider layers, visual texture, engraved, carved, glossy, smudged and eroded marks, using sticks, squeegees, brushes, acrylic gesso, paint, various acrylic mediums, charcoal, pencils, sandpaper and wire wool on paper.

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If you like what you see here do click on this link below which shows Alex's recent work.


I am currently over half way through my on-line course 'Inspired by Mary Fedden'. I hope to be posting some fully resolved work sometime in the future of how the students have been approaching this course. It can be challenging teaching on Zoom and not being able to fully see what the students are doing, but we seem to have found a system of working and I must say that these type of courses seem to be popular in engaging with students from all-over the world.

We are still at the research stage with this course. We have been exploring how Fedden draws and the marks that she makes in her drawings. We have looked at her subject matter and the artefacts that she draws. We have been investigating her use of pattern and the landscapes she often employs in her paintings.

With this wealth of research work behind them students are now using their own personalised imagery, pattern designs from their own collections and maybe that view from their window.

In this example on the left the student has reached the stage of producing several thumbnail ideas for enlarging and for later carrying out in colour. In this example she has used collage.

Lorraine Challis

My own students have been exploring the work of Paul Klee through a number of experimental processes. I always enjoy seeing what they come up with after each face to face session. We still have a way to go with this work, but here is a brief taster of what they have been up to.
Peter Wright has used pastels to carry out this piece of work.
Nette has used coloured pencil in her experiment.
Go to my website if you are interested in either of these two on-going drawing classes. I offer these in six session blocks for just £210 for six full days.

That's all for now. Will be back soon
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