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~National President...Cheryl Perez~
Welcome to our first issue of General Orders monthly online newsletter using our new format! It’s a combination of General Orders, Zoom meeting notifications and info that was included in the PH magazine. Most of the information and articles are accessible by clicking on the link that will take you to the full document for viewing. We found that 50% of our members are opening Constant Contact emails on their mobile devices and this format makes it easier for viewing. We will be sending information out shortly to Units and Departments on how to submit articles and photos along with a schedule to National Officers who will be assigned specific months for articles.

Your Leadership Team is working hard to be a resource and of service to our Departments, Units and members. Please don't hesitate to contact any of us with any questions or help you may need. Enjoy the articles, check out the links and let me know what you think! 
~National Senior Vice President...Amanda Flener~
I hope everyone is off to a great 2019-2020 start to their year. I wish you, your Units, and your Departments much success this year. Please remember that we are here to support YOU - the Member in whatever capacity you serve. Our Members are the key to the Auxiliary success. Please feel free to reach out to me if I can help in any way. I challenge each of you to sign up one member by the end of the year - Think about someone you know who is eligible to join. Print that application, encourage them by what you are doing for the MOPHA - and together we can grow.
~National Junior Vice President...Colleen Oltmann Orfanello~
What a privilege and surprise to be elected National Junior Vice President! Thank you for your support and faith in me. 
This year I have the opportunity to work with the Region Presidents. I am always in awe of the amazing work our units and departments do for our Patriots. These works inspire and motivate me to do better…and do more.

My personal life is much like my role as NJVP; it requires a lot of work - but it’s a lot of fun. My husband, Christian, and I own a marine towing and salvage business, Sea Tow New Orleans. I am involved with our local state-operated Veterans Cemetery, our local Homeless Veteran’s Transition Home, and other non-profits. I have been an active Auxiliary member since 2005. I am the daughter of Edward Oltmann, Past Department of Louisiana Commander and Eileen Oltmann, Past National President. I am so very thankful and excited to serve President Perez, SVP Flener, and other members. I will honor the past and embrace the future; and what a GREAT future it will be!
~National Americanism Officer....Kay Jo Baucom~

September is a month of cooler temperatures (usually), football games, and family gatherings. It is also a month to reflect on those historic periods in our Country's past. Let's look at some important September dates that touched our lives forever and made all of us stronger and more patriotic. 

Do You Remember Where You Were On September 9th, 2011?  That moment is forever etched in my mind, as terrorists challenged our America and destroyed life as we had known it. Patriot Day is the day set aside to remember lives lost and those who risked their lives to save others. Take time to close your eyes and say a prayer for all those who lost loved ones and ask God to protect us from anything like that again! Remember to stand united as a Nation and never forget.

Constitution Day is September 17th and commemorates the signing of the Constitution of the United States. Wonder why John Hancock signed his name so big? He was making sure the King did not need his glasses to see his name! The Constitution, along with the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights, are the 3 documents that shaped our United States government.

National Gold Star Mother's Day, also called National Gold Star Mother's and Family's Day is the last Sunday in September. This day of remembrance was created to recognize and honor those that who lost a son or daughter while serving in our armed forces. The gold star is a recognized symbol, signifying the death of a family member while on active duty, serving the United States of America. These families know the pain of immeasurable loss and they, like ourselves, know the pride that comes with extraordinary service to America. May each of us support and pray for these Gold Star families.

Proudly display your Flag,
Be proud of our Patriots and,
May God continue to bless America!
~National Chaplain...Barbara Waller~

My name is Barbara Waller and I am both humbled and honored to serve as your National Chaplain for the upcoming year. My prayer is that God will send His blessings to each of you and that he will protect and guide our leadership team as they lead us in the upcoming year. I am available to serve you anytime day or night.Please contact me with any matter nothing is too small or insignificant.

We are testing an online form submission with the the deceased member reporting form. Click the link below to access the online form, fill it in, hit submit and your deceased member report is filed to the National Chaplain who will also notify the National Membership Officer. We want to hear feedback on what you think of filing forms this way.
~Regions...News & Events~
REGION VI.... Past Region VI President Vicky Manjarrez's Purple Heart Magazine article that wasn't able to be published.
Click HERE to read
~Units & Departments...News & Events~

Susie Pitman (CA Unit 750 and CA Department Senior Vice President) and her husband, Jerry, will be traveling to Germany for the Kassel Memorial 75th Anniversary Ceremony. Click HERE to read more.

Are you a military caregiver? If you take care of your wounded Patriot, family member or friend, the Defense Health Agency (DHA) recently published the new 2019 edition of the "The Caregiver Resource Directory".

The directory will help you find and connect with the specific assistance you need, become more educated about your Patriot's medical condition,and help you connect with other and take care of yourself. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

The directory is available free of charge and can be downloaded by clicking the directory photo.

MOPHA Gold Star Family member,Helen Anderson Glass, published the poem "Stars In Our Window" in her book of poems honoring veterans and active duty. Helen is the 2019 MOPHA Martha Washington Spirit Award recipient and at 96, still volunteers at the VAMC in Tucson, Arizona.
Click HERE to read Helen's poem.
~Helping Our Veterans (HOV)~
One of the requirements for the HOV grant is to write a description of your project and submit to the HOV Chair along with a photo for publication in General Orders. Click the link below to see projects reports and photos that were submitted last year and not published. We hope you get ideas for projects as you read about what Units and Departments are doing.
~ HOV Project Report and Photos Click Here ~
~For the Good of the Auxiliary~
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