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Since we're almost always wearing a MASK these days, let's take good care of our hair!

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New, new, new...
Authentic Nourishing Oil
Nourishing and soothing, this Oil is for the hair, face and body. It moisturizes the tips of particularly dehydrated hair and gently nourishes the face and body. The hair is soft, shiny and silky. The skin of the body is nourished and velvety. Can be applied to an itchy scalp. $44.00 (4.73 oz.) 
Stress and anxiety can take 
a toll on your hair!

Some have emailed that their hair is
falling out or...their hair is easily breaking!

Turn your hair around by using the Energizing Super Active 
Shampoo, Energizing Serum and Purity Circle Mask.

Energizing Serum 
Energizing Shampoo 
Energizing Serum -  A stimulating serum for the scalp and fragile hair  prone to falling out. Balances the scalp and creates a foundation for stronger hair. Contains Eucalyptus Leaf Oil and Black Cohosh Root   Extract.  $56.00 (3.38 oz.)
Energizing Shampoo -  A stimulating and revitalizing shampoo for the scalp and fragile hair prone to falling out. Contains Caffeine,  a stimulating and invigorating ingredient that encourages circulation of the scalp, which can help trigger hair growth.  $32.00 (8.45 oz.)
Purity Circle Mask - $10.00
Purity Circle Mask - A revitalizing, detoxifying and
anti-oxidant mask for the scalp and hair. It eliminates impurities caused by pollution, dust and heavy metals (from your water)
for a purifying routine. 
$10.00 (1.69 oz.)
6 Hair Masks to choose from.
Who can select just one?

 Featured Above:
Wake-up Circle Mask - A hair and scalp recovery mask. This invigorating mask gives energy and volume to dull hair and restores tone and hydration to the scalp. $10.00 (1.69 oz.)

Quick Fix Circle Mask - R egenerating, multi-tasking hair mask with immediate action. In just 3 minutes it hydrates and detangles hair, making it soft, silky and workable. Contains Red Clay and Hyaluronic Acid. $10.00 (1.69 oz.)
Styling Products make
a difference!

If you've got "shaggy hair" and desperately needing a hair cut,  try the Davines Styling products for better hair days !
Liquid Spell
A leave on treatment
for sensitized or fine hair.
It  strengthens the hair
structure  and gives
vitality  and body to the 
hair. Gives you "more hair"!  $45.00 (4.22 oz.)

Hair Refresher
A dry shampoo for all hair types. Designed to revive  
and cleanse hair without water. This light, fresh-scented powdery mist absorbs oil and creates volume. $30.00 (5.07 oz.) 
T he perfect choice for 
creating body, structure
and shape. Apply a small amount to lengths and ends of damp hair and proceed with blow-drying. $25.00  (5.07 oz.)
Extra Strong 
Hair Spray 
For styles that hold up against humidity, time
and movement. The h air stays in place for as long
as need be without leaving residue or 
$35.00 (12 oz.)

Other Davines products  
we love, love, love!
Featured Above:
NOUNOU Shampoo and Conditioner 
for brittle and/or color-treated hair. Proven 
to prolong color's vibrancy. Will nourish and restore body and shine. Contains Chestnut Milk; rich in Vitamins, Mineral Salts and Lipids. 

Shampoo - $29.00 (8.45 oz.)/$14.00 (2.5 oz.)
Conditioner -  $33.00 (8.45 oz.)/$14.00 (2.5 oz.)
Replumping Hair  
Filler Superactive
Suitable for all hair types  
to plump the hair. This  
no-rinse spray treatment contains Hyaluronic
Acid and will plump
the hair structure.
$42.00 (3.38 oz.)
Medium Hold  
Modeling Gel 
Molds and hydrates
the  hair, while adding
volume and shine. Distribute on the roots
of the hair and then
style. Your hair will look
uplifted and voluminous. $27.00(8.45 oz.)
Does your hair look like "straw"? 
Use the Davines Conditioners, as
they're ALL so nice!
For highly processed 
or brittle hair. Contains
Grape Phytoceuticals,
Rice and Passiflora Oils to moisturize, condition and protect dry, damaged hair.  $39.00 (8.45 oz.)
A rich, creamy conditioner that smooths frizzy, coarse and unruly hair. Olive  Oil Extract, rich in fatty  acids and vitamins, softens the hair, eliminates frizz  and adds incredible shine.
$32.00 (8.45 oz.)

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