More POP-UP SHOP EVENTS on November 5th & 6th! Hurray to that!
Hours on Friday, November 5th: 1:00 - 6:00
Hours on Saturday, November 6th: 10:00 - 3:00
LOCATION: Plymouth Hilton Garden Inn, Exit 5. Click on the image below if you need directions. They make the ambience very cozy, quaint and comfortable! Who
loves coffee, as we ALWAYS have it!
For those who plan on attending, please let me know what you're interested in and I can bring! Accepting CHECKS and CREDIT CARDS. No CASH please.
And more...Lily's continues to bring in NEW, NEW, NEW products for you to enjoy!
The Mavala Dream Foundation was a HUGE HIT at the September POP-UP EVENT! Oil-free and long-lasting, this expert foundation provides a perfectly flawless and luminous complexion.
Its fine texture provides moderate coverage without thickness. Provides optically smoothed lines and covers imperfections. Available in 5 colors and see below. $32.00 (1 oz.)
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New and improved; The HIT of the September POP-UP SHOP Event was Supersmile! Just imagine, BRUSH 2 minutes, 2x a day and have whiter and brighter teeth, the natural way! The Supersmile Whitening products lift stains without sensitivity or abrasion. See the NEW, NEW, NEW Extra Whitening Toothpaste and Extra Whitening Pre-Rinse to get your whitest teeth ever!
See the color shade chart below. How white are your teeth (which number) and how white do you want them to be? Supersmile gives you 6-9 time more whitening with continued use!
Flavors featured below from left to right: Vanilla Tahiti Mint, Mandarain Mint, Cinnamon Mint and the "must-have" Whitening Accelerator. Toothpaste flavors also available in Original Mint and Rosewater Mint.
The Whitening Accelerator accelerates the whitening process! Pair the Whitening Acccelerator with the Professional Whitening Toothpaste to fast-track your whitening results, while protecting your teeth from sensitivity. Removes even the toughest stains from coffee, tea and wine.
If you're already using a Whitening Toothpaste, do you know how abrasive it is? See below if your Toothpaste is listed vs. Supersmile.
You can order the Whitening System Kit in smaller sizes! The MINI Kit contains one .21 oz. Original Mint Whitening Toothpase and one .21 Accelerator ($9.00).
The Travel Size Kit contains one 1.4 oz. Original Mint Whitening Toothpaste and one 1.4 oz. Accelerator ($40.00).
Based in Geneva, Switzerland, MAVALA has stood for quality throughout the World for 60 years. Developed in scientific Laboratories to create specific and high performing beauty products.
MAVALA SCIENTIFIQUE K+ hardens the nail with a scientific active ingredient that improves the cohesion of keratin fibres. This penetrating solution hardens soft nails and prevents them from breaking and splitting.
The Mavala BARRIER-BASE COAT prevents splitting, flaking and chipping of the nails. Provides moisturizing and restructuring ingredients; ProVitamin B5, Silk Amino Acids and essential components of Keratin. Prevents yellowing of the nails and improves adherence of nail polish.
The Mavala GEL FINISH TOP COAT, "gel-effect" fixator gives your manicure extra smoothness and gloss. The transparent gel texture replicates the finish of a gel manicure, creates a perfect finish and an exceptional ultra glossy shine.
Have beautiful nails by shopping Mavala! Click on the image below to see all the Mavala items!
Need a NEW Nail Polish? Diego Dalla Palma offers fabulous Nail Polish Colors! From Left To Right: Pink Lemonade #205, Sweet Candy #212, New Baroque #214, Sorbet #216. Click on the image to see them all!
The NEW Davines Oil Non-Oil is another new and great product! This light oil gives your hair a natural-looking and hydrated texture. Adds structure and definition, smoothing frizz without leaving any residue. Apply a small amount to dry hair and style.
Get "This Scarf Bun Look" using the Davines Dry Texturizer and Strong Hold Hairspray!
CLICK on the image above to read more and order the Dry Texturizer. See the image below to read more about the Strong Hold Hair Spray. Humidity-defying and easy to work with and wash out. 
And don't forget about the Heart of Glass products designed for ALL shades of blonde! CLICK on the LINK or on the image below, to read more about these fabulous products!
Order your Hampton Sun products for use all year long! So many great choices of this chemical-free sun protection! CLICK on the image to see all items!
These chemical-free sun protection products contain Natural Mineral Zinc Oxide to provide broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays. This lotion is water-resistant, sheer, lightweight, preservative-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, is coral reef safe and bio-degradable
Featured above from left to right: SPF 45 Mineral Stick, SPF 30 Mist Spray, SPF 45 Body Loton, SPF 50 for the FACE. Have FUN in the SUN with Hampton Sun!
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