April 1, 2020
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Living the New Coronavirus Reality
When I wrote to you last month about the importance of handwashing and a virus on the other side of the world, never did I imagine that we would be where we are today. 

Our schools, parks, recreation centers Library and even City Hall closed, our businesses shuttered, and the entire state asked to stay home, for all but essential services.

Like many of you, I am deeply concerned by the impact of Coronavirus and the speed at which daily life in Murrieta has been altered. I am also extremely grateful to our connected community for taking the steps necessary to slow the spread of this disease, and doing it with the grace and optimism that makes this City special.

From all the parents learning how to homeschool, particularly the dad who now homeschools his five children so mom can work at the hospital; the customers who are leaving large tips to help support our struggling restaurants; the Murrieta Unified School District who supplied masks and gloves to all of our local hospitals and our Police and Fire Departments; the selfless efforts of our first responders, healthcare providers--and all of you staying home and protecting the most vulnerable in our community. On behalf of the City Council and all City employees, Thank You.

While City Hall has temporarily closed to the public, we are still working behind the scenes to continue essential operations and keep major projects on track. We are doing that with safety in mind; for example a combination of social distancing; half of staff telecommuting; and adapting some processes to digital formats to minimize contact. This is new for all of us too, but we are making it work together.

Last week we declared a local State of Emergency to help us coordinate services and access emergency funding. We have activated our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and coordinate daily with our partners at Riverside County Public Health and at the state and national level. You can be confident that your City is closely following all developments and will continue to implement best practices to protect all of you as much as possible.
What can you do to help today? I would ask four things:
  1. Follow the Stay-at-Home guidelines (link). This is the best way to  flatten the curve and  get us all back to normal. Experts are asking us all to act as if we have the virus;
  2. Do not hoard, there is plenty of food if we all shop for only what we need. I know it is hard, I feel the same inclination. Fight it;
  3. Get good information. Our website, Public Health and the CDC are reliable sources of the latest information. Avoid watching the news for hours on end as it will increase the fear for you and your entire family; and
  4. Be kind and stay connected. Uncertainty brings out the best and worst in us as we have seen. When things get hard, remember that we are all in this situation together and it will be over eventually. When we look back let us all feel great pride that we did our part to help protect each other and our great community of Murrieta.
In Good Health,

Kim Summers, City Manager
Responding to COVID-19
Virtual City Hall Aims to Keep Residents Connected
City Hall remains closed to the public as we work to slow the spread of COVID-19. But we are working behind the scenes to keep key services going and keep all of you connected. 

Here's a snapshot of what you will find at www.MurrietaCA.gov/virtual

Building, Planning and Engineering plan reviews are available with our no-contact process. Visit  Development Services online or call 951-304-2489 for information and more on the process.

Our Public Library has compiled a wealth of resources, from online storytimes and home-school tools, to employment information and more. Visit the Virtual Library here

Parks and Recreation is helping to keep us active and healthy at home. Visit the Virtual Recreation and Resource Center and take a trip to the aquarium, explore at-home fitness and take steps to stay healthy at home.

And there's much more. Check in often as we continue to add resources.
Responding to COVID-19
What you Need to Know about the Stay-at-Home Order
The stay-at-home order is essential as we work together to save lives by social distancing. If you are wondering what exactly the order entails, we've compiled all the details on our website, but in a nutshell. . .
  • The law tells us that essential outings to essential businesses are allowed. Groceries, medical visits, banking. Sometimes these trips are unavoidable. But. . .
  • It's recommended that we all avoid public places right now. Consider delivery services for food and medicine, keep your distance outdoors, and bank virtually.
  • Essential businesses are clearly defined at www.MurrietaCA.gov/essential. 
  • Dining in, beauty and nail salons, golf courses, gyms. . .are non-essential and by law should not be operating. 
  • Your support and participation matters and will help to save lives. Thank you!
Responding to COVID-19
Who to Call with COVID-19 Concerns
To Report Concerns about Businesses or Groups Violating the Stay at Home Order:
Call the Police COVID-19 Hotline at (951) 461-6391. Please do not call 9-1-1 to report violations.

To Report Concerns About Restaurant Cleanliness/Germ Spread:
Please contact Riverside County Environmental Health at (888) 722-4234.

To Reach City Hall During the Public Closure:
Call our virtual front desk at (951) 304-2489. We will help you find out who to connect with.

To Find Information About Testing for Coronavirus:
  • Contact your healthcare provider or visit www.rivcoph.org/coronavirus to locate a community test site. Testing is currently focused on those with symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath). Please check first for specific screening requirements.
  • Please reserve ER visits for immediate emergencies.
To Report Price-Gouging:
  • The law generally prohibits charging a price that is more than 10% what an item cost before the state, county or city declaration of emergency.
  • Complaints can be filed online at oag.ca.gov/report or by calling (800) 052-5225.  
Responding to COVID-19
Local Business Community Feels the Impact
Local businesses are hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, with many closing their doors or focusing solely on pick up or delivery services. 

Remember to think local when you order in. Your support makes a difference during this difficult time. You will find a list of Murrieta restaurants providing take-out and delivery services at   www.MurrietaCA.gov/whatsfordinner.

Business owners can find valuable links to a growing number of support services for those impacted by COVID-19. Visit www.MurrietaCA.gov/COVID19Business.

Let's help our local business today so we can enjoy them together when we move through this crisis.
Repsonding to COVID-19
Help is Available for Local Seniors

Seniors ages 60 and older can register for a weeks worth of free meals by contacting the Senior Center at (951) 461-6109 before 10 a.m. on Thursday for Friday's drive-through distribution at the Murrieta Senior Center (5 Town Square) every Friday between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

As individuals pick up their meals on Friday, they can pre-register for the next Friday. Once the Riverside County Public Health Order and Governor Newsom's Executive Order have been lifted, the prior protocol for the Senior Lunch Program will return.

While we recommend delivery whenever possible, most stores have established special shopping hours for seniors. These are first thing in the morning, allowing for a deep cleaning before shoppers arrive. Visit www.MurrietaCA.gov/shopping for the list of grocery stores and pharmacies offering this service.
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