June 7, 2017

MORR & Social Media - A note from Mike R.

Since MORR's inception, the membership has been very good at creating Facebook Pages. This is an inexpensive way to promote the sport we all love. Creating a Facebook page and updating it on a regular basis is only part of the marketing equation.

To let your friends and supporters know that you created a post it's vitally important to tag  that post, whether it's a quick paragraph about the race weekend, photos, or a  even a video.
Tags could include those that were there at the event, people that you want to view the post, companies that support your racing, and the groups that are involved in your race activities.

Then when someone, some team, or some race group has a post show-up on your Facebook feed, there are two important things all MORR members should do. Click "Like" to show your approval, and click "Share" to put that post on your "Wall." The "Share" will spread that post from your page to your friends page, and hopefully your friends "share" it as well. This will build the viewing audience of a particular post exponentially. Think of it as pyramid with intially post at the top and as it moves down the pyramid it reach becomes wider and broader.

The "Share" is very important to MORR and every racer because that tagged post can measured by potential and current marketing partners. In the modern day of motorsports advertising and marketing, having a solid results on the track is only a portion of a successful race program.

Building, creating, and maintaining a successful social media program to compliment the race effort is equally and sometimes more important that where you finish on Sunday.

Companies like racingjunk.com have partnered with MORR because of the reach the MORR community has in the off-road lifestyle. Companies like Mastercraft Safety/Impact Racing along with One Off Graphics, Rod End Supply, Londerville Steel, Powersports 1, and Quickcar have all mentioned the size of the MORR community and power of its social media was an important factor for supporting our racing.  The MORR Contingency partners will also agree with the previous statement as well.

One final note. Please use the hashtag #morr17 with any posts as well. This will help search engines categorize each post. Using #morr17 will group all MORR related posts together.

Here is an interesting link that explains the use of the hashtag.

I'll get off my soapbox for now. In the meantime keep up the good work on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

See you at ERX!
About MORR
The goal of the Midwest Off Road Racing (MORR) group is to ensure affordable racing for the Midwest Sportsman Off Road Racer by uniting racers with a common voice. Maintaining affiliations with approved sanctioning bodies will allow the competitor and the enthusiast to enjoy off road racing now and in the future. www.midwest-offroadracing.com
For companies interested in participating in the 2017 MORR Contingency Program or as a Group sponsor, please contact Mike Reusche @847.343.4658 or email:  midwestoffroadracing@yahoo.com .
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