Elected Positions in MOSES!

Please take some time to read about the positions and responsibilities of elected positions withing MOSES as they are defined in the MOSES constitution. Consider running for a position in the next election cycle and submit a nomination using the link below or by downloading the form and returning it to moseselections@moses-ma.org or at the October 11th membership meeting! 

All positions have a two-year term. You must be a member in good standing for one year as of October 11, 2022 to qualify for candidacy in this election cycle. More details can be found in the MOSES constitution.


The MOSES president presides at all meetings and assemblies, preserves order and enforces the MOSES constitution, has the deciding vote in all cases of a tie, and decides all questions of order of the organization. They countersign all written orders for authorizing funds and countersigns all checks. The MOSES president appoints, removes, and replaces members of all organization committees with the approval of the board of directors and is an ex-officio non-voting member of each committee. At the end of their term, they submit a report regarding the standing and progress of the organization and the official acts occurring during their term. In additional to these responsibilities, they perform other duties as needed to advance the welfare of the organization and the people MOSES represents. The MOSES president takes a leave of absence from their position to fulfill MOSES duties when elected and does not lose employment benefits.

Vice President

The MOSES vice president supports the MOSES president and assumes their duties at such times the MOSES president directs or upon the MOSES president's death, discharge, resignation, retirement, or absence.  The MOSES vice president takes a leave of absence from their position to fulfill MOSES duties when elected and does not lose employment benefits.


The MOSES treasurer receives, deposits, invests and takes charge of all money, property, and securities of the organization as directed and authorized by the membership and board of directors including but not limited to dues, fines, and fees. The MOSES treasurer is responsible for keeping accurate record of receipts and disbursements, makes a monthly operating statement of all transactions to the organization, prepares and submits a proposed annual administrative budget to the budget committee, serves on the budget and membership committee, and submits their books and records for review or audit as needed. They also make all disbursements required by the organization by checks countersigned by the MOSES president, files surety bonds, maintains petty cash, and notifies the secretary of any members that are more than two weeks behind on dues payments.  The MOSES treasurer receives a stipend for compensation from the organization.


The MOSES secretary keeps a true and accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of this organization and of all meetings of the board of directors including documenting the names of individuals in attendance. The secretary reads the minutes of previous meetings, keeps an accurate record of each member of the organization, serves on the membership committee, notifies the membership in advance of proposed specific business meetings, and carries on all correspondence of the organization. The MOSES secretary makes and signs orders on the treasurer for funds authorized by the organization and notifies members of the organization that are more than two weeks behind on dues payments.  The MOSES secretary recieves a stipend for compensation from the organization.


Thirty-five officers elected proportionally from their agency or agency group. These officers serve on committees as appointed by the MOSES president and work to support the goals of the membership and leadership of the organization. Committee assignments may include work relative to collective bargaining, grievances, legislative affairs, civil service, budge, membership, newsletter, publicity & public relations, meeting location, goodwill and others as determined by the MOSES president.  The officer representing retirees is a non-voting position.

Together the four Chair Officers and thirty-five Officers comprise the board of directors which is the governing body and representatives of the organization. The board of directors meets once per month and supports the mission of the organization as provided in the MOSES constitution and can hire employees and delegate authority as needed.  All members of the board are reimbursed for mileage traveled on organization business or to attend meetings.


A board of three who makes an audit of the finances of the organization twice per year and reports to the membership the findings of the audit. The trustees have continuing access to all records and reports of this organization and may make interim reports and recommendations as needed. Trustees may not hold any other position in MOSES and candidates must vacate current positions upon nomination. Trustees are reimbursed for mileage traveled on organization business and to attend meetings.

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2022 Important Dates

Candidate nominations will occur at the General Membership Meeting on October 11th.

All candidate statements must be submitted to the Election Committee by October 14th.

Ballots and candidate statements will be mailed to eligible voters on or before October 28th.

Ballots will be counted on December 1st and must be received at the Woburn Post Office by 10AM that day to be included in the count. After the count is complete candidates and the membership will be notified of the results.

Moving? To have your vote counted we need your up-to-date mailing address! If you have moved recently or plan to move later this summer or fall, please remember to update your mailing address with HR and the MOSES office to ensure timely delivery of your election ballot.

Questions? Concerns?

Please contact the MOSES Election committee at moseselection@moses-ma.org

2022 MOSES Election Committee:

Steve Hawko (Chair), Bob Danilecki, Paul Petrowski, Mohammed Farooqui, and Hannah Knowles