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Maila Rider and the Pilates Yoga Company have created a self-care boot camp challenge to help you meet these goals. Whether you desire to lose weight, start working out, eat better, or find a new way to handle stress, this boot camp is designed for you!

Join us this Wednesday, January 2nd at the Pilates Yoga Company to learn more about the challenge! Two packages have been designed to support you in taking care of yourself. You will learn how to flood your body with whole food nutrition as well as learn about the elements of Pilates, Yoga, Suspension, and cardiovascular movement to help your body move with intention and efficiency. This boot camp is designed to challenge you at your own working level.

With the boot camp package, you will receive 2 months of unlimited classes offered through the studio, 5 exclusive boot camp classes (offered throughout the week), 3 private movement and fueling coaching sessions, and entry to 3 workshops.

A Shred10 package is offered that can be purchased separately or with the boot camp offer. You will receive daily support and education to ensure you meet your nutrition goals, 4 months of Juice Plus, Complete Shakes, and an exclusive cookbook filled with healthy and delicious recipes.

As part of the both the boot camp and Shred10 challenge, you will be invited to our workshops to make your desired goals achievable. Topics include the body heart and lungs, how our minds affect our relationship with food, and how to offset stress through mindfulness.

There are only 8 slots available for the boot camp challenge; however, other packages will be available to support your goals.
The Pilates Yoga Company
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