March 26, 2021
Accurate Documentation of COVID-19 Vaccine in MCIR Critical
Accurate and timely documentation of COVID-19 vaccine is imperative. At this time, when so many new Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR) users are registering in the system, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has shared the above infographic that promotes reporting accurate and verified immunization histories into the MCIR. 

It is important to assess the immunization status of all patients at every visit. If a patient has stated that they received a COVID-19 vaccine, immunizers should ask to see their COVID-19 Vaccine Record Card. If a COVID-19 vaccine dose and type can be verified for the date the vaccine was received and the vaccine type that was administered, then the dose can be entered into the MCIR as a historical dose.

If documentation to verify receipt of a COVID-19 vaccine dose is not readily available, immunizers will need to take additional steps to confirm receipt of the COVID-19 vaccine before entering the dose into the MCIR. MDHHS does not recommend taking a verbal confirmation from the patient for a COVID-19 vaccine dose. It is important to have accurate information reported into the MCIR, so verification is necessary.

Again, if you were not the COVID-19 vaccine immunizing provider, then you should not enter the COVID-19 vaccine into the MCIR as a historical dose without verification that the patient received a dose, the date the dose was administered and the vaccine type that was administered.

Please direct COVID-19 related inquiries to the MDHHS COVID-19 hotline at 1-888-535-6136. For the most up-to-date information, facts and FAQs, go to
Reviewing COVID-19 Vaccine Order & Shipment Information
Michigan Health Alert Network is emphasizing that it is important to ensure all enrolled COVID-19 providers review their Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR) site to verify accuracy of data such as shipping address, shipping hours, e-order contacts, etc. Please take the following actions as soon as possible:
  • Review/Add E-Order Contacts for users who need access to order information, order email notices, shipping information, etc.
  • At minimum, staff identified as the “primary” and “backup” vaccine coordinators should be added as E-order Contacts but additional staff may be added as well.
  • Tip sheet: How to Add an E-Order Contact
  • When adding E-Order Contacts, checkmark them for order notifications!
  • Ensure E-Order Contacts understand how to view order details and receive shipping notifications.
  • Tip sheet: How to Review Order Details and Receive Notifications
  • Learn to review order details (quantity, type, order date) and receive email notifications for orders and shipments, including FedEx or UPS tracking IDs.
  • IMPORTANT: Review shipping information located in the VFC “Shipping” tab of your MCIR Site for accuracy and compliancy.
  • The information in the VFC “Shipping” tab is captured at the time of ordering and submitted to CDC as-is for all public vaccine orders: COVID-19 and VFC
  • This review is particularly important for providers who were previously VFC providers but unenrolled – the “Shipping” tab could have outdated information.
  • When reviewing shipping information, ensure the following:
  • “Shipping Hours” reflect the days and hours you are available to receive vaccine delivery. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): To support efficient distribution of vaccine, locations should offer full-day receiving hours to the extent possible. When that is not possible, COVID-19 Vaccine Providers must be available to receive shipments during a four-hour window on a weekday other than Monday.
  • “Shipping Address” reflect the address where vaccine will be shipped. Ensure this is accurate and that it shows as “Valid.”
  • Tip sheet: How to Review and Revise Vaccine Shipping Information: COVID-19 Providers
  • Bookmark the MDHHS COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Guidance Website.
  • This site provides comprehensive resources to support your success as a COVID-19 vaccine provider and is frequently updated!
  • This website can also be accessed via, then selecting “Provider Guidance & Education.”

If you have questions, please contact
Enrolling in BCBSM's Vaccine Affiliation Program
Pharmacists interested in providing vaccines to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM)-covered patients must be enrolled in the BCBSM Vaccine Affiliation Program. If your pharmacy has not yet enrolled, you can sign up at and follow the directions listed below: 
2. Under “Join our network”, click on Enroll to become a provider.
3. Scroll down to step 3 and click on Enroll now.
4. Click the button next to Physicians and Professionals; then click Next.
5. Click the button next to Enroll a new provider; then click Next.
6. Under “Allied Providers”, click the button next to Vaccine Pharmacy; then click Next.
7. Complete and return the documents on this page.  

For providers who have already enrolled in the Vaccine Affiliation Program, BCBSM recently communicated additional information about COVID-19 vaccines (COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Providers) to provide pharmacy professional with more details.