March 20, 2020
Based on the Governor’s "Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives" Executive Order, MPA staff are working remotely. Business hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. We encourage to reach out to MPA when you have questions. Email staff at .
It is clear that Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians (and other pharmacy personnel) fall under the healthcare workers portion of the Executive Order and are allowed to continue work in pharmacies and health-systems. MPA leadership and staff thanks each of you for what you are doing in your communities . Your efforts are critical in making sure that the health system is able to treat patients impacted by COVID-19 and those who have health care needs that were in place before the COVID-19 outbreak.
Since the emergency began, MPA has been receiving a variety of emails asking for clarification of different aspects of pharmacy practice or recommendations of what the State should do. In fact, one of MPA’s staff pharmacists has been reporting daily to the State Community Health Emergency Coordination Center as a resource to the state on pharmacy issues. MPA has also created the COVID-19 webpage to provide information that you can use in your practice.
Last week MPA reached out to the Governor with specific requests and followed-up again today with the Governor’s office. The following items were submitted to the Governor’s office and we are awaiting a response:
  1. Pharmacists in any county of the State of Michigan may dispense emergency refills (up to a sixty (60) day supply) of any non-controlled medication for residents of any county of Michigan.
  2. Pharmacists may temporarily operate a pharmacy in an area not designated on the pharmacy license.
  3. Pharmacists may dispense and administer drugs as needed to treat COVID-19 pursuant to protocols established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the National Institute of Health (NIH) or determined to be appropriate by the MDHHS Chief Medical Officer or her designee to respond to the circumstances causing the emergency. The MDHHS CMO or the pharmacist will be listed as the prescriber.
  4. To preserve scarce hospital and acute setting resources, expand patient access to care through establishing a statewide collaborative practice agreement (CPA) with the Chief Medical Executive allowing pharmacists to provide point of care testing (POCT) to differentiate influenza, Strep or other infections from COVID-19. For those testing positive to influenza or Strep, to initiate treatment directed by the CPA.
  5.  Effective immediately, providers must certify on any new outpatient prescription related to the treatment of COVID-19 an appropriate indication. Providers who inappropriately prescribe hydroxychloroquine or other medications that are deemed effective to treat COVID-19 may face disciplinary sanctions. Community pharmacies should not honor prescriptions written after March 23, 2020 that do not have an appropriate indication noted on the prescription. It is within the pharmacist’s scope of practice to question and/or deny prescriptions they suspect are written for COVID-19 prophylaxis or for “just in case” reasons.
Frequently asked questions have been posted the MPA COVID-19 website
The most frequently asked question that has been asked by pharmacy professionals in relation to licensure.

LARA has put out a bulletin in regards BPL Clarification: Exemption of Michigan Licensure Time of Disaster/State of Emergency. Information can be found on the MPA COVID-19 website .
FDA provides Clarification on Production of Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer to Help Boost Supply, Protect Public Health
The second guidance, Policy for Temporary Compounding of Certain Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Products During the Public Health Emergency , is in effect for the temporary compounding of certain alcohol-based hand sanitizers by pharmacists in state-licensed pharmacies or federal facilities and registered outsourcing facilities. 
Pharmacist Advocacy Groups Call for New Action to Enhance COVID-19 Patient Care
Pharmacy organizations representing the interests of all pharmacists in the United States have released a joint set of  policy recommendations  critical to addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.
State is Following CMS Guidance
In an effort to support physical and social distancing the state is following CMS guidance regarding the flexibility of early refill and quantity limits overrides, prior authorizations and signature logs.

Pharmacies should contact the Magellan Technical Call Center (877-624-5204) in order to request these. This only applies to fee-for-service patients.
MPA Infographic: News and notes from your pharmacy team during COVID-19
MPA will be creating various resources that you can use on social media and at your pharmacy. Infographic #1, News and notes from your pharmacy team during COVID-19 is posted on the MPA COVID-19 website and social media channels. Additional resources will be posted as they become available.