March 24, 2020
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LARA & FDA Guidance for Compounders to Produce Hand Sanitizer
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently issued temporary guidance  FDA-2020-D-1106  for compounders (pharmacists) to produce alcohol based hand sanitizer and is doing so under relaxed regulatory enforcement. This is being allowed under the current national Public Health Emergency (COVID-19) in recognition of the shortage of appropriate alcohol based hand sanitizer which is used to maintain hand hygiene and help in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Like the FDA, the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs is acutely aware of the high demand for hand sanitizer and the product’s limited availability through ordinary channels in light of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). LARA is applying the same temporary policy guidance that the FDA has issued for compounders (pharmacists) who comply with the recent FDA guidance.

This will remain in effect for the duration of the state of emergency as declared by Governor Whitmer on March 10, 2020. Compounders (pharmacists) choosing to compound hand sanitizer shall act in accordance with acceptable and prevailing standards for compounding products and abide by all CDC, FDA, and other applicable federal guidelines, in particular FDA guidance docket number  FDA-2020-D-1106 .
From MDHHS: Providers requesting prior authorization for
services, supplies, and/or equipment
Because of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, MDHHS is instituting some temporary changes in how to submit prior authorization (PA) requests to their office. These changes will be effective through 30 days from the end of the emergency declaration or the first of the month, whichever is later.

Effectively immediately, MDHHS asks that you submit your requests electronically through the CHAMPS system to help minimize delays in authorization.  Their analysts will review the requests electronically, and determination letters will be available in CHAMPS for providers to access through Archived Documents by tracking number or beneficiary ID. 

For electronic submissions, all supporting documentation, the Prior Authorization Request Form, and signatures required (as outlined in the Michigan Medicaid Provider Manual chapter correlating with the program area for services being requested) must be uploaded in CHAMPS via the Additional Documentation section. Please avoid faxing documents if you can. 

If you are unable to upload the supporting documentation to your electronic request, you may fax the supporting documents using  only  the fax cover sheet that is generated by CHAMPS when the fax option is chosen in the Additional Document section. In this case, please make a notation in your procedure code comments that supporting documentation has been faxed.

Please avoid faxing or mailing PA requests if you can. MDHHS realizes in isolated situations there may be a need to submit a request via fax.
  • During this period of time only, dental providers without digital radiography may submit requests without film
  • Dental providers with digital radiography should continue to submit digital radiographs through direct upload or upload of paper copies. 
  • Only one PA request for one beneficiary should be faxed at a time, please do not include more than one request per fax.

Providers can find instructions on how to submit Prior Authorizations in CHAMPS at  click on CHAMPS, select Prior Authorization or  click here . Questions, regarding how to submit requests electronically and/or how to access *Archived Documents in CHAMPS, should be directed to the Provider Support Hotline at 1-800-292-2550 or by email .

Please be aware that faxing or mailing may result in a delayed authorization of your request. Please forward this notification to the appropriate clinicians and staff who process your prior authorization requests.
PBMs Issue Procedure Changes
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, MPA is aware that some PBMs have issued notices to pharmacies that they are suspending all (desk and onsite) audits and relaxing signature requirements. Because things are changing rapidly and each PBM has its own set of requirements, MPA recommends that pharmacists and pharmacy technicians go to the PBM website or your pharmacy management to verify which PBMs have issued changes.
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Immunizations during COVID-19
The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) issued a memorandum that provides key points on immunization during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to learn more.
Learn How Pharmacists Can Help During COVID-19 and Beyond - Join the Michigan Volunteer Registry
MPA has received numerous calls from pharmacists and pharmacy staff ready to step-up and help during the COVID-19 epidemic. Please visit .

By adding your name to the Michigan Volunteer Registry , you are indicating your willingness to volunteer your time and skills in an emergency. Registering places you under no obligation to volunteer.
COVID-19 Response: Relaxing Face-to-Face Requirement
Per the CDC and State recommendations, social distancing is encouraged to slow the spread of COVID-19 and preserve the health system capacity for the duration of this pandemic. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) issued a proposed policy (2018-F2F). The proposed policy temporarily relaxes face-to-face service requirements to Medicaid patients. 

Comments on the proposed policy are due by April 22, 2020. Licensees can submit comments via email (preferred): . Please include “COVID-19 Response: Alternatives to Face-to-Face Communication” in the subject line. 
Comments can also be submitted in writing to: 
Attn: Emily Frankman | MDHHS/MSA | PO Box 30479 | Lansing, MI 48909
MPA Infographic:
News and notes from your pharmacy team during COVID-19
MPA will be creating various resources that you can use on social media and at your pharmacy. Infographic #1, News and notes from your pharmacy team during COVID-19 and Infogrpahic # 2, Stability of COVID-19 is posted on the MPA COVID-19 website and social media channels. Additional resources will be posted as they become available.