May 7, 2020
MPA COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall - A D iscussion with LARA
Monday, May 11 | 7 p.m.
The next FREE MPA COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall will be held Monday, May 11, 2020, at 7 p.m.  Kim Gaedeke, chief deputy director for LARA, Andrew Hudson as manager of the Pharmacy and Drug Monitoring Section for LARA, Charlie Mollien, MPA president and chair of the Michigan Board of Pharmacy and Brian Sapita, MPA government affairs manager will be on the panel for this discussion with LARA about COVID-19, state rules and regulations and how they affect you.
This is an opportunity to gain insight and information as well as ask our expert speakers questions!  Reserve your spot today !
Free online access to MPA’s COVID-19 Virtual Town Halls
If you weren’t able to attend MPA’s special Town Hall webinars but are interested in the discussion topics, the webinars were recorded and available free online as part of our COVID-19 resources found on the MPA website. 
April 27, 2020 - General Information
COVID-19 Pharmacy Testing -
MiHIN Point-of-Care (POC) Pharmacy Onboarding Process
Pharmacy testing is underway and the Michigan Health Information Network (MiHIN) has come out with an onboarding process for those pharmacies that are utilizing the Abbott testing machine and submitting results to the state for COVID-19. Please click on the links below for the necessary information.
COVID-19 Nasal swab laboratory test in hospital lab
Pharmacists are Asking if Reimbursement for COVID-19
Testing Will Ever Happen
Another example of the rapidness of which we are moving in the profession.
NCPDP has issued COVID-19 Guidance For Pharmacy-Led Testing. It’s intended for immediate industry implementation standards-based information and protocols that support recent authorization for pharmacists to order and administer FDA authorized COVID-19 tests.

The NCPDP Emergency Preparedness Information Version 1.7 document has been updated with specific guidance related to pharmacist-led COVID-19 testing as well as other updates that provide standards-based guidance and resources to the pharmacy industry during a declared national emergency such as natural disaster or pandemic.

The NCPDP Emergency Preparedness Information document provides guidance to assist pharmacists in their expanded role of administering tests, including serology tests, and other services in the COVID-19 pandemic and global public health crisis. It addresses a range of considerations related to COVID-19 testing to facilitate the exchange of data through NCPDP’s interoperable industry standards, including:
  • The different types of tests with varying levels of lab test complexity, specimen collection and testing procedures;
  • Product/service identifiers for FDA-authorized COVID-19 tests and test kits
  • The scope of pharmacist-provided services which may include patient risk assessment, test ordering, test dispensing, specimen collection, and interpretation of test results; patient counseling; reporting of test results to the patient’s primary care team, as well as state and federal designated agencies
  • Testing certifications
  • Test products supplied through the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS)
  • Detailed guidance on completing a claim request
  • Payer considerations

As further guidance and reimbursement updates become available-as always-MPA will bring the information to you for your practice and your patients.
COVID-19 Disrupts Inspections - What You Need to Know for Sterile Compounding Pharmacy Renewal
Scientist at work under sterile hood
The COVID-19 pandemic and the corresponding state of emergency in Michigan have limited the ability of inspectors to perform on-site inspections for accreditation renewal or verification of USP compliance. Therefore, the Bureau (LARA) worked with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), the Joint Commission and the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) to develop a reasonable solution.

NABP, Joint Commission, and PCAB have agreed that previously accredited sterile compounding entities may have their accreditation or compliance verification extended through the state of emergency in Michigan and for six months thereafter. As a result, if your facility is due for renewal your facility may renew its license without an on-site inspection by a Board-approved accreditation or verification entity.

However, once the state of emergency in Michigan has ended, your facility will have six months to undergo an on-site inspection by a Board-approved accreditation or verification entity and to submit proof of that inspection to the Bureau of Professional Licensing (BPL) at P lease note in subject line: “Accreditation or Verification of USP Standards for Sterile Compounding”. If you have questions please email BPL at or call 517-241-0199.
PTCB Online Exam Delivery for Pharmacy Technicians
Pharmacy technicians can take their PTCB exams online. PTCB is now offering online proctored exam delivery to make testing more widely available during COVID-19. This option allows technicians to take any PTCB credential exam online under the virtual supervision of a live proctor.
Administered on a secure platform, online PTCB exams have the same formats and completion times as exams taken at a test center.
May is Mental Health Awareness Month
May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Observed nationally since 1949 and traditionally symbolized by a green ribbon, the mental health awareness effort sets a goal to combat stigma and provide support and education on matters pertaining to mental illness. It also aims to draw attention to suicide, which can be brought on by mental illness, in the hopes of further development of suicide prevention strategies. 

During the COVID-19 crisis, mental health is increasingly becoming a focus of attention. In response, information about available mental health resources can be found through the state’s Stay Home, Stay Well initiative . These efforts are to help build resilience in Michigan residents trying to cope emotionally with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and include links to crisis help lines, guidance documents, videos and other mental health resources at .
Michigan Volunteer Registry
Pharmacists, student pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are needed to volunteer to assist in the event of an emergency such as what we are currently experiencing with COVID-19. If interested contact State Pharmacy Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Farah Jalloul or register here .