Feb. 8, 2021
COVID-19 Vaccine Doses in Michigan Surpass 1 Million
Last week, Michigan crossed the million-dose threshold for vaccinations.

As of today, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has distributed 1.8 million vaccines to state partners for administration. The state has reported administering nearly 1.2 million first and second doses of vaccines for priority groups.

A million thanks to all the healthcare workers administering the COVID vaccine! 
Update on COVID-19 Variants in Michigan
Variant Case Count
B117 (first identified in the UK): 30 cases 
B1351 (first identified in South Africa): has not been detected in Michigan

About the Variants
B117 and B1351 are believed to be more contagious, but there has been no indication that affects the clinical outcomes or disease severity compared to the SARS-CoV-2 that has been circulating across the U.S. for months.

  • However, a higher rate of transmission would increase the number of people who need clinical care for COVID-19 should the new variant begin circulating in Michigan.
  • At this time, little-to-no impact is expected for natural immunity or testing.
  • There is no indication that B117 impacts the effectiveness of current vaccines. However, current vaccines do not seem to be as effective at preventing B1351.
  • It is possible that some mutations impact the effectiveness of monoclonal antibody treatments, however there is currently no evidence that this is the case with B117 and B1351.

Find more information on the CDC Variant Information Page.
MDHHS Requesting Vaccine Numbers from Health Systems to Address Potential Shortfalls

National Guard Seeking Immediate Response to Track 1st and 2nd Doses
The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Sunday released an important announcement for hospital personnel involved in vaccine distribution:

Each ordering provider has the responsibility to ensure that second doses of COVID-19 vaccine are not used for first doses and are available for timely second dose vaccination. Due to challenges with providers using second dose COVID vaccine for new first doses, MDHHS is determining the extent of any shortages of second doses (and planned second doses for first doses already administered).

The Michigan National Guard (MING) will be calling hospitals to review the utilization of first- and second-dose shipments with designated vaccine coordinators; this may be a pharmacist in a hospital setting. In order for MDHHS to assess and correct any shortages, MING will be collecting the numbers of first and second doses administered by week, and the numbers and destination of first and second dose vaccines that have been transferred within or outside your system (including contact information). MING will not be providing any information about how these shortages will be addressed by MDHHS.

To maintain vaccine supply from the federal government, this process needs to occur quickly. MDHHS will be working with local health departments on this reconciliation process as well.

At this point in vaccine delivery, it is critical to ensure all providers are utilizing the first and second doses consistently to keep the robust vaccination process underway. The designated vaccine coordinator for your facility should be prepared to receive a phone call from a member of the Michigan National Guard starting Saturday, Feb. 6, through Monday, Feb. 8. It is important to immediately respond and provide the most accurate information possible.
Webinar for Providers:
Important Information about Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine
Moderna will host a webinar for healthcare providers to share important information about the vaccine. Registration is required. Attendees can register for one of the following webinar dates:

The webinar is not accredited for continuing education hours.