Enrollment in MPACT, the 529 plan that allows Mississippi families to lock-in today's tuition rates and pre-pay their child's college education, opens September 1.

Don't miss your chance to start saving!

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Did you know your child could win a Mississippi Affordable College Savings (MACS) scholarship from the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP)? Nine students will be offered scholarship funds through MDWFP's Mississippi Scholastic Shooting Program (MSSP), a competitive, interscholastic youth development program.

"We are grateful to MDWFP, not only for rewarding students for their efforts in learning valuable life skills, but also investing in their futures," said Treasurer McRae. "This is a wonderful opportunity for Mississippi students to pursue a new hobby and earn money to put toward a college education."

MSSP teaches life skills like discipline, safety, teamwork, ethics, self-confidence, and more through shotgun sports. The program uses these disciplines to instill hunting skills through the safe use of equipment, including firearms, and their relationships to hunting situations.

Each of the nine students will receive up to $2,000 for a MACS account. MACS is one of two 529 plans offered by College Savings Mississippi through the Office of the State Treasury. Families can open an account for as little as $25!

"The MSSP program has grown exponentially each year since its inception," said Dr. Polles, Executive Director of MDWFP. "With this partnership, the scholarships donated by our Foundation will have the opportunity to grow, setting up these young men and women for success; enjoying Mississippi's great outdoors is an added bonus."

If your organization would like to set up a scholarship fund for students in your community, please reach out to College Savings Mississippi at collegesavings@treasury.ms.gov.
When it comes to saving for college,
MACS and MPACT are the way to go.  
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College Savings Mississippi is administered by the Office of State Treasurer David McRae.