This series of trainings was developed for parents of children, birth to age three. The trainings will help parents to understand the First Steps Program, teach them effective communication and advocacy skills, and help them to prepare for Early Child Special Education.

To register for trainings please visit the following links. Topics include: Understanding the IFSP Process , Family Record Keeping , Communicating Your Child's Needs , Your Parental Rights , and IDEA Part C to Part B
MPACT Mentor Volunteer Program
What is an MPACT Mentor Volunteer?
Mentors are trained volunteers who, upon request, provide support to families of children with disabilities throughout the special education process. A mentor does not represent or speak for a parent or family member, but a mentor does help empower an individual to become a strong educational advocate for his or her child. MPACT mentors are screened and receive training and supervision from MPACT staff.

MPACT Mentor Volunteer Spotlight
Meet Alisha Ogden- MPACT Mentor Volunteer
Alisha Ogden is a single parent who shouldn’t have even one spare second, but she has found time over the last two years to support other parents in navigating the special education system for their children with disabilities as a volunteer parent mentor.
Having been called “mom” by over 15 foster kids in 7 years, Alisha adopted three daughters, is awaiting final adoption proceedings for a foster son and had no idea of what an Individual Education Program was or what you did with one. As the needs and experiences of her foster kids changed, so did the need for her to understand the crazy world of special education. After her local district proposed reducing one of her kid’s school day to a half-day program, she knew she needed to know more about meeting the educational needs of kids in her care. She contacted MPACT and neither Alisha nor MPACT has been the same since! She wanted to learn everything there was to know about special education. While she may not know everything yet, she knows a lot and shares her knowledge willingly as she helps parents prepare for and attends meeting with them.
One of Alisha’s biggest surprises came in seeing need to support parents in making sure their voice is heard and that the parent can share their child’s strengths and challenges. She’s seen some school districts minimize the parent’s voice and said that MPACT helped her to feel confident in being able to help other parents. When asked why she mentors, Alisha said because she loves helping others and knows how MPACT helped her. Alisha and her children live in the Belton, Missouri area.
Free Special Education Workshops
 Does your child have a disability, struggle with learning, behavior, or social issues at school, or currently receive special education services? If so, Missouri Parents Act (MPACT) may be able to help. MPACT is a federally-funded, statewide Parent Training and Information Center. MPACT offers families free training, resources, and support throughout the special education process. 
For more information about MPACT or to request information and resources about the special education process, click here   or call 1.800.743.7634.

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We offer workshops throughout the state. Click on a link below to view free special education workshops in your area. All workshop descriptions, dates, and registration information are located here MPACT Workshops

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