Empowering families to advocate for themselves so that children with special educational needs can reach their full potential in education and life - through support, training, and education. 
Make a Difference: Become an MPACT Mentor
Mentors are trained volunteers who, upon request, provide support by empowering parents of children with disabilities throughout the special education decision-making process. The role of an MPACT Mentor is to empower the parent. A Mentor does not represent or speak for a parent but will assist the parent in becoming a strong educational advocate for their own child. MPACT Mentors are screened and receive training and supervision from MPACT staff.
MPACT Parent Mentors are trained volunteers who provide support to parents of children with disabilities throughout the special education decision-making process. Parent Mentors offer one-on-one assistance to families via phone, email, and in-person meetings. Mentors may also assist in other volunteer assignments or activities.
MPACT Support Mentors are trained volunteers who provide office support such as making copies, filing, or putting together packets; assist MPACT staff at trainings by setting up or passing out handouts; and disseminate information and represent MPACT at events or resource fairs.
MPACT Transition Mentors are trained volunteers who specialize in offering support to families in the transition process from school to adult life. In addition to completing the core Mentor trainings, Transition Mentors go on to receive specialized training in Transition.

MPACT Student Mentors are trained youth volunteers (13 years or older) who assist Parent Mentors and Support Mentors as needed. Youth Mentors also assist MPACT Staff as needed.
For more information about MPACT's Mentor Program and to learn about Mentor training opportunities happening near you, please contact MPACT at 800-743-7634.
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