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K9 Detective Justin Goodsell & Marley
Everyone is fascinated by K9 handlers and their beloved dogs. I'd like to tell you about one of our two special teams.

MPD Detective Justin Goodsell picked out a young Labrador Retriever named Marley when a tennis ball was thrown into a field with tall grass and Marley spent 15 minutes until he found that ball. Detective Goodsell saw the dog's determination and picked out Marley to be trained as his K9 companion.

They have been partners for about four years after completing months of one-on-one training to obtain certification. Detective Goodsell is Marley’s sole handler. He takes Marley home where he has his own kennel, his special place, which Marley himself keeps spotless. He also lives in a family environment with the Detective's wife, Julie, and their children, Tori and Jordan.

These two partners devote eight hours per week to special training whereby logs are kept and turned in so certification is kept up to date. This way, logs show that the team is performing as it should so that when a search is done, it is valid. Marley only searches material items such as cars, backpacks and packages, not humans. After he works, Marley gets rewarded with playtime with his favorite toy, which happens to be cardboard.

If they are lucky, Marley can work for nine to ten years. He eats special food and has a special veterinarian. Detective Goodsell has taken a K9 Medic Program so if there is a hint of something wrong with Marley, he can get the dog to his veterinarian quickly. 

The K9 police car is specially equipped so Marley’s area is kept at 70-degrees. The car is built for the safety of the dog. If the climate inside Marley's area were to change, the Detective has a sensor that will notify him. If the dog is in any danger from heat, its lights and the sirens will go off and a special fan will trigger on to remove heat from the car.

I observed Marley in action and the two together are a marvel to watch. Here is the first, second and third stage with Marley sitting and giving a final alert to the odor of illegal narcotics.
There is another K9 unit at MPD – Detective Ryan Hughes and Rogue who is a Belgian Malinois. The two K9 teams never work on the same case.

The residents of our city are grateful to Detective Goodsell, his family and especially Marley. They are dedicated to keeping our community safe and we are lucky to have them.

And the same goes for Detective Hughes and Rogue.
League of Cities & Municipalities
Nevada League of Cities and Municipalities Executive Director Wesley Harper came to Mesquite to visit this past week. We took a tour of the city and he was introduced to various department heads, community leaders and other elected officials.

The League is a professional association that serves as a champion for local governments. It promotes community development through public policy formulation, advocacy and communication.

Mr. Harper will be addressing Mesquite City Council on Tuesday, November 23.
Domestic Violence Awareness
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Mesquite Chamber of Commerce is holding its first annual fundraising luncheon to benefit SafeNest Mesquite Shelter. I encourage you to support this worthy cause.
Kids for Sports
Wolf Creek Golf Club's Foundation, Kids for Sports, held its Wine Fest fundraiser earlier this month. Its mission is to ensure that that kids can participate in sports regardless of financial means. The Foundation will pay for whatever is needed -- fees, uniforms, equipment, travel expenses to tournaments and the like. I serve on its Board of Directors and we have awarded more than 600 grants for a total of $115,000 since its founding in 2015.

Wolf Creek's co-owner, Cory Clemetson, received a Congressional Certificate from Congressman Steven Horsford to acknowledge his good work on behalf of the community. District Director Divya Narala presented it to him at the event.
The next fundraiser is a Golf Tournament which will be held on Sunday, January 9, 2022. Registration will open the first part of November. Check the Foundation's website for details.
The Progress Ribbon Cutting
Congratulations to Vern Robison, owner of The Progress, who has opened a new office in Mesquite. The Progress has been an independently owned and operated source for local news since 1987. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to commemorate the new location at 11 West Pioneer Boulevard, Suite B.
Jesselyn Leavitt, Business License Clerk and Assistant Planner
Jesselyn Leavitt has been with the City of Mesquite for six years. As our License Clerk, she processes applications and manages renewals for nearly 2,000 business licenses. This department is usually the last stop before a new business gets to open its doors and Jesselyn loves to see how delighted new owners are when she hands them a brand new business license. This is one reason why she likes her job so much.
As the Assistant Planner, Jesselyn works directly with developers on planning applications. She answers zoning questions and assists the Senior Planner and Director. She also issues Special Event permits for the many events that come to our community.
You might recognize Jesselyn from her days as a reporter for Desert Valley Times. She moved from Indiana eight years ago, got married and has a little girl and step daughter. In her free time, she hangs out with her family, does crafting and RZR rides in the surrounding area.
Restaurant Re-Opening
If you haven't been to Rain Thai & Sushi lately, you might want to stop by.
It is re-modeled and Owner/Chef Weerawat Yusak is about to celebrate the restaurant's 2nd year in Mesquite. It has great food and the staff is super friendly. They seem to remember what was ordered the last time! Located at 12 West Mesquite Boulevard, hours are Monday through Friday for lunch 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. For dinner 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. On Saturdays, lunch is noon to 3 p.m. and dinner is 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
It's Halloween!
The City has Halloween Happenings. Events can be found on the city's website .
One Thousand Flags Over Mesquite
It's time to sponsor a flag or sign up to volunteer for one of Mesquite's most special annual events. Flags will fly on the Recreation Center field from November 7 through 14. They need help putting up the flags, taking down the flags and holding a 24-hour watch. For more information call Paul Benedict at 702-346-6633.
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