June 2022 @ MPDC!
June Spotlight:
MPDC x Black Market Celebrate
Buy the Block Party 2!
In collaboration with Black Market, Madison Park Development Corporation hosted the second annual “Buy the Block Party 2!” 

This year’s Buy the Block 2, held from June 9th to June 11th, continued its mission to unite the Roxbury community through arts and entertainment, all while spurring economic development for Nubian Square businesses and women- and Black-owned micro-businesses.

MPDC and Black Market also were proud to highlight June as Black Music Month by hosting activist and hip-hop legend, KRS-One. The artist provided a free concert atop the Black Lives Matter mural on Washington Street, attended by Councilors Tania Fernandes Anderson, Julia Mejia, and Ruthzee Louijeune. The artist later joined former Mayor of Boston Kim Janey, Dr. Emmett Price, and Boston hip-hop artists Najee Janey and Edo G in a dialogue about the continued march toward achieving health, wealth, and justice in Black communities.

Reflecting on the event, MPDC Chief Executive Officer Leslie Reid says, "MPDC was excited to partner with Black Market during its fifth anniversary of providing business, arts, civic and cultural programming in Nubian Square. It is through our work that we have been able to put on Buy the Block. This event was a moment of unity for Roxbury and the Nubian Square community. For a moment, we were able to return to a time when Nubian Square was a bustling commercial district. However, Buy the Block was more than just reminiscing; it was an opportunity for the community to come together and witness how our collective action creates change at a local level."

Thank you to ALL that worked diligently to make this special celebration of community in Roxbury a success!
MPDC Introduces New Board Chair, Malik Aziz!
MPDC is thrilled to announce our new organizational Board Chair, Malik Aziz! Malik Aziz (pictured above, left) is a Boston native, who grew up in the neighborhoods of Roxbury and Dorchester. He was educated in the Boston Public Schools and attended college and graduate school in New England. Over the last 23 years, his professional career has focused on ensuring communities like the one he grew up in have the housing, educational, and health resources they need for their residents to thrive. He’s worked in affordable housing development in various government and non-profit roles. Presently, Malik is the Senior Program Manager at TCB, a nationwide affordable housing development company. In his role, Malik oversees commercial real estate investments made in low-income communities and works diligently to increase access to quality education, healthcare, jobs, and healthy foods. Malik has served on the Board of Madison Park since 2007 and is excited to begin his tenure as Board Chair this year, continuing to serve the Roxbury community where he was raised.

MPDC's previous Board Chair, Lisa Moris (pictured above, right), also shared a few words in regards to her long-withstanding partnership and continued work with Madison Park, stating, "I am so incredibly proud of the work we have done. Malik Aziz, the long-term MPDC board member, is now at the helm of the Board of Directors and will help lead us into the future. Malik is dedicated, a quiet powerhouse, well-versed in real estate and community development, and is poised to be a trailblazer. I will still be here, supporting our board officers as a committed board member, and will ensure we focus our work on racial equity and social justice efforts within the world of community development. Thank you for the support, guidance, feedback, and input throughout the years. I am because we are. Together, we can create the community we want to see. Malik, I am so proud of you and will be your biggest cheerleader."
Resource Development Rundown:
NeighborWorks Week June 2022
In June, MPDC was proud to celebrate NeighborWorks Week from June 4-11, 2022 with the theme of "Empowering Communities for Success." Leslie Reid, MPDC's CEO, reflects, “NeighborWorks America is an invaluable partner and plays a key role in MPDC’s mission to foster a vibrant, healthy Roxbury neighborhood. For over 20 years, NeighborWorks America has supported MPDC in advancing important community development projects and programs, ranging from our robust Community Action department to the Madison Park Next Door first-time homebuyer initiative. Simultaneously, NeighborWorks provides high-quality technical assistance and training. We are grateful to join with a robust network of nearly 250 NeighborkWorks organizations throughout the country in celebrating NeighborWorks Week 2022.”

Many thanks to NeighborWorks America for their ongoing support of Madison Park Development Corporation! 

MPDC is also pleased to announce that we will continue to partner with Boston Children's Hospital over the next three years as a returning Collaboration for Community Health grantee. Funds will allow MPDC to increase capacity and strengthen MPDC’s Soheil Turner Youth Leadership Institute programs, which provide youth ages 14-24 with comprehensive year-round youth development and employment programming.

Thank you, Boston Children's Hospital! 
MPDC's CEO, Leslie Reid, Hosts Walk-Through Tour of MPDC's History!
In June, MPDC's CEO, Leslie Reid, led the MPDC staff on a tour of all organizational properties, including a walk through our organization and community’s history. Staff learned various fun facts, such as the origins of Bethune Way and the legacy of Roxbury residents that is put into the details of MPDC's work. Did you know that the Haynes House is named for MPDC leader, Vinnie Haynes, and the drummer depicted on the fencing is his brother, Roy Haynes? Staff also learned about the 113 units of homeownership that we produced from 1999 to 2010, including the home of one of MPDC's current board members. Moments like these give us the fuel to keep working, building beautiful and affordable housing for the people of Roxbury!
The Dewitt Center in June:
Father's Day & more!
On June 1st, 2022, 60 Winn community coordinators from across the country came together at the Dewitt Center to volunteer and learn about Madison Park Village. Community Coordinators were in Boston participating in the Annual Winn Connected Community Conference. The coordinators learned about the impact MPDC has had on the Roxbury community within the past 55 years. After the presentation, coordinators participated in a Winn cares program, volunteered at the Hope Community Garden, and provided potted plants to the seniors in our community.

On June 17th, 2022, Winn Management had their Father’s Day Celebration at the Dewitt Center! About 35 MPDC Village Fathers of ages ranging from 20 to 70 years gathered at the Center. The event consisted of a father-figure slideshow organized by Yamira Perez, Etai G. Blinky, Jennifer Garcia, and Jordan Washington. Of course, there was barbecue food and amazing gift boxes loaded with personal care items for the community.
MPDC Endorsed Votes Act Legislation in 2021, Mail-in Voting Law Implemented in June 2022!
Great News! In 2021, MPDC endorsed the Votes Act Legislation. The comprehensive election bill's goal was to make permanent reforms like vote-by-mail and early voting feasible, bring Same-Day Voter Registration to the Commonwealth, and ensure that incarcerated eligible voters have meaningful access to the ballot. Now, in June 2022, these reforms kick in this election cycle! MPDC’s history is rooted in organizing and activism in the Roxbury neighborhood; that legacy continues to inform MPDC's work today. As the founder and lead member of the RoxVote Coalition, MPDC has honed its voter outreach, education, and engagement model over the last ten years. 
Youth Development Download:
Workforce Academy & more!
Throughout the month of June, MPDC's Youth Workforce had many things to celebrate! Firstly, During the week of June 13th, YWF welcomed 40 new incoming youth to participate in Workforce Academy 1.0. Additionally, during the Juneteenth week, they also hosted 24 returners for Workforce Academy 2.0, where new material such as The Art of the Elevator Pitch was presented! Lastly, on June 17th, YWF bid a farewell to our Northeastern Co-op, Emre Muftu. He was an integral part of the Youth Workforce Team and will be missed!
Mental Health Reminder for June:
Encouraging Self-Care Always
MPDC's Mental Health Team would like to end the month of June by encouraging our community to continue self-care! We urge our MPDC family to prioritize their mental health always! As you navigate daily responsibilities, MPDC is here to remind you to put yourself first! Please be sure to follow along with MPDC's mental health social media pages on Instagram and Facebook! They'll be sharing mental health tips, resources, check-ins, and skills weekly.
Thank you to our June 2022
Newsletter Contributors!
Malik Aziz
Erica Davis
Daria Davis-Fleming
Arianna Guiseppone
Javier Gutierrez
Intiya Ambrogi-Isaza
Justina Thompson
Meghan Higgins
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Kyle Miller
Lisa Moris
Roxbury Roots @ Hibernian Hall!
Join Hibernian Hall for a night of collective storytelling and fun around the campfire!

AGE RANGE: Open to all!
WHEN: Saturday, August 20th, 2022, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
WHERE: Hibernian Hall (located at 184 Dudley Street, Roxbury, MA 02119)

Allow the night to take you through a diverse range of human experiences filled with laughter, tears, and truth. Each story is unique, each voice is authentic, and we will go through each journey, together. “Roxbury Roots” was created by Haris Lefteri (Artistic Director of Hibernian Hall) and Leslie Stafford (Health Equity & Wellness Coordinator) who wanted to give a platform to the adventurers and the storytellers.

Please contact Haris Lefteri at hlefteri@madison-park.org for any additional further inquiries.
Mass & Cass Candidate's Debate (hosted @ Hibernian Hall)
Communities of Color hosts the Mass & Cass Candidate’s Debate at Hibernian Hall, featuring candidates for the Suffolk County District!

WHEN: Wednesday, July 20th, 2022, from 5:30 pm — 9:00 pm
WHERE: Hibernian Hall (located at 184 Dudley Street, Roxbury, MA 02119)

The Mass & Cass Candidate’s Debate will feature all current candidates for Suffolk County’s Sheriff, District Attorney, and, lastly, State Senator. Additionally, the debate will address a wide range of topics regarding the city of Boston, including the ongoing Mass & Cass crisis.

Be sure to tune into the conversation on WCVB TV 5!
Refreshments will be served!

For more information about the Mass & Cass Candidate’s Debate at Hibernian, please contact Haris Lefteri at hlefteri@madison-park.org.
MPDC's July Food Pantry @
 The Dewitt Center
WHERE: The Dewitt Center
(located at 122 Dewitt Drive, Roxbury, MA 02120)
WHEN: Every 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month from 11 AM to 1 PM
(for this month, July 2nd and July 16th)

The Dewitt Center and the Islamic Multi-Service Organization (IMSO) host their food pantry monthly. Canned goods, fruit, pasta, spaghetti, and more will be available for pickup! Supplies are limited. Masks and social distancing are required.

For more information, please contact IMSO at
myimso@yahoo.com or call 617.442.2805.