January 2024

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Making 2024 a Year Marked by Inspiration

Dear Mt. Pleasant Community, 


I hope you had a joyful Winter Break and were able to restore your energy to make the best out of this new year.  


It is wonderful to see our classrooms full of enthusiasm again! Let’s work together to make 2024 a year marked by inspiration, commitment and fulfilled dreams in the efforts to advance each one of our students’ education. I appreciate everyone’s dedication to supporting our students every day and at every grade level. Your contributions make a difference! 


We give all our gratitude to our students, staff and families for your partnership! Let’s have a strong start to the new year! 



Dr. Elida MacArthur 


Please watch a special holiday video.

Attendance is Essential for Students’ Success

Every school day counts in a child's academic life. The National Center for Education Statistics has a clear message: A missed school day is a lost opportunity for students to learn. Teacher effectiveness is the strongest school-related determinant of student success, but chronic student absence reduces even the best teacher's ability to provide learning opportunities. 


Students who attend school regularly have been shown to achieve at higher levels than students who do not have regular attendance. This relationship between attendance and achievement may appear early in a child's school career. A recent study looking at young children found that absenteeism in kindergarten was associated with negative first grade outcomes such as greater absenteeism in subsequent years and lower achievement in reading, math, and general knowledge.


Poor attendance has serious implications for later outcomes as well. High school dropouts have been found to exhibit a history of negative behaviors, including high levels of absenteeism throughout their childhood, at higher rates than high school graduates. Let’s do our best to make school attendance a priority!

Coffee with the Superintendent on January 22

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