Dear MPH Community,
“Steady as she goes!”
I’m not much of a sailor these days, but, as a teenager, I have fond memories as a crew member aboard my uncle’s 210 .  During races, the quote above was a familiar refrain from the skipper, encouraging us to maintain our focus and our effort, and to stay the course.
With this note, I am simply checking in with the community to extend warm (very warm of late!) summer wishes from MPH and to provide an update on our work and planning for the upcoming year. I’ll keep this light, in keeping with the spirit of summer.
Shortly after our Commencement on June 7, several working groups kicked back into high gear, and I have been just so impressed with the commitment of time, expertise, and thoughtful collaboration among so many of my colleagues, volunteers, and professional partners. All of us are squarely focused on one objective, which is to plan for a successful start to the 2020-2021 school year. 
With so much information circulating on various media channels, some of which is helpful, here’s what you can expect from MPH in the weeks ahead:
  • By July 24, we will distribute the latest-and-greatest iteration of the “MPH Plan for the 2020-2021 School Year.”
  • During the week of July 27, we will host three online community meetings, during which MPH families will have a chance to discuss aspects of the Plan, raise concerns, ask questions, make suggestions, and so forth.

With so much to consider, it’s easy to feel confused and overwhelmed. We’re confident that The Plan and the community meetings will go a long way in addressing many of your concerns. At MPH, our mission and core values remain at the center of our planning, as is the priority of safeguarding the health and well-being of every member of the MPH community.

Best wishes to all,

Dave McCusker
Head of School