March 2018
Special Features In This Issue
  • Showing Up is Just the First Step by Robbie Samuels

  • Why Volunteer? by Joanne Dennison

  • Community Service & Chapter Engagement - Remembering Our Contribution to Operation American Soldier

  • Olivia Hamilton of VDA Productions in the New Member Spotlight

  • Ainsley Onstott of DPI Events in the Volunteer Spotlight

  • The Education Committee in our Committee Spotlight
President's Corner
By Molly Hudson, CMM, CMP, President

Eight years ago, I was told to find an association and get involved to help broaden my knowledge base, customer base and brand reach. I went to an MPI meeting and listened to a woman speak who inspired me that day and inspires me still, Michelle Johnson. She was a chapter leader and I thought to myself, fast forward 5 years and I want to lead like her.

After that meeting she approached me, I let her know I was a new member and asked what I could do to make the most of the experience. And she said one word – volunteer. I’ve spent the last 8 years volunteering with MPI New England and I can honestly say that I have come out for the better in so many more ways than one.

Being a member of MPI is great, being an engaged member is the way to build business relationships and forge career paths for yourself and it does take a small effort on your part (or a bigger effort on your part if you are interested in a board position) but don’t let the word volunteer scare you!

Join us on March 21 st at City Winery for our only COMPLIMENTARY meeting of the year. Representatives from all committees will be on-site to share areas where they need help, give you first hand examples of how volunteering has benefitted them and to have fun with your friends and colleagues who may not be members yet but would be interested in knowing more. It’s going to be a great night and a wonderful way to learn more before you commit to maximizing your membership.

Steps for Strategic Volunteering
By Robbie Samuels, Professional Speaker, Podcast Host, Coach

Showing Up is Just the First Step .

You probably already know that one of the best reasons to volunteer for your association is to build stronger connections with others in your field. This is true if you are new to the meetings industry, a recent transplant from another region of the country, or planning to switch gears from working in higher ed to medical. There are many unexpected benefits as well...

Why Volunteer?
By Joanne Dennison, MSEd, CMP,
This was written many years ago as I started my Presidency of another MPI chapter. Everything I wrote then is, in my mind, still relevant.   I used to have a poster on my wall from another organization that said:

“Maybe the reason you have not volunteered is that no one has asked you. I am asking you now.”
Every morning I wake up and quickly think of my personal life, work life, MPI life and the commitments I have to other people and organizations. Sometimes I start thinking about all of it the night before, and occasionally in the middle of the night. I always think, “How is this all going to fit together today?”

Of course, within each of those areas there are other pieces. For example, in my work life I am trying to balance multiple clients’ needs along with the nuts and bolts of running the business. In my personal life, I am trying to fit my marriage, the operations of the household and of course, time for myself.

I see it all as a puzzle. There is one big puzzle, my life, with all those miniature puzzles within it. There are days I am tempted to throw away some (or all) of the pieces. There are also days when I throw pieces away accidentally. What ticks me off sometimes is that the size and shape of the pieces keep changing. 

Remembering Contributions Made to
By Nancy Lorusso,
MPI/NE Director of Publications

Who remembers that cold night last December when we danced with Wally and Tessie to World Premiere and shielded our eyes from Bryan Lavin’s “ugly” holiday blazer? I sure do! 

One of the memories that stands out for me is watching so many of you, the 200 plus people that attended the event, take time to write letters of gratitude to our American Soldiers deployed around the world.
Contributing to Operation American Soldier is just one meaningful example of how being engaged in the chapter can make a real difference.

While speaking with founder, Wendy Rocca, I learned that Operation American Soldier makes connections between soldiers with those of us back in the USA, sometimes anonymous, but sometimes not. A simple gesture of writing a holiday card to a Soldier overseas, who may not receive any letters, has a huge impact on the Soldier as well the person writing the card. Last December, is was our members that were making an impact. And really, isn’t that what we all want to do through any association we belong to?
Thanks to Wendy and Operation American Soldier for partnering with MPI and thanks to all of our members! Please don’t forget that what you do makes a difference and stay engaged for more opportunities.

For more information on Operation American Soldier, you can find them on the web at
March Membership Event
Learn more about MPI
The benefits of membership and how to get more involved

Join fellow event professionals for an exciting night out at City Winery and enjoy casino games that will provide interaction and entertainment throughout the evening. Attendees can enjoy wine tastings while learning more about fun ways to volunteer within MPI New England. Take a chance and join us at this event… don’t forget your poker face.

Wednesday, March 21 st , 2018
Registration & Reception: 5:30pm – 9:30pm

City Winery
1 Canal Street
Boston, MA

Thank you so much to our valuable sponsors:

When You Buy MPI , So Do Our Members!
To connect with Jenn Allard, our Advertising Sales Representative , on marketing opportunities through MPI New England, click Here .
New Member Spotlight
Olivia Hamilton
Account Relationship Manager
VDA Productions

Olivia joined recently and is already making her presence felt within the Chapter. Welcome!

What motivated you to join MPI?

My decision to join MPI was fueled by a desire to learn and continue to grow my knowledge and skill sets. My background and formal education was not focused in the events industry, so I was eager to join MPI for their educational programming, and the opportunity to learn from industry experts. I’ve attended monthly meetings for various event organizations in the Boston area, and I have always been impressed by the content, creativity, and venue selection that MPI puts forth at their monthly meetings. Having just stepped into my role at VDA Productions, I thought there could not be a better time to become an MPI member! Another motivation for joining MPI was the networking opportunities this presents. Since joining, I have been contacted by several MPI board members, welcoming me to the organization. They have gone out of their way to introduce me to other fellow members, helping me to establish some great connections in my first few times attending!

What advice would you give to potential new member who are on the fence about joining?

As a young professional, I would strongly encourage my peers to join! MPI presents a great opportunity to engage with the local event community, and the educational components are second to none. MPI is a great investment at the individual and company level, and a great investment in your future!
Member Corner 
Welcome to these Members that joined in February

Sara Bucciarelli

Carol Crabb, Cardinal Health Inc., Meetings and Event Planner
Caitlin Holmes

Nytesha Hubert, EMD Performance Materials

Karyn Lee

Chagrin Olivo, InterContinental San Juan, Associate Director of Sales

Kathryn Pirolli, BD, Surgeon Education Coordinator

Rebecca Vieira, Ashworth College

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Volunteer Spotlight
Ainsley Onstott, CMP
Director, Event Management
DPI Events

Ainsley's volunteer commitment to MPI not only includes 4 years on the current Board, she also has her sights set on the Office of the President. As she is planning our joint April GMID meeting, I asked he to share her MPI story.

How did you first become involved with MPI?

In 2008, my company at the time wanted me to attend more networking events in the city. A friend of my family was the MPI NE president and suggested that MPI would be a great organization for me to get more involved. It was a great way to meet people in the area as I was new to the industry in Boston, as well as learn more through education and see new venues. I didn’t realize at the time that MPI would also offer me multiple career advancement opportunities, leadership opportunities through volunteering and the board of directors and many lifelong friendships.  
Q - Can you share one of your most memorable MPINE stories?

After co-chairing my third program with the Special Projects committee, I was approached by the current board members who asked if I would be interested in joining the Board of Directors. As both of them would not be returning to the board the following year, they were looking for two committee members to step up into leadership positions. After the chapter elected me and another committee member to the board, we attended our first board of directors retreat at the Top Notch Resort in Vermont. After a four hour car ride, two full days of meetings and a weekend hiking adventure, I started a friendship, which now four years later is still one of my closest.
Want To Volunteer?
Education Committee Spotlight 
In advance of the March Membership Meeting, why not consider being part of the Education Committee?

Our committee is responsible for planning the monthly educational programs. We partner with the best venues, and the most exciting speakers who are entertaining but who will deliver strong educational content that will interest our planner and supplier members alike.

If you have an interest in producing meetings with a WOW educational factor we want you on our committee! 

For more details on the Education Committee, contact Mary Desrosiers at  [email protected]   or Ainsley Onstott at [email protected] .
Upcoming Chapter Events  
Add these events to your calendar and stay tuned for updates on all of our Upcoming Events.
March 23-24, 2018 - Studying for your CMP? Read below for more information and to register, click HERE.
April 12, 2018 – Global Meetings Industry Day & joint meeting with PCMA New England. Register HERE!
May 16, 2018 - MPI Red Sox Game Day at Fenway Park, 7:10 PM - 10:00 PM

November 19-20, 2018 - Fall Institute , location to be announced soon!
February Instant Replay 
Checkers vs Chess:
Unlocking the Keys to Authentic Leadership
Michael Dominguez, Senior VP and Chief Sales Officer of MGM Resorts International filled the house last month for our February Educational Program at The Colonnade Hotel.

Sharing his own success stories and challenges, we learned from Dominguez how to manage a modern day team as well as the consequences of not getting it right. There were a lot of notes being taken that evening as we listened to one of our industries most dynamic leaders.

Our generous venue host, The Colonnade Hotel, was out to impress! The delicious food and eye pleasing presentations made this night one to remember.

MPI/NE would like to extend sincere appreciation to all of our valued event sponsors:

  • The Colonnade Hotel
  • Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority
  • David Fox Photography