Having a foot in the door that opens to the event industry at my young age of eighteen is uncommon. However, thanks to Joanne Dennison, that was made possible for me. I am very grateful for Joanne and her generosity throughout my six-week internship with her this past spring. I grew up in the suburban town of Westford, Massachusetts, which she also called home. During my sophomore year of high school in December, I met Joanne at an event my school hosted called the Career Breakfast. Around sixty people of various professions came to the school that morning to educate sophomore students about their occupations. At that point in time, I had interest in becoming an author, graphic designer, or architect. Since options were limited at the Career Breakfast, I chose to explore what event planning and interior designing had to offer. Up until seeing the job title on the list, I had never heard of an event planner before, however the idea struck my interest! Luckily, I had the pleasure of meeting Joanne Dennison to gather insight as to what it is like to plan and manage events. Two years later, during my senior year, I reached out to her in hopes of a mentor. To my delight, I had the privilege of an internship with her for the last six weeks of my senior year. This internship was one of the best decisions of my life. Having been exposed to a variety of experiences and responsibilities, I found something I have always wanted to feel for work: passion.