MPI Tennessee!! What a fabulous month July was for the chapter. First, we started with a new member orientation at the Listening Room, where we were able to say “Welcome to the Family!” How fun to watch our membership grow with industry professionals – a few more details on that below.

Were you able to join our kickoff meeting at Nissan Stadium? What big fear are you making work for you after that amazing presentation from Judi Holler?? (If you missed it, ask a friend for the cliff notes version and prepare to have goosebumps.). I’m still laughing at a tablemate asking why the ice cream cones weren’t melting. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Getting to see amazing venues in our state, watch our caterers pull out all the stops, learn while laughing, and enjoy time with each other? If you’re not doing that with your MPI Membership, let us know how we can help you!

Also, we made a BIG announcement. We are this close to 400 members – a goal we’ve had our eye on for some time. We’ve got a fun prize package up for grabs – the 400th member will win the coveted title of Mr. or Ms. 400 and a MIX VIP Package to go with it. It will include free registrations for all of the MIX events this year, a VIP experience at the events, and some other fun surprises as well. We can’t wait to tell you who it is, and that our chapter has joined the 400 club!

Last, I want to give a shout out to our new board position – the Director of Operations. This strategic role is now responsible for sourcing all needs for our chapter events – this includes venues, décor, photography, AV. If we need it to make our events happen, the DOO and her committee are out looking for it.  If you are a supplier and would like to donate your services or goods, please reach out to Michael Elizabeth McQuillen – I’m sure she can find a need you can fill.

This month is full, with a MIX event in the West, and another top-notch educational opportunity in the Central Region – and we’ve just added a supplier only session with Shawna Suckow. We are so excited about the topics and speakers you’ll have access to this year.

As always, thanks to each of you for making MPI Tennessee an awesome place to call home for each of us!
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August Educational Luncheon - Central
Wednesday, August 15
Marathon Music Works
** Supplier Bonus Session: 10:00am – 11:00am **
11:00am – 1:00pm

** Supplier Bonus Session **

Welcome to the era of Relationship Marketing! Consumers all over the world are evolving and changing, and American planners are particularly different than they were just a few years ago. T he days of cold calling are over, and prospects don't respond to email or traditional advertising methods anymore. The traditional sales role is dying. What’s a salesperson supposed to do? This session will position you better for the immediate future, as well as prepare you for coming shifts. You’ll learn new ways to use old tools that will save you lots of time and frustration.

  • Discover new tools and actionable strategies that will help you prospect better, sell easier, get more referrals, and ultimately drive more revenue in 2019 and beyond!
  • Learn from Shawna’s latest buyer research: what types of marketing actually work today to get their attention, build credibility, and establish trust (it's not what you think!).
  • Discover the six things that will keep you relevant well into the future (when 80% of traditional salespeople will go extinct!).

The Planner/Supplier RUMBLE©

Be ready to let down your guard in this riveting, unique session! Three planners and three suppliers will face off as we settle into a candid discussion about issues selected from all participants through an anonymous poll. This will be a lively, matter-of-fact discussion with everyone participating throughout the meeting. You will leave with a new level of understanding of how we all can strive to build better relationships … it never has to feel like a “knock-out”!

  • Discover new tools and actionable strategies that will help you prospect better, sell easier, get more referrals, and ultimately drive more revenue in 2019 and beyond!
  • Learn from Shawna’s latest buyer research: what types of marketing actually work today to get their attention, build credibility, and establish trust (it's not what you think!).
  • Discover the six things that will keep you relevant well into the future (when 80% of traditional salespeople will go extinct!).
Summer MIX Event - West
Thursday, August 23
The University Club
5:30pm – 7:30pm

It’s summertime and what better way to take advantage of a great summer evening than attending the MPI West Summer Mix at The University Club! Cocktails and food will be provided by The University Club, as well as elegant entertainment by renowned violinist, Donna Wolfe. This is the perfect time to network with fellow members and the 18-19 West Region Committee Chairs and Volunteers. You also have the chance to win a great giveaway! We look forward to seeing you there!
Fall MIX Event - Central
Tuesday, September 18
Nashville Underground
4:30pm – 6:30pm

Let’s Kick off the event season with a party at one of Nashville’s hottest event venues on Broadway - Nashville Underground. Enjoy delicious bites and 2 drinks per person as you support your favorite team! Jerseys and foam fingers not included. Space is limited for this event, so register early!
Do you know someone interested in joining the MPI Tennessee Chapter? Refer someone to join, and help us reach our first-ever 400th member!! There will be special perks for Mr./Mrs. 400, including free registration and VIP treatment at all chapter MIX events now through June 2019. Be sure to pass this along to anyone interested in joining so we can continue to support our members and help them be successful, personally and professionally, by connecting another remarkable individual with our amazing chapter.
We are excited to welcome Melanie Blanche from Sheraton Grand Downtown as our Director of Monthly Meetings! At the same time, we will miss Kayce Kiningham, CMP with the Tennessee School Boards Association.  We wish her well as she is now serving as the VP of Communication, a job she will do very well! We’d also like to thank all the wonderful members of the education team for all their hard work this past year… we are looking forward to another memorable year to come.

Your education team is hard at work planning for the upcoming months and here is a sneak-peek at what is to come through the end of our programming for 2018...
  • August 15th will knock your socks off! We are bringing Shawna Suckow to create a “Planner/Supplier RUMBLE”! We will be at Marathon Music Works and expect to be engaged in a memorable event.
  • September 19th brings us to celebrate “Bring Your Boss to MPI Day” at the Nelson Andrews Leadership Center with STR presenting. This will be a great meeting to showcase the ROI you get from your MPI membership to your Boss, or if you are the Boss, it will remind you how valuable this association truly is for your company.
  • On October 10th, Carol Norfleet will ask you to “Take A Seat” with a new, highly interactive program at Studio 615! Mark your calendars for this as you don’t want to lose your seat…
  • November 9th is our new date for this year’s CONNECT event! We have an MPI favorite as our Keynote Speaker – Michael Dominguez! This will be a spectacular meeting, and we will send more information soon!
Stay tuned for information on the happenings for 2019! We value your opinion and input, so if you have anything to share with our education team or would like to join us, please contact Cory Brooks, CMP at We will get you plugged into the education team with volunteer opportunities.
If you did not receive a copy of the menus that were handed out at the June luncheon in Nashville or Memphis, we have you covered! Here is a link to the menus Angela Gaffney discussed and printed for all participants.

MPI TN West Chapter had the pleasure of teaming up with MPI TN Central for June’s educational session so all our TN members got to experience our speaker, Angela Gaffney. Angela had a life changing moment that jump-started her onto the path of healthy eating, but with many restrictions. With that change came the struggles and hardships that anyone who has an allergy has faced… what can I eat? We had a great time learning about some major and minor allergies that most our event attendees are facing on a daily basis and how we can make everyone’s experience a little better at the buffet line or dinner table. The Crown Plaza Downtown Memphis curated a wonderful menu in conjunction with Angela to showcase some fantastic and delicious items that were healthy and helped limit allergy restrictions. We know everyone walked away with some new menu ideas and ways to make it easier for attendees with food restrictions at their next event.

- Anita White, CMP, First Tennessee Bank
MPI has a new publication called “The Essential Guide to Safety and Security” and it is free for all MPI Members. In times where safety and security of event attendees is becoming more of a concern, MPI took it upon themselves to create a guide that includes nearly 400 recommendations for safety and security best practices for meetings and events.  Click here to learn more about the guide and what it has to offer. Click here to download the digital version at no cost.
New to the family in July
Jessica Armentrout
Holston House

Cayce Brasel

Joslyn Hanna
Nashville Business Journal

Lauren Ratcliff
Over The Top Rental Linens

Ashley Ross 

Kimberly Wichern
Regius Events
Congratulations to our members celebrating an MPI anniversary in August!
Kathleen Metts – 17 years
Sandy Walker – 16 years
Jennye Williams – 14 years
Kathryn York – 13 years
Beth McDaniels – 12 years
Lisa Lawry – 9 years
Tara Moore – 6 years
Erika Biddix – 6 years
Kathleen Wallish – 6 years
Tiffany Joyner – 5 years
Michael Cochran – 5 years
Dana Barton – 5 years
Shannon Yeater – 5 years
Pattie Kempka – 5 years
Cory Brooks – 5 years
Jill Kopecky – 4 years
Brenna Ruhlman – 4 years
Staci Brockman – 3 years
Michael White – 3 years
Gerri Bluhm – 3 years
Paul Hardy – 3 years
Molly Carpenter – 3 years
Jessica Jarve – 1 year
Jennifer Jones – 1 year
Trish Stiles – 1 year
Dani Hubert – 1 year
Meg Gourd – 1 year
Ashley Siskey – 1 year
Abby Grewe – 1 year
Angelica Clark – 1 year
Tim Farrell – 1 year
Ashley Hendel – 1 year
Sara Moggio – 1 year
Lori Ramey – 1 year
Kristie Rosenblum – 1 year