As with all of you, I also have an actual life outside of work. For me that means three young kids, a puppy, and a husband. My kids see me in the Mom role most days, but occasionally I get them chatting about my career.

Earlier this week, one of the little ones had a particularly rough lesson in not being prepared for something. It reminded me of the time that all my hard work failed me, and even the best laid plans resulted in a major error at a program. Even though it was well over 13 years ago, the memory of that major bump in my professional road sticks with me. But the lesson learned was to prepare, prepare, and then prepare some more. It showed me which i’s I needed to make sure were dotted and which t’s most often were overlooked.

In our industry, it’s these small details that make the most difference in any size event. And we know it’s the same for our MPI Tennessee events. The details matter. They matter to our members, to our leaders, and to our future members. Feedback on these details is what makes our chapter stronger. So, the next time a post-event survey pops up in your email, please take a few minutes to complete it open and honestly. We hope that you have great things to say about the programs, but any constructive criticism is more than welcome – we’ll add it to our list of details to pay special attention to for all future events.

I hope everyone is staying warm and dry as we make it through these winter months. We’re excited to bring you a really great program in both the Central AND West regions this month. Make sure to register early before we sell out. And keep an eye on those details!