We’ve made it!

A new year, a new decade, and so many great expectations on the horizon. Everyone sets resolutions, both personally and professionally, and I hope MPI Tennessee can be one of the vehicles you use to achieve those goals. Our Board of Directors has an incredible 2020 planned for you. Education topics will include a “Supplier/ Planner Tell All (Bachelor Style!)”, Wellness in your events and in your life, My Nerdy BFF teaching us all about technology in our events and our personal lives, and so many more! Our networking and MIX events will remind us of Nashville’s long standing treasure spots and introduce us to the new spots on the scene while we have the chance to grow our networks and relationships. We will take time to celebrate our volunteers and work even harder to make sure all of our members, new and veterans, have the chance to volunteer and connect with MPI Tennessee.

In the efforts of making changes to positively increase our member’s experience, we will have a new board position for our 2020-2021 board, Director, Educational Conference. This role and its responsibilities will focus solely on reinventing our CONNECT conference and making it hit all of the high points that our members look for in our chapter. And don’t forget, 2020 is MPI Tennessee’s 40th Anniversary of being a chapter! We will celebrate all year in so many fun ways! I, and your current Board of Directors, look forward to continuing to provide you ways to grow, learn, and connect in this new year. As always, “MPI is a heart thing, not a head thing!”