In our industry, it’s all about the numbers. How is the budget looking? How many attendees have registered? How many linens do you need? What is the percentage of beef vs. fish for the awards dinner? Here at MPI Tennessee, we do our fair share of looking at the numbers, too, including membership numbers, attendee numbers, survey numbers… the list goes on and on.

However, we all know that what stays with our stakeholders is how you made them feel at the end of a program. Did they feel celebrated, encouraged, invigorated, or educated? As we enter a new calendar year, the chapter is staying focused on the question, “What can we do to make our members’ lives better?” We know it doesn’t matter how many colleagues are seated at meetings with you; it’s the quality of the networking and education you’re exposed to. It’s not how many items are on the buffet, but rather if the presentation or menu is something you can carry over to your daily job.

As you look at the crazy great calendar of programs that we are offering in 2019, please take a moment to decide ahead of time what you’re hoping to get out of each event. Feel free to tell us, so we can make sure we are meeting your needs! And similarly, if you have a success story of a business relationship, sales goal or friendship that MPI Tennessee has played a role in, we’d love to hear about it – and possibly even feature it in a future edition of the newsletter!

Raising a toast to all of you and to a year full of making a positive difference in our industry!