Hello everyone! I thought that I would date myself this month with a classic from The Clash. Maybe it was the 80s movie marathon this weekend on AMC, but I thought this was a true testament about how so many of us are feeling. “Should I go to this event in person or should I stay home?” Just know that you aren’t alone in thinking that way, and it looks like it might be our reality for the next couple of months at least.

I want to give a huge shout-out to Gary Musick, his entire team at Gary Musick Productions, Bob Anderson, Songdivision, Dwayne Bass Photography, Brad Lehman and our Education team for the fantastic presentation and networking event Wednesday, August 19. I’ve heard nothing but compliments so thank you!

Congratulations to Jessica Pettit for being selected as our Speaker of the Year, and Holiday Inn Express Nashville Downtown for getting top votes for Venue of the Year! This month we will be awarding our Pillar and Volunteer Awards so be sure to attend our MIX event on September 15 to see who won.

Fall is in the air. This past week my son left for his junior year at University of Tennessee Knoxville, and I realized that instead of gaining the “Freshman 15”, I’ve managed to pack on the “COVID 19”.  Not a good look for me, but some days Ben & Jerry really understand and support what I’m going through. Love those guys.

I know 2020 continues to challenge all of us, but we are lucky to have each other to lean on when times get even tougher. Your MPI Board and I are always available, so don’t be afraid to reach out; you are the reason our chapter is amazing!