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New Materials
The German House by Annette Hess -- Historical Fiction

For 24-year-old Eva Bruhns, World War II is a foggy childhood memory. Now it is 1963, and the city’s streets, once cratered are smooth and paved. Eager for her wealthy suitor, Jürgen Schoormann, to propose, Eva dreams of starting a new life away from her parents and sister. But Eva’s plans are turned upside down when a fiery investigator, David Miller, hires her as a translator for a war crimes trial.

As she becomes more deeply involved in the Frankfurt Trials, Eva begins to question her family’s silence on the war and her future. Though it means going against the wishes of her family and her lover, Eva, propelled by her own conscience , joins a team of fiery prosecutors determined to bring the Nazis to justice.
Meg & Jo by Virginia Kantra -- Adaptation

The March sisters—reliable Meg, independent Jo, stylish Amy, and shy Beth—have grown up to pursue their separate dreams. When Jo followed her ambitions to New York City, she never thought her career in journalism would come crashing down, leaving her struggling to stay afloat in a gig economy as a prep cook and secret food blogger.

Meg appears to have the life she always planned—the handsome husband, the adorable toddlers, the house in a charming subdivision. But sometimes getting everything you’ve ever wanted isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When their mother’s illness forces the sisters home to North Carolina for the holidays, they’ll rediscover what really matters.

Reputation by Sara Shepard -- Psychological Suspense

Aldrich University is rocked to its core when a hacker dumps 40,000 people's e-mails—the entire faculty, staff, students, alums—onto an easily searchable database. Rumors and affairs immediately leak, but things turn explosive when Kit Manning's handsome husband, Dr. Greg Strasser, is found murdered. Kit's sister, Willa, returns for the funeral, setting foot in a hometown she fled 15 years ago, after a night she wishes she could forget. As an investigative reporter, Willa knows something isn't right about the night Greg was killed, and she's determined to find the truth. And with a killer on the loose, Willa and Kit must figure out who killed Greg before someone else is murdered.
The Clergyman's Wife by Molly Greeley -- Historical Fiction/Adaptation

Charlotte Collins is the respectable wife of Hunsford’s vicar, and sees to her duties by rote, even tolerating the lectures of her awkward husband and his condescending patroness, Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Charlotte chose this life, an inevitable one so socially acceptable that its quietness threatens to overwhelm her.

Then she makes the acquaintance of Mr. Travis, a local farmer and tenant of Lady Catherine. In Mr. Travis’ company, Charlotte feels appreciated, heard, and seen. With her sensible nature confronted, Charlotte must now question the role of love and passion in a woman’s life, and whether they truly matter for a clergyman’s wife.

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May We Suggest...
Jennifer Everitt, Library Associate in the Circulation Department, recommends reading Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell.

She liked this book because it gave a different impression about other people; you certainly can't judge a book by its cover! It was a very interesting read.
Lisa Powell Williams, Adult and Young Adult Services Coordinator, recommends reading The Boy Next Story by Tiffany Schmidt.

She liked this book because it was a cute and fun story that takes you through literary novels such as The Great Gatsby and Little Women , so it was a perfect companion to the new movie!
Kim Schimmel, Library Associate in the Cataloging and Acquisitions Department, recommends reading Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds.

She was surprised by how much she liked this book. It's a novel told in verse and is an incredibly powerful and emotional story.
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