Dear MPOG Community,

Welcome to our 2023 summer newsletter! We have some exciting updates and announcements to share with you.  

We are thrilled to announce that registration for the 2023 MPOG Retreat is now officially open. This annual event brings together healthcare professionals, researchers, and industry experts in the field of perioperative medicine. The Retreat will be on October 13, 2023 in conjunction with the ASA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California. We’re excited to offer you in-person and virtual attendance options. 

Next, a warm welcome to our newest active member site, UMass Memorial Health! We're excited to have you join the MPOG community.   

We are proud to announce our recent Initiative for Multicenter Pragmatic Anesthesiology Clinical Trials (IMPACT) call for proposals. This effort to inspire trials in perioperative medicine highlights our dedication to improving patient care by evaluating, building, and implementing reliable evidence.  

I am also happy to welcome our two new members of the MPOG team, Henrietta Addo and Rebecca Pantis. Please learn more about them below. 

As always, we remain committed to fostering collaboration, innovation, and excellence within the field of anesthesiology. Thank you for being part of our journey towards excellence in perioperative care.  

Warm regards,


2023 MPOG Retreat Registration Open!

We are happy to announce the 2023 MPOG Retreat registration is now open! Please join us for insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and the chance to learn about the latest advancements in perioperative care. We’re excited to offer in-person and virtual attendance options. 

Register today to secure your spot! 

Friday, October 13, 2023 

MPOG Retreat 

Marriott Marquis 

Golden Gate A & B 

780 Mission Street 

San Francisco, CA 94103 

7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. PDT - Breakfast and Registration

9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. PDT -Meeting

Register Now

Upcoming Event

ACQR Retreat

Friday, September 15, 2023 

9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. EDT

DoubleTree Hotel 

3600 Plymouth Road

Ann Arbor, MI 48105

ASPIRE Collaborative Meeting

Thank you to our Michigan colleagues who attended the July ASPIRE Collaborative meeting held in Lansing, Michigan. It was a wonderful summer day to discuss perioperative quality improvement and connect with each other. 

We were honored to have Dr. Ross Renew from the Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida as one of our keynote speakers. He spoke about the practical considerations for introducing quantitative neuromuscular blockade monitoring into practice. Next, we shifted gears and welcomed Dr. Afton Hassett from the University of Michigan who gave an inspirational talk on assessing and addressing psychological stress in patients undergoing surgery. We ended the morning learning from Dr. Christopher Wedeven and Amy Poindexter from Holland Hospital, along with Kim Finch from Henry Ford Health System West Bloomfield, who shared impressive quality improvement stories.  

The afternoon started with an overview of the Michigan Social Health Interventions to Eliminate Disparities (MSHIELD) Collaborative, from Carol Grey and Matthias Kirch. We explored innovative approaches aimed at reducing health disparities within our communities.  

The afternoon concluded with a dynamic Quality Metric Performance Review session for PUL 01, PUL 02, NMB 02, GLU 01, GLU 03, and TEMP 03 (see our website for measure specifications). We learned from each other’s successes and challenges in implementing practice improvements related to these important quality measures. 

If you attended and need CME or were unable to attend and would like to review the recordings or slides, please see our post ASPIRE Collaborative meeting wrap-up page.

Welcome UMass Memorial Health

Please join us in welcoming the UMass Memorial Health to MPOG!

Import Manager Conversions

Congratulations to the University of Michigan Ann Arbor for recently completing their anesthesia documentation conversion to Epic!

Featured Member

Our Featured Member for July and August is Wendy Owens, MSN, RN who is an Anesthesiology Clinical Quality Reviewer (ACQR) for MyMichigan Health at the Alma, Alpena, Clare, Gladwin, Midland, and West Branch sites.

Congratulations, Wendy! 

Read more about her on our Featured Member page.


The 12,500-patient randomized controlled trial of intravenous propofol vs inhaled volatile general anesthesia, received official approval for the full-scale phase of the study from PCORI in June. We have thoroughly enjoyed holding start up meetings with enrolling sites over the past few months. Across the country, our colleagues are excited about THRIVE, thoughtful in their questions, and excited to get started. We are completing administrative requirements with PCORI and plan to launch full scale enrollment in September. Please feel free to reach out to with questions. 

Initiative for Multicenter Pragmatic Anesthesiology Clinical Trials (IMPACT)

The Multicenter Perioperative Outcomes Group (MPOG), Association of University Anesthesiologists (AUA), and Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Michigan are delighted to announce a three-year, $950,000 funding opportunity to support a multicenter pragmatic clinical trial in perioperative anesthesiology. The trial should be designed to answer a compelling clinical question around which clinical equipoise exists and can be ethically addressed without individual patient consent.    


The award will be made to a single clinical coordinating center (CCC) that is an MPOG active member. The MPOG Data Coordinating Center (DCC) at the University of Michigan will act as the trial DCC. In addition to direct financial support from IMPACT ($700,000) for the CCC and performance sites, MPOG will provide support in-kind ($250,000) as the DCC with technical, clinical informatics, and statistical support. Read more about the IMPACT Award and how to apply.   

Outcomes Research Fellowship

Congratulations to Dr. Clark Fisher and Dr. Sunny Lou on completing the inaugural MPOG Fellowship! They will be presenting the findings from their capstone projects at this year’s MPOG Retreat in San Francisco.

Thank you, Dr. Fisher and Dr. Lou, for all your hard work; we are eager to see the impact you’ll have in MPOG and the field of anesthesia! 

Additionally, we are excited to welcome our 2023-2024 fellows, Dr. Erica Langnas and Dr. Roberta Tallarico! They started on July 1st and are already well on their way to generating two great proposals. 

Anesthesiology Journal Podcasts

We are excited that MPOG was featured in two Anesthesiology podcasts this summer! 

The first featured Dr. Kai Kuck and Dr. Karim Shiraz Ladha who discussed Prolonged Opioid Use and Pain After Surgery (MPOG EOS Study).

Listen to the EOS podcast.

The second featured Dr. Robert White and Dr. Warren Sandberg who discussed their paper on antiemetic administration and its association on racial disparities.

Listen to the racial disparities podcast.  

Recent Publications

Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a frequent yet understudied postoperative total joint arthroplasty complication. This study aimed to describe cardiometabolic disease co-occurrence using latent class analysis and associated postoperative AKI risk. 

Leis AM, et al. Cardiometabolic disease and obesity patterns differentially predict acute kidney injury after total joint replacement: a retrospective analysis. Br J Anaesth 2023.  

Anesthesiologists’ contribution to perioperative healthcare disparities remains unclear because patient and surgeon preferences can influence care choices. Postoperative nausea and vomiting is a patient-centered outcome measure and a main driver of unplanned admissions. Antiemetic administration is under the sole domain of anesthesiologists. This study examined whether a patient’s race is associated with perioperative antiemetic administration and hypothesized that Black versus White race is associated with reduced receipt of antiemetics. 

White, RS, et al. Antiemetic Administration and Its Association with Race: A Retrospective Cohort Study, Anesthesiology. June 2023.


Measure Updates

GA 03-OB: Recently released obstetric-specific measure identifying cesarean delivery cases where general anesthesia was administered after epidural placement. This is a departmental, informational only measure and is not available to include for provider feedback emails. 

SUS-05-PEDS: Sustainability metric examining the percentage of pediatric cases where nitrous oxide was avoided during the induction period of anesthesia. 

SUS 06-PEDS: Sustainability metric examining the percentage of pediatric cases with a max fresh gas flow (FGF) equal to or less than a weight-based threshold during the induction phase of anesthesia. 


Mean FGF

< 20

≤ 3 L/min

20 - 30

≤ 4 L/min

30 - 40

≤ 5 L/min

> 40

≤ 6 L/min

SUS 07: New sustainability metric examining the percentage of adult cases where nitrous oxide was avoided during anesthesia. Sites are encouraged to review any variation in performance to determine if opportunities exist to reduce our carbon footprint. 

New Glucose Measures

Updates to the glycemic management measures are now available on the ‘All Measures’ dashboard. These changes were recommended and approved as part of the measure review process during the May Quality Committee meeting.  

The existing glycemic management measures (GLU 01-05) will continue through 2023 with plans to retire the original measures in early 2024. GLU 07 and GLU 08 are glycemic management measures for open cardiac cases only and are pending review by the cardiac subcommittee before publishing.  


A 'recheck only' measure for hyperglycemia management has been proposed - more input is needed before that specification can be drafted. If interested in joining a small workgroup to discuss the details for that measure, please contact Nicole Barrios.

In the meantime, five new glycemic management measures have been published!  

GLU 09: Hyperglycemia Management, Intraop (>180 mg/dL) 

GLU 10: Hyperglycemia Management, Periop (>180 mg/dL) 

GLU 11: Hyperglycemia Treatment, Periop (>180 mg/dL)

GLU 12: Hypoglycemia Management, Intraop (<70 mg/dL) 

GLU 13: Hypoglycemia Management, Periop (<70 mg/dL)

Please contact the team with any questions or feedback: 


Our MOCA software is updated! Participants will now see improvements when tracking their progress in the program. As a reminder, anesthesiologists can earn 25 ABA Part IV credits for reviewing flagged cases accessed via provider feedback emails. Both individuals and departments can enroll.  

For additional information, contact Nicole Barrios.

Measure Selection for Provider Feedback Emails

MPOG is excited to announce the release of the Measure Selection App! This new application is built within the QI Reporting Tool and allows site Quality Champions and ACQRs to update the measures included in provider feedback emails & displayed on the Site Selected Measures dashboard.

Please contact if you would like more information about how to navigate to this new tool! 

Quality Subcommittees


The next Cardiac Anesthesia Subcommittee meeting is scheduled for September 20, 2023 at 10am EDT. Since the last meeting, the hyperglycemia management measure, GLU-06-CARD, has been released and is available on dashboards for review. At the next meeting, the group plans to review two additional glycemic management measures focused on treatment of hyperglycemia in open cardiac procedures and intraoperative hypoglycemia.

The Cardiac Subcommittee is open to all providers interested in improving cardiac anesthesia care. Please contact Dr. Allison Janda if interested in joining! 


The MPOG Obstetric Anesthesia Subcommittee met in May and conducted a review of the first obstetric-specific measure: ABX-01. Thank you to Dr. Monica Servin and Dr. Brandon Togioka for facilitating the discussion. As a result of the feedback received, we are in the process of writing a new measure, ABX-03 which will examine Azithromycin administration for laboring women. We also discussed adding an exclusion to the existing General Anesthesia conversion measures to remove placenta accreta cases. This update will be applied using the ICD-10 codes for placenta accreta.  

The next OB Subcommittee meeting will be hosted on November 8th at 1pm EST. The agenda will be posted to Basecamp once finalized. Tentatively, we are planning to review data for uterotonic agent use and examine BMI stratification for obstetric-specific measures. In addition, Dr. Preet Singh (WashU) and Dr. Dan Biggs (U. Oklahoma) will present their review of the hypotension measure (BP-04) and make recommendations to the subcommittee to continue the measure as is, modify, or retire.

The OB Subcommittee is open to all providers interested in improving OB anesthesia care. Please contact Nicole Barrios if interested in joining.  


The MPOG Pediatric Subcommittee met in June and discussed a number of measures including glycemic management, oral morphine equivalency and intraoperative normothermia. A new antibiotic prophylaxis measure specific to pediatrics was also proposed (ABX-02-Peds) which will be built pending a vote from the subcommittee members.  

The next Pediatric Subcommittee meeting will be hosted in early December where the group will review the pediatric multimodal analgesia measure PAIN-01-Peds

The Pediatric Subcommittee is open to all providers interested in improving pediatric anesthesia care. Please contact Meridith Wade if interested in joining the subcommittee.  

Welcome New Staff

Henrietta Addo, MSN, RN 

Quality Improvement Specialist 

Hello, my name is Henrietta, and I prefer to be called Henrie. I came to America in the Fall of 2003 from Ghana, West Africa. I have an associate degree, two bachelor's degrees with one of them being an accelerated BSN, and recently completed my Master of Science in Nursing Informatics from Western Governors University. I was formerly part of the Corewell Health System where I worked in Med-Surg, Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, and as an Educator for the Critical Care Service Line. 

I am a huge sports fan with my number one team being Manchester United (soccer)! I enjoy taking road trips with my friends and finding new activities to participate in. Now that I am done with school I hope to visit as many states and countries as possible. 

I am excited to be part of MPOG and look forward to working with everyone! 

Rebecca Pantis 

Research Area Specialist

Rebecca is joining the MPOG research team as a Research Area Specialist to help support ongoing and upcoming research projects. She has over 4 years of prior experience working as a research coordinator. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience. She recently got accepted to the UM School of Public Health where she plans to obtain a Master of Health Services Administration degree.

She enjoys traveling and spending time with her two kids, Sophia and Lauren. She has a lofty goal to read 45 books a year and always appreciates book recommendations! She is looking forward to working closely with all the clinicians and study teams within the MPOG consortium. 

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