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Pamerson Ifill is named Probation Commissioner

Probation Updates

  • MPS’ 2024 Budget

  • Pretrial Unit survey

  • Trial Court mandatory training

  • Project Referral Process open

  • Community Justice Support Center's last ceremonies of the year

  • Massachusetts Trial Court Cares

  • Seeking nominees for Trial Court Cultural Appreciation Week Awards

  • MPS participates in Bunker Hill Community Career Day

  • Concord District Court to open Mental Health Recovery Court

  • An MPS Roll Call Tribute to our veterans

  • Moves and Accomplishments:


Parenting Program Brochure Update- If you are the facilitator of a Parenting Program, please send your information to:

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Message from Commissioner Pamerson O. Ifill

Dear MPS Colleagues:


It is an immense joy and honor to be appointed Commissioner of the Massachusetts Probation Service (MPS). I want to thank my MPS colleagues and the many people who have reached out to congratulate and wish me well. I appreciate your unwavering support and kind words of encouragement. It is you, MPS, who makes this agency one of the most impactful and successful Probation Services in the nation.  


As the new Commissioner, I plan to collaborate with you to advance the mission, vision, and values of the MPS. I look forward to working with my Trial Court colleagues and our criminal justice partners to provide those we serve with the support and services they need. One of our goals is to change the trajectory of clients’ lives, and the lives of their families. We, the MPS, are committed to building safer, healthier, and stronger communities across our great Commonwealth.

Thank you and I look forward to continuing this work with you. 


Pamerson O. Ifill,

Massachusetts Commissioner of Probation

MPS Business Updates:

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  • Hiring News- Newly-hired Chiefs and Probation Officer postings

Concord District Court to open Mental Health Recovery Court

The Concord District Court will hold a Stakesholder's Meeting to announce the official opening of the Concord District Court Mental Health Recovery Court and share information about its services on Wednesday, December 6th, 2:30 pm., at the court, 305 Walden Street. The first MH Recovery Court session will be held December 20, 2023.

Concord District Chief Probation Officer Kevin Meaney, First Justice Lynn Brendemuehl, Probation Officers Christopher Chappell and Carlos Rojas; and Clinician Margaret Johnston are among the members of the MH Recovery Court Team. Concord District Court serves Concord, Carlisle, Lincoln, Lexington, Bedford, Acton, Maynard, and Stow. Click here to read more.

A Veterans Roll Call:

A Tribute to MPS employees who served in the militaryF

Then & Now Gallery

MPS Employees Who Served In the Military: A Photo Gallery-Then & Now

The Massachusetts Probation Service has nearly 40 employees who are military veterans. In honor of Veterans Day earlier this month, the MPS Update is publishing a roll call of our colleagues who have served our country or performed military duty. This Then and Now Gallery video features the photos of Yasira Montas, BMC-Roxbury Probation Officer; William Batchelder, South Boston District Associate Probation Officer (APO); David DeCosta, Plymouth Probate & Family ACPO; Jeffrey McNair, Boston Juvenile PO; and James "Jimmy" Quinn, Plymouth Juvenile PO. Click on MPS Roll Call to view the list.

MPS Moves and Accomplishments

Left to right: Juvenile Court Judge Fabiola White, Parole Board member Edith Alexander, and MPS Investigator Tiffany Maloney.

Massachusetts Probation Service employees are filling new important roles and doing impactful work. MPS Legal Counsel Fabiola White is now a Juvenile Court Judge. Edith Alexander, former Probation Officer at the Roxbury Division of the Boston Municipal Court, is a Parole Board Member. MPS' first Investigator Tiffany Maloney earned prestigious certification. MPS employees will be honored at Trial Court Excellence Awards. Community Service Program Coordinator Paula Therrien and her crew are acknowledged by Equine Rescue for the program's more than 10 years of volunteer work. Click Moves and Accomplishments to read more.


Parenting Program Brochures to be updated

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-Parenting Programs- Mothers, Motherhood, Women’s, Father’s or Fatherhood


Please forward your information which will be featured in updated program brochures for Parenting programs. 

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