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Hello Everyone! We finally have water therapy!
I usually spend this time writing about our patient care for a particular injury. Today, though, I may be more brief than usual, and I do hope it will still be worth reading and helpful.
Over the 30 years treating patients in our community, I have often heard, especially in the last 15, "Why don't you have water therapy?" For years, we couldn't find a way to incorporate that possibility into the treatments we provide, and we have been listening to complaints from patients such as the following about other facilities: "It takes me 3-4 weeks to get into the places that have water therapy; It is a long walk from the parking lot; It is so inconvenient, etc."
We recently purchased a warm water unit called HydroWorx 200. You can google it, if you wish, to see how convenient it is for you. We have the unit in one of our rooms. It has the ability to fill up and drain before and after each patient to filter and sterilize the water. It has a treadmill within it, with jets for resistance and for massage, when necessary. 
For privacy purposes, it is in a closed room. Any patient can dress in this room if they are self-conscious about wearing a bathing suit or workout clothes in the unit. We also have purposely placed it next to our locker rooms so a patient can choose to change in the nearby locker room instead, and walk into the pool room without walking past anyone.
It took 30 years of many patients requesting water therapy and spine surgeons stressing the importance of it after back surgery, to finally add it to the many ways we can help our patients. Please feel free to call and make an appointment for our water therapy. Please go online to familiarize yourself with our unit. It is called HydroWorx 200.
Thanks for continuing to utilize McDonald Physical Therapy for your back, neck, shoulder, knee, hip, hand and ankle needs. We are so glad to be the most long-term, independent physical therapy provider in our community. 
Enjoy, and I hope to see you soon,
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