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Issue #31 - 15 November 2016


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The Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs) field is steadily evolving and expanding. Provided below are links to recent publications, media articles, and other resources relevant to MPTs to keep you up-to-date. Please note that contents are neither endorsed by nor necessarily represent the views of the Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (IMPT), and that due to publication copyright and permissions restrictions, full-text versions of resources may not be publicly available.


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Journal Articles

An updated systematic review of epidemiological evidence on hormonal contraceptive methods and HIV acquisition in women. Polis, C.B., Curtis, K.M., Hannaford, P.C., Phillips, S.J., Chipato, T., Kiarie, J., ... Steyn, P.S. (2016, November 13). AIDS, 30(17), 2665-2683.
Griffithsin-Modified Electrospun Fibers as Delivery Scaffold To Prevent HIV Infection. Grooms, T.N., Vuong, H.R., Tyo, K.M., Malik, D.A., Sims, L.B., Whittington, C.P., ... Steinbach-Rankins, J.M. (2016, August 22). Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 60:6518-6531.
Indigenous HIV Prevention Beliefs and Practices Among Low-Earning Chinese Sex Workers as Context for Introducing Female Condoms and Other Novel Prevention Options. Dunn, J., Zhang, Q., Weeks, M.R., Li, J., Liao, S., Li, F. (2016, November 2). Qualitative Health Research. 

The impact of an IUD and implant intervention on dual method use among young women: Results from a cluster randomized trial. El Ayadi, A.M., Rocca, C.H., Kohn, J.E., Velazques, D., Blum, M., Newmann, S.J., Harper, C.C. (2016, October 20). Preventive Medicine.


2015 IPM Annual Report: New Hope for Women's HIV Prevention . (2016, September). International Partnership for Microbicides (IPM). 

Funding Opportunities 

RFA-HD-17-013 - The Purpose section of the FOA is to support and facilitate multidisciplinary approaches to the development of new and/or improved contraceptive methods for both men and women. This FOA expands the scope of the former program by calling for Centers to inform contraceptive development and improve contraceptive use by integrating the biomedical research and development with behavioral and social science research, e.g., demography and other population sciences, psychology, economics, and sociology.
Please note that the receipt date is January 18, 2017.
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