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Issue #43 - 15 November 2017

Dear Colleagues,

The Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs) field is steadily evolving and expanding. Provided below are links to recent publications, media articles, and other resources relevant to MPTs to keep you up-to-date. Please note that contents are neither endorsed by nor necessarily represent the views of the Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (IMPT), and that due to publication copyright and permissions restrictions, full-text versions of resources may not be publicly available.
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IMPT Secretariat Staff

The Population Council's " Compartir.Aprender.Moldear."  survey is now available in Spanish! Responses will be collected until Sunday, 31 December 2017 . The English version can be found here. Please share with your networks.
El Population Council acaba de lanzar una versión en español de su programa  " Share.Learn.Shape . " (" Compartir.Aprender.Moldear.") , una encuesta para comprender mejor la percepción de las mujeres acerca del HIV y otras enfermedades de transmisión sexual, al igual que sobre los embarazos no deseados. Los conocimientos de la encuesta ayudarán a los esfuerzos para desarrollar nuevas tecnologías de prevención multipropósito (MPTs, por sus siglas en inglés).
Journal Articles
End-Users' Product Preference Across Three Multipurpose Prevention Technology Delivery Forms: Baseline Results from Young Women in Kenya and South Africa. Weinrib, R., Minnis, A., Agot, K., Ahmed, K., Owino, F., ... van der Straten, A. (2017, October 20). AIDS and Behavior.
Multipurpose Prevention Technologies: A Global Sexual and Reproductive Health Priority. Guilamo-Ramos, V., Reading, M., Bowman, A.S., Perlman, D.C. & Barrett, S. (2017, July 28). Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care.
The case for integrated human papillomavirus vaccine and HIV prevention with broader sexual and reproductive health and rights services for adolescent girls and young women. Narasimhan, M., Pedersen, H., Ogilvie, G., & Vermund, S.H. (2017, June 28). Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene.
Media Articles
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Will you join us? . (2017, November 2). Initiative for MPTs.

The IMPT is kicking off another webinar series with : ' Driving Impactful End-User Research for More Insightful MPT Development, ' which will be an instructive discussion focusing on how to conduct end-user research and to integrate findings into the development and introduction of MPTs. Register now via the link above!
Tuesday, 12 December at 8:00 a.m. PT / 11:00 a.m. ET / 16:00 GMT / 17:00 CET / 19:00 EAT / 20:00 UAE / 21:30 IST / 00:00 CST / 03:00 AEDT (Dec 13). 
Technical Resources
Funding Opportunities 
RFA-AI-17-028  Next Generation Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (NGM) (R61/R33 - Clinical Trials Optional) - NIAID and NIMH will be accepting applications to support the development of new and innovative multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs) with the dual purpose of contraception and HIV prevention. View the link above for more detailed information. Letters of Intent due February 19, 2018.

Stay tuned as the IMPT will highlight technical priorities and gaps in the MPT field that may align with the scope of this RFA.
for more resources on MPTs.

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