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May 2015 - In This Issue:

Freedom of expression for all?

Ani Zonneveld moderating the event "Leaving No One Behind" at the United Nations in New York. Photo via Twitter @IsacScherbs
This Month in Pictures
MPV Staff met in New York for meetings and panel discussions.
Do you know the difference between Sharia and Sharia law?
MPV Malaysia, MPV LA and MPV Atlanta gathered at the Muslim LGBTQ Retreat in Philadelphia.
The book "Progressive Muslim Identities"
The book "Homosexuality in Islam" by Dr. Scott Siraj Al-Haqq Kugle
Representatives of MPV LA, MPV Atlanta and MPV Malaysia meet at the LGBTQI Retreat in Philadelphia.
May Recap
MPV at the UN


In many parts of the world, the oppressed and the marginalized are silenced. The space for the right to voice our opinions and thoughts and to assemble collectively are legislated by laws that curtail our God-given right to express ourselves. As the United Nations (UN) look toward finalizing the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals, a panel titled "Leaving No One Behind" hosted by the Norwegian and Albanian Missions to the UN and in partnership with the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (ILGHRC), MPV and many other NGOs, highlighted the extreme discrimination against LGBTQI people. Panelists included representatives from Kyrgyzstan, Uganda, UNFPA, UN Women and Article 19. The event was moderated by MPV's Ani Zonneveld.


See the event flyer here.


MPV Research Fellows
This month, MPV welcomes 10 Research Fellows to its team. They will be supporting MPV staff with research, policy briefs and report writing over the next few months. They represent various parts of the world, but have one thing in common: their true passion for human rights for all.

To learn more about these amazing individuals and their unique work and academic backgrounds, click here.

MPV in the News
  • Ani Zonneveld was featured in the French Cheek Magazine >>>
  • MPV was mentioned in a Norwegian newspaper >>>
  • MPV-Australia's Reem Sweid was mentioned in Australia's The Age >>>
Update from MPV Chapters
  • June 3, 2015: MPV-DC is hosting the "Butterflies of the Soul" event alongside the Washington Area Sufis. It will be an evocative night of creative aspirations to the divine through various permutations of words, music and imagery in an attempt to re-invent the culture of intelligence through the synthesis of art, science and spirituality. For more information, click here.

  • In the month of May, MPV-Chicago continued engaging in volunteer activities with the Inspiration Corporation. For more information, click here.
  • MPV NY hosted an Interfaith Relationships Dinner on May 16, 2015 with several couples seeking advice or sharing their stories with us.

Update from MPV Affiliate
MPV Malaysia ( KMU)
  • This month, KMU released an interactive infographic about KMU 10 Principles.
Check it out on Facebook here.

Looking Ahead in June
#ImamsForShe at the UN in Geneva
On June 12th, MPV is hosting an informal consultation at the United Nations in Geneva on advancing the rights of women and girls with the support and leadership from #ImamsForShe.

For more information, click here.

Movie and Book Features
Progressive Identities
The book "Progressive Muslim Identities" answers the often-asked question "Where are the progressive Muslims?". Here, gay, straight, black, white and brown Muslims from the United States and Canada narrate their personal stories. Their powerful voices highlight human dignity, freedom to choose how one lives out one's faith, and the inner strength it takes to do so.

Order the book today by clicking here.
Homosexuality in Islam
This book "Homosexuality in Islam" by author Dr. Scott Siraj al-Haqq Kugle is a book we believe that will change your understanding of homosexuality in Islam. It offers a detailed analysis of how Islamic scripture, jurisprudence, and Hadith, can not only accommodate a sexually sensitive Islam, but actively endorse it.

To purchase the book, click here . But don't forget! Choose "Muslims for Progressive Values" when you purchase the book and Amazon will contribute a percentage to us!
'Night Walk' Movie
Moroccan director  Aziz Tazi  directs five major Hollywood actors for his first feature film " Night Walk" , a controversial story about Islam in America. This movie seeks to bridge the gap between America and the Middle East.

Learn more about "Night Walk" by clicking here.

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