Newsletter: June 2023
To My Readers,

A great lesson we all learned from the 3+ years since the onset of the COVID pandemic is that, in the short run, anything is possible.

- A hundred-year global-health crisis
- A 19% contraction in US GDP that began and ended in 3 months
- A 25% equity market decline over 10 months in 2022
- A 40-year explosion in inflation
But, in the long run, things are more predictable.

Since 1972, the S&P 500’s value has increased 30x. Its average annual compound rate of return, including dividends, was 10.2%. And this is despite having lost -50% three different times during that period!

Have an investment plan and stick to it throughout the ups and downs. Over the long run, you will be rewarded

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Do You Have a Plan?

You can have all of the raw materials, but without a plan, you won’t be able to build a house.
The same goes for your retirement.
You may have a large nest egg, but without a plan on how to use it, it is nothing more than just a number
Do you have a plan on how your hard-earned assets will translate into your ideal life?
Or, are you just winging it?

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