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MQTT-U Delivering on Its Promise
Inaugural Class On Track to Possess an Average of 44 College Credits by June 2020
In 2017, Marquette made waves with the installation of an early college program. Marquette Catholic University High School, commonly referred to as MQTT-U, would offer qualifying students an advanced curriculum with scores of AP and dual-credit courses baked into it.

The value proposition MQTT-U provides students and families created a radical shift in the economics of secondary and postsecondary education. While college tuition and fees across the country are subject to increases on a seemingly annual basis, Marquette's tuition has remained relatively flat over the past decade. Tuition and fees for the 2019-2020 school year was locked in at $8,800, but between tuition assistance from the Catholic Diocese of Gary and the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program, few students pay full fare.

The inaugural MQTT-U class - currently juniors - is on track to reap significant savings on Graduation Day. The 14 students enrolled are slated to have accrued 628 college credits by June 2020. At an average of 44 credits per student, these "high school seniors" are essentially second-semester college sophomores. By commencement, the average student could be pushing 60 credits. 

A quick survey of tuition and fees for in-state residents at a handful of Indiana schools reveals the following: $10,831 at Indiana University, $9,992 at Purdue University, $56,900 at Valparaiso University, $55,357 at the University of Notre Dame. While Indiana and Purdue have maintained competitive rates, MQTT-U students receive additional benefits from considerably smaller class sizes. Nevertheless, they're earning college credits at a discount.

Word has trickled out as subsequent MQTT-U classes have grown. Last year's crop consisted of 26 students while this year's current freshmen delivered 17.

As the cost of a college education will continue to rise, Marquette offers families tremendous value.