MTS Tech Surge: Call for Abstracts Due Friday June 30, 2016  
Production of Renewable Ocean Energy for Small, Non Grid Connected Applications
MRECo is a co-organizing sponsor of the upcoming and exciting Marine Technology Society Tech Surge: Production of Renewable Ocean Energy for Small, Non Grid Connected Applications. A Call for Abstracts has gone out and we are asking each and every one of you who are designing, testing, or building innovative ocean energy devices for small off grid purposes to submit.

Our friends at the Oregon Wave Energy Trust (OWET) are collaborating with us on the Tech Surge. We will be exchanging promotional materials as we move through the next year. Their annual event, Ocean Renewable Energy Conference takes place this coming September 21-22, 2016 in Portland, Oregon.


MRECo In the News!
WGBH will air a report on the Test Site tomorrow at 8:23am.  On WCAI (Cape and Islands) , there will be two reports: Katie Eident's during Morning Edition, and Heather Goldstone's on All Things Considered (not sure precisely what time for either). There will be web posts on both that can be accessed afterwards.  and .

The Boston Globe: On Friday April 8, 2016, The Boston Globe ran a story about the tidal test site that MRECo has been funded to install within the Cape Cod Canal. 

ECO, Environment Coastal & Offshore magazine included a story about the test site in their April 2016 edition, page 62.

Bringing Tidal Energy to Students
A part of the mission of this project is to reach students with the data that will come from the permanent test site. We are collaborating with colleagues and teachers to build age appropriate research projects around the BBTS platform. If you or someone you know wishes to participate, please contact us. More to come on this as we proceed. 

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